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Ricardo - Part 1


Ricardo is a cute young Brazilian guy who found out the hard way that it doesn't pay

to try to fool Rich. Rich starts out spanking him OTK, first over his jeans, then lowering

them to spank on his sexy briefs, but Ricardo is another faker who thinks he can fool

Rich by over acting. He doesn't know that this only makes Rich angry, and more

determined to force a sincere reaction from him. By the time Rich bares his butt

and takes a strap to his already red butt, Ricardo is starting to hurt for real, and

it's obvious that Rich is going to teach this young one not to try to fool him.

Ricardo - Part 2


Stripped naked in Part 2, Ricardo is bent over a chair and stool for a spanking

with the yardstick. Now he's showing real pain, crying out, complaining the

"it hurts" over and over as he gasps to catch his breath. Half way through the

spanking the pain becomes so great that Ricardo switches to speaking in

Portuguese, a sign that he's in trouble.

Ricardo - Part 3


Ricardo goes back over Rich's knee once more for a beating with the

bath brush. In no time at all he's thrashing about, crying out and gasping

in pain, cursing and crying in Portuguese, his only English being "it hurts"

over and over again. By the time Rich is through with him he's writhing

in pain, whimpering for him to "please stop."

Jay - Part 1


There is nothing as sexy as a shy, young straight guy about to get a spanking.  

Jay looks so nervous and scared as Rich takes him OTK and starts to spank. 

His embarrassed grunts, gasps, pants and whimpers as he bites his lip and thrashes 

about on Rich's lap, trying desperately to maintain some composure, make him look so 

vulnerable and immature.  Rich turns his sexy, bubble butt bright red, then 

has him stand, looking bewildered and dazed to face the camera in shame, before

 being sent to the corner.

Jay - Part 2


Rich uses a wooden spoon on poor Jay's tight, muscular ass to elicit a barrage 

of pathetic squeals, gasps, and shouts from the frightened young man.  Buck 

naked over Rich's knees, his body trembling, he's hyperventilating,  kicking

 his muscular legs, trying hard not to disgrace himself by crying.   "Oh my god"

 he gasps, then squeals some more in an undignified, high pitched panting whine.

Jay - Part 3


Back over Rich's knees in Part 3, poor Jay trembles as he waits for the first 

blow.  Rich starts out with his hand, then switches to the dreaded hairbrush, 

and jay responds beautifully, crying out and gasping with every blow as he

 tries not to break.  But when Rich begins a long series of rapid, non stop 

blows with the brush Jay finally breaks, and you get to hear a grown man

 whimper, squeal and cry in pain.

Dylan - The Rematch - Part 1


The last time Dylan worked with us he faked crying, thinking he could fool Rich 

and you.  But Rich doesn't like being fooled by young men, and this time Dylan

 knows that he's really in for it.  Rich scolds him for trying to fool his customers 

as he spanks, but forbids him to shed any fake tears.  He intends to make him 

cry for real.  This time it's all natural, all real and very painful, and Dylan is 

howling and gasping in pain by the time Rich takes the ruler to his muscular 

butt.  But Dylan is scared, he knows where this is going.

Dylan - The Rematch - Part 2


With his briefs down around his ankles, his toned, muscular body fully exposed, 

Dylan is now forced to endure a harsh beating with a yardstick.  He looks and 

sounds so sad as the beating is about to begin, knowing what's in store, and 

starts to moan and gasp loudly with every blow. But his moaning turns to a high

 pitched scream when Rich switches to a cane, and his agonized cries fill the office.

Dylan - The Rematch - Part 3


Rich always means business when he takes a young man OTK with a bath brush, 

so  Dylan knows he will do his best to make an impression on him.  Rich begins 

a relentless pounding with the brush while scolding the young man while Dylan 

cries out in a high pitched, pained voice, promising never to try to fool

 him again and pleading for forgiveness.

Straight Sub Spanked - Part 1


Eco is a 22 year old str8 sub who hates submitting to a man, making this video to please 

his mistress.  Rich does some role playing with him in this video.  In Part 1 he takes the 

young man OTK for a sound spanking, first over his P.J.'s, then on his cute bare butt, 

before laying him over the bed for a beating with a ruler.  He cries out in pain, kicks his

 legs and struggles as his ass turns bright red but Rich is determined to make him cry, 

just like his mistress.

Straight Sub Spanked - Part 2


Now Rich takes a cane to Eco's tender, young ass.  He struggles to maintain his 

composure as Rich whips him, but the cane's stinging bite soon has him crying out in

pain. He knows that Rich is in a contest, and won't stop until he makes him cry, like his 

mistress.  The tension and fear only intensify as Rich canes him standing with his hands 

over his head as he dances, hops and writhes in agony, his only hope is to cry soon to 

end his agony.

Straight Sub Spanked - Part 3


The moment we've been waiting for.  Rich takes Eco back OTK, and with a mean

 bath brush begins a relentless spanking that has him kicking his legs, thrashing 

about on Rich's lap, and eventually crying like a little bitch.  Rich scolds him 

now as he spanks because Eco's mistress advised him it helps to make hem cry.

Drew - Part 1


Rich leads young Drew into the room by the ear, takes him over the 

knee and starts to spank him by hand over his pants until he's grunting 

and gasping in pain.  He lowers his pants and continues over his tight, 

white briefs, beautifully filled by his tight, muscular, bubble butt.  it's

 clear early on that Rich will eventually break this young man.

Drew - Part 2


Rich strips Drew naked, removes his belt, and takes him back OTK for a daddy 

style belt spanking that has him crying out in pain.  But when Rich switches to 

a hairbrush, Drew's cries become a pathetic whimpering as he approaches the 

breaking point, then he starts to sob, quietly at first but eventually becoming 

louder, until he's broken and crying like a little bitch.

Drew - Part 3


Drew looks scared in Part 3 when Rich puts him over a foot stool for a 

beating with the cane.  His body twitches and he gasps in pain with 

every stroke before he starts to sob, quietly at first, his big cock swinging 

beneath him with every blow.  He's sobbing uncontrollably by the 

time Rich has him count out the last 25 strokes.

Storefront Spanking - Part 1


Rich takes a muscular, 24 year old straight guy into his office and, in front of 

the large storefront windows, with the blinds tilted just enough passing traffic 

to see if they happen to look the right way, lowers his pants and shorts and 

delivers an embarrassing and painful spanking with a ruler that has him 

grunting and gasping in pain.

Storefront Spanking - Part 2


Rich lowers the young man's briefs, forcing him to stand exposed, wondering 

if anyone can see him. But his modesty is soon forgotten, blocked out by the 

pain Rich inflicts with a rapid hand spanking that  has him grunting and gasping 

in pain, his ass turning bright red as he struggles to maintain his composure.  But

 even that effort is lost when Rich switches to a belt, he kicks his legs, clenches 

his fists and cries out, no longer concerned about who might see. 

Storefront Spanking - Part 3


The ultimate humiliation is saved for Part 3, an over the knee hairbrush 

spanking in front of the window, where anyone might see him being 

punished.  The young man soon forgets about this however as he

 gasps and moans in pain, his breathing is loud and labored as he 

writhes on Rich's lap and his perfect bubble butt turns an angry 

shade of red.

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