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Francis Cries for Chic


Francis stands with his pants and shorts around his ankles, looking 

worried, waiting for Chic to beat his ass.  His long cock making him 

look so manly, in sharp contrast to what's about to happen to him.  

Chic lays into him hard with a hairbrush right from the start and after 

a few spanks Francis starts to get up, then changes his mind and gets 

back down.  Poor Francis is in agony and soon he's breaking down 

sobbing, but Chick is relentless.  At times, Francis struggles to maintain 

his composure, but the steady pounding of the brush on his ass soon 

has him sobbing all over again.  Once Francis is totally broken, sobbing 

and crying, kicking and struggling, Chic starts to back off, keeping him 

right on the edge of tears for a few more minutes before sending him 

to the corner.




Bruce is 24 years old, gay, in need of money, and about to get his

 first adult spanking.  Rich has him drop his pants and face the 

camera for an interview, then has him hobble over with his pants 

around his ankles to go over his knee.  He first warms him up by 

hand, and Bruce is already showing signs of distress, gasping and

 kicking his legs as his ass turns bright red.  When Rich takes a 

wooden paddle to his sore butt things start to heat up as Bruce 

twists, writhes and moans.  Then Rich uses his favorite tool, the 

wooden bath brush, and Bruce, whines, whimpers, gasps, kicks and 

dances, his pathetic whimpering sounds so sweet and sexy.  In an 

interesting twist, Rich tells Bruce about the bad behavior of  some 

other models, and spanks him harder as he tells him what 

a good boy he is, lecturing him on the bad behavior of others. 


Rich Warms Francis for Chic


Chic is going to spank our straight art student Francis, but in this 

clip Rich gets him warmed up for his friend.  First Rich Francis drop 

his pants and shorts and face the camera.  Francis laughs nervously 

when Rich starts to interview him as he stands exposed and embarrassed 

before him.  Then he takes him OTK and starts with a hand spanking, 

telling Francis he's just the warm up act for Chic.   The young man is 

already grunting and yelping and his ass is turning red when Rich 

switches to a wooden paddle, and the pain really starts.  Francis  twists,

struggles and yells out in pain, so Rich holds his balls to keep him in 

place.  By the time Rich is finished with a leather paddle, Francis 

is in agony, saying hie is almost in tears, when Rich turns him over 

to Chic.


Alright Alright


Jay is 28 years old, straight, a laid off waiter who needs some money 

fast so he's agree to his first spanking as an adult.  He seems very 

nervous and uncomfortable as Rich makes him drop his pants and 

shorts and face the camera for the interview, telling the viewers he 

needs money.  Rich takes him OTK and admires his strong, muscular 

legs covered with light, blond hairs, and starts to spank him by hand.  

Jay's reactions were perfect.  Rich spanked him by hand and bath 

brush, and Jay seemed surprised that it really hurt.  As the spanking 

progressed he moaned, gasped, yelped and panted, his face grimaced, 

his legs danced and twisted, his cock and balls swung between Rich's 

legs, he face was dripping sweat, he kept saying "alright alright" like 

he thought Rich would stop, and he got angry.  Be sure to watch the 

post interview, probably the best part of all.


Chic Gives it to Shaggy


Chic got his hands on poor little Shaggy recently and gave him 

the spanking of his life.  Starting OTK with his jeans on, Shaggy is

 already feeling the pain from Chic's heavy hand, grunting, grimacing 

and "ouching" even before his pants are lowered.  In no time at 

all he's trembling, kicking and carrying on like a little bitch.  Chic 

uses leather and wooden paddles and a hairbrush to break him 

completely, gripping his long, shaggy hair as he relentlessly beats 

him into submission until he's dancing and hopping around the 

room, his voice.


Dimitri Broken with Cane and Brush 


Dimitri is a 28 year old student from the Ukraine, straight but

 he describes himself as gay 4 pay, he gives massages to gay 

men for money.  During the interview he talks about being 

spanked by his father growing up, and recently by his 

girlfriend when he "did something bad."  As the spanking 

is about to begin, Dimitri admits that he is nervous as Rich 

orders him to strip, revealing a beautifully toned, lean body, 

and takes him OTK to start with his hand, and the young

 man shows his pain almost immediately, kicking, squirming

 and struggling, his big cock and balls swinging between

 Rich's legs.  But when Rich applies the brush, Dimitri really 

starts to yelp, whimper, and even beg, obviously learned

 behavior over his dad's knee.  Demitri does even worse with

 the cane, his high pitched crying and begging fill the room 

as he dances and kicks.  When he's finished, poor Dimitri is

 in dazed, unable to speak, stuttering and stumbling as he 

tries to respond to Rich's questions.


R.J. Gets the Brush


Rich has 23 year old R.J., a 23 year old straight lifeguard 

with a lean sexy swimmers body, over his knee for a humbling 

spanking.  He starts out using his hand and a wooden paddle 

to warm him up. and already the young man is gasping and 

struggling with the pain.  When Rich switches to a wooden 

spatula R.J. really starts to dance, moving his long, sexy legs

 in time to the stinging swats and his big cock and balls

 dangling between Rich's legs.  By now he's breathless from

 the pain and his sore ass is bright red.  But it's the bath 

brush that really gets him going, kicking, squirming, cursing 

and yelping, all dignity gone, a broken and humbled young man.


Merry Christmas Chic


Chic has seen Brian in some previous videos and found him 

very sexy, so we brought the straight boy back as a Christmas 

present for him.  Brian prides himself on being able to take a 

serious beating, and in past videos he has done so with very 

little reaction.  Not this time. Chic gives Brian's ass a serious 

bruising this time, using his heavy hand, a bath brush, leather 

paddle and cane while Rich sat and watched.  Brian grunts and 

gasps with every blow as the very breath is beaten from him, 

and soon his sexy legs are dancing in time to Chic's beat.  By 

the time Chic pulls down his trouser to reveal a smooth, muscular

 ass, it is already glowing bright red.  The bath brush really starts 

the bruising, and Chic is relentless with it.  Brian looks so sexy, his 

lean muscular body reacting to Chic's punishment.  Chic finishes 

with a rapid, two minute caning.


The Trouble with Young People


We see no reason to make up stories for our videos when the self 

centered young men today give us so many reasons to spank them

 for real.  This was the case with Nick.  He was recently scheduled 

for a shoot but never showed and never called.  Now if he wants to 

work with us again he's going to be punished first.  Rich gives it to 

him by hand and with the bath brush, blistering his ass as he scolds 

him while Nick kicks, struggles, cries and begs him to stop.  When

 he tries to get up, Rich barks for him to get back down and Nick obeys.  

Rich spanks his nice round ass bright red until Nick is a broken, 

apologetic young man.




Tom is cute, 24 years old, straight and a little edgy, and he 

needs money, so today he went over Rich's knee for a hard

 beating.  Rich was relentless as he blistered the poor guys ass

 using his hand, a leather paddle and the dreaded bath brush. 

 Tom tried to maintain his dignity, but Rich slowly broke him 

down, his cries becoming louder and more desperate, his legs 

trembling and eyes tearing as he cried his way thru the spanking

 until his ass was red and bruised.  Tom's girlfriend picked him 

up after the shoot, we wondered how he would explain his ass. 


Chic Spanks Kurt


Chic takes Kurt over his knee for the spanking of his life, using 

his hand, a paddle and a bath brush and breaks the young man 

down.  Kurt tries to maintain his dignity but Chic's relentless, hard 

beating has him kicking and blubbering, grabbing Chic's leg and 

hand for comfort, his high pitched crying and whimpering and

 labored breathing filling the room as his ass turns red and bruised.  

This is one hot spanking video.


Francis Spanked


Francis is a cute, straight Columbian guy with a big dick (with a 

pearl implant for the ladies) and a lean, smooth body, who agreed 

to a spanking for money.  Rich starts out with him on the horse and 

uses his hand to warm him up, then switches to a leather paddle 

before lowering his briefs.  Francis is stoic at first but Rich breaks 

him down and he starts to show the pain, jumping, grunting and 

yelping as the spanking increases in intensity.  But Francis wasn't 

prepared for the sting of the crop.  He kicks and jolts with every 

blow, at times sounding like the breath was beaten out of him.  Then 

standing and facing the camera, Rich has him hopping and dancing 

while he crops his red ass, crying out in pain with his big dick 

dangling in front of him.


Tyler Spanked


Tyler  is 22 years old, gay, edgy and sexy, and Rich takes him over his 

knee for his first adult spanking in this week's update.  Tyler looks a 

little nervous as Rich takes him by the ear and puts him in position 

across his lap, but he holds up pretty well while being spanked by hand.  

But when Rich lowers his pants and continues with a wooden paddle on

 his firm, round ass Tyler starts to show the pain.  His breathing becomes 

loud and labored, and soon he's twisting and writhing, moaning and 

gasping.  Now this boy also showed up 40 minutes late, and Rich has 

taken it upon himself to correct the narcissistic behavior of America's 

youth, so he finishes with 40 whacks with a hairbrush as Tyler counts 

out loud, sounding like he's about to cry with every one.


Ray Back Over Rich's Knee


Ray is a 25 year old straight guy, the father of two.  We last saw him 

taking a beating from Chic, and today he's back over Rich's knee for 

another punishing spanking.  Rich gives it to him hard, by hand,  bath 

brush and a cane.  Ray yelps and howls, curses and gasps, screeches 

and kicks, and Rich is relentless with the blows, turning his pretty little 

ass bright red.


Never Show Up Late for a Spanking Video


Kurt learns the hard way, never show up late for a spanking video.  

Rich and Scott had agreed to pick him up at a coffee shop, but Kurt 

was 2 hours late.  Of course this had Rich angry as hell and now he's

 ready to tech him a lesson in respect and common courtesy.  Back at 

the office, Rich takes the young cutie over his knee, only now he has a 

real reason to punish him.  He starts out spanking by hand first on his 

briefs, then on the bare butt, while he lectures him on commitment, 

and already he's grunting, gasping and moaning.  But the real pain 

starts when Rich gives him 105 with the hairbrush, one for each minute 

he kept them waiting.  When it was over Kurt was humble, apologetic, 

and punctual. 


Call Me Sir


Derrick is a young father of three making videos to make ends meet.  

Rich was very impressed by his manners when they first met, his military 

dad had trained him to call his elders sir and ma'am, so he was put off when 

he showed no such respect during his second visit and decided he needed 

to be humbled.  He had him face the camera and lowered his pants and shorts.  

Then, with his cock and balls on display, he scolded him for his disrespect. 

 Derrick didn't take this seriously at first, but after a few minutes with the paddle 

and brush he was much more respectful and a little humiliated, and promised

 to always call Rich sir in the future. 


Shy Muscle Man Spanked


This weeks update features a straight muscle man, a divorced father, 

who Rich has wanted to get on the site for a very long time.  Finally, 

circumstances in his life forced him to agree to a spanking, provided

 he face was covered.  Of course we agreed.  Rich has him strip down 

to his boxers and face the camera so we can admire his defined, sexy 

body, then takes him OTK for a hand spanking.  By the time he has the 

young man face the camera and lower his  boxers to expose his round,

 muscular ass, long dick and big hanging balls, and uses a wooden 

paddle to continue, the reluctant masked man is howling and showing 

his pain.  Then it's back OTK for a beating with the brush.  This guy 

looks so sexy, his beautiful body laying on Rich's knee, big cock 

hanging between his legs, as he humbly submits, yelping and howling, 

to the painful and humiliating punishment Rich has hounded him to get

 for a very long time, and his ass is red and bruised..




Derrick is a 24 year old, sexy and straight, willing to do just about 

anything for money to support his 3 kids. He calls his elders sir and 

ma'am - his dad was in the military and likes being bound and beaten 

by women.  But this is his first spanking from a man and Rich took it 

as a challenge.  Judging by Derrick's reactions, Rich made quite an

 impression.  Taking the young dad OTK, he spanked him by hand

 first over his boxers, then on the bare ass, with his ample cock and 

balls swinging between his legs.  Derrick looked shocked, gasping 

and grunting as the spanking progressed.   But it was the bath brush 

that really got him gasping, grunting, yelping and moaning.




K-Rod is a 27 year old str8 stripper for Buff Boyzz Entertainment with a 

lean, smooth body, a big dick and the attitude of a young man who makes 

his money from the people who desire him.  That's why it's so satisfying to 

see him over Scott's knee for a humbling, bare bottomed spanking.  Of course 

Scott delivers his usual heavy handed punishment, and using his hand, a 

wooden paddle and a bath brush he has the prideful young man dancing

 and squirming on his lap, kicking his legs, moaning and gasping in pain.  

So undignified, wait till his fans see this.  For info on personal appearances 

contact Buff Daddy at


We Love to Spank Nick


We love spanking Nick.  He's 18 years old, just coming into manhood, 

cute as hell and he looks like he belongs over the knee of an older man 

like Rich.  He also carries on so when he's spanked, we always get him 

to the point where he forgets about his recently achieved manhood.  

This time Rich beats his cute little ass by hand and with a bath brush, 

and Nick doesn't disappoint, whimpering, gasping and yelping, kicking

 his long legs, begging Rich to stop, forgetting that he's all grown up.

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