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Never Too Old


Our sexy model Mike has graduated from college and moved 

out of state but he was home for a visit recently and called 

looking for work.   Rich soon had those long, sexy legs 

kicking, Mike hopping and struggling, crying out in pain as

 he took him OTK to prove you're never too old for a spanking, 

and even college grads can be broken.  Rich has him 

screaming out in agony as he spanks him with his bath 

brush and takes this young man down to size.


Paul on the Rack - Part 3


Tied to a spanking bench, his ass in the air, his balls visible and 

vulnerable, Paul gets a warm up hand spanking from Rich.  

Then, when his cheeks are rosy red, Rich switches to a riding crop.  

Soon poor Paul is trembling, his breathing is fast, loud and labored, his body 

is tense, and his teeth are clenched.  This is clearly a young man who 

hates every minute of the punishment he's agreed to take.

Paul on the Rack - Part 2


In Part 2, Rich takes a leather strap to Paul's ass and things start 

to get intense.  Paul takes this time to inform Rich of his "severe 

anger problem" which he fears might be triggered by a hard spanking 

but Rich ignores him. You can tell that he's on the verge of a rage as he 

struggles to cope with the pain, his body is trembling, his breathing is 

loud and labored, he grits his teeth and at times his eyes actually roll 

back into his read.  But Rich just spanks on, making the angry 

straight boy submit to his punishment.

Paul on the Rack - Part 1


Rich has this 20 year old straight boy, a new father, tied to 

a rack, and proceeds to administer a hard, relentless whipping.  

Poor Paul quickly becomes short of breath, gasping, panting

 and moaning in response to the steady drum beat of Rich's whip as

 his tight, sexy ass turns bright red and his facial expression

goes from calm, to pain, rage and finally fear as the ass pounding 

goes on steadily without let up.


The Mystery Straight Guy Spanks Red


The Mystery Str8 Guy gets a chance to spank another 

str8 guy and proves that he's up to the task.  He takes 

Red over his knee and delivers a non stop, heavy handed 

hand spanking, and all Red can say is "owe, owe, owe" 

as he tried to comprehend the pain.  But when the

 mystery guy switches to a wooden spatula poor Red is 

screeching out in pain, kicking his legs and writhing on 

the other guys lap in agony and humiliation. 


Angelo - Part 3


Rich is all business in Part 3 as he takes young Angelo

 back OTK and blisters his ass with a bath brush.  

Poor Angelo is in agony, kicking his legs and crying 

out from the start of Rich's rapid fire attack on his ass.  

You almost feel sorry for the poor youth, except that 

he looks so sexy in his agony.

Angelo - Part 2


Now in Part 2, Rich shames the young man and  lowers 

his briefs as he teaches him how to dance at the end of 

the yard stick.  The poor frightened youth is trembling as 

he cries out in pain with every blow of the stick.  Then Rich 

gets real traditional and removes his own belt as the young 

man looks on shaking with dread, and delivers a blistering

strapping with the belt, just like a father would to his son. 

Angelo - Part 1


Young Angelo is 19 years old, was born in Italy and today he's 

going to get his first spanking.  Rich leads the nervous young 

man into the room by the ear, takes him OTK and begins to spank

 him over his jeans.  Angelo wimps out from the start, struggling, 

grunting and moaning with every blow.  His cries and struggling 

increase as Rich lowers his jeans and spanks his cute little bare 

ass, turning it a bright shade of red.  Rich spanks rapid fire as 

Angelo kicks his legs and cries out in pain, trying to catch 

his breath as he grunts, moans and struggles.


Bobby - Part 3


In Part 3, Rich ties Bobby to a weight bench and beats his 

already sore ass with a riding crop.  Poor Bobby is in

 real pain now, his cries become louder and more desperate 

as Rich whips his bruised ass, becoming a high pitched 

yell as he hits the sweet spot, that tender crease where 

the thigh meets the butt.  Then, just when he thinks he can't 

take any more, Rich switches to a cane, and poor Bobby is 

in agony, jumping, pulling on his restraints and 

yelling out in pain with every stroke.

Bobby - Part 2


Bobby is made to kneel over a stool for a beating with a leather 

paddle.  You can hear the pain in his voice as he grunts, gasps and 

moans with each blow, his hunky ass glows bright red.  Then Rich 

takes a whip to his ass and begins a relentless whipping.  Poor 

Bobby cries out in anguish, his desperate cries fill the room as

 he kicks his muscular legs, dancing with every strike of the whip.

Bobby - Part 1


Twenty one year old Bobby is very nervous as Rich interviews him before the 

spanking.  He's never been spanked before but wants to make a video to earn some 

money to travel.   Rich takes him OTK and begins to spank him by hand over his 

briefs before slowly lowering them to reveal his firm, young bubble butt.  He takes

 a small strap and continues spanking him one the bare ass, and Bobby gasps 

loudly with every strike.  He's beginning to wonder what he's gotten himself into.  

But when Rich starts to spank him with a hair brush his gasping and moaning 

become much more desperate, the pain is obvious as he starts to kick 

those sexy legs with every blow as he struggles and thrashes 

about on Rich's knee.


Dylan - Part 3


Rich has Dylan back OTK and takes a bath brush, determined to 

break this drama queen for real.  He beats the young man with the 

brush relentlessly, and soon Dylan is sobbing quietly, all drama and 

exaggerated reactions are gone now.  As the beating drags on  he weeps 

uncontrollably.  Rich is satisfied that he's gotten the reaction 

he wanted, he's broken this guy for real.

Dylan - Part 2


There's nothing Rich hates more than drama, and this young man's exaggerated 

cries and squealing makes him more determined to give him something to really 

cry about.  He has him standing facing the camera and spanks him with a 

leather paddle, and Dylan is acting like a pussy, carrying on, crying out and 

pissing Rich off.  He makes him dance as he spanks him with a yard stick, 

then puts him over a table and decides to get serious with him, spanking him 

hard with the yard stick.  Dylan is still carrying on, but looking worried and in 

pain, and beginning to break for real.  Rich will soon have this sexy

 number crying real tears. 

Dylan - Part 1


Dylan is a hot little number with a flair for drama who thought he could act his 

way through a spanking with Rich.  By the end of his spanking Rich had him 

shedding real tears.  Rich takes him over the knee, lowers his, and starts a 

non-stop, rapid fire hand spanking.  At first Dylan's reactions are phony, 

as if he though he could fool Rich into easing up, but Rich reprimands 

him, telling him "acting is not required, " and sets off to break this faker 

for real.  He takes up a wooden paddle and continues the rapid spanking,

and soon  he seems on the verge of crying real tears.


Spanked by a Twink - Part 3


The worst is saved for last, and Scott now gets a vicious whipping with a riding 

crop.  C.J. really knows how to handle the crop, bringing it down on Scott's beefy

 ass over and over again.  Scott's body jerks and he cries out in pain with each 

stinging blow as he stands submissively, at the mercy of this young twink.

Spanked by a Twink - Part 2


In Part 2, Scott is subjected to the humiliation of being taken OTK to continue 

the spanking from a gay twink half his size.  C.J. is really getting into this now, and 

his blows with the hairbrush are hard and surprisingly powerful considering his size, 

landing on Scott's beefy ass as he cries out in pain and kicks around on the 

younger guys lap.  The fact that he is being abused by, and unable to defend 

himself against this slight, young twink makes the spanking all the more humiliating 

for Scott, who grips his skinny ankle to help deal with the pain.

Spanked by a Twink - Part 1


Scott has been taking advantage of the young models again and Rich caught him.  

Now he's given the model permission to deliver a humiliating spanking to Scott.  

Young C.J. turns out to be a very skilled spanker, especially when he's getting revenge and 

he really gives it to poor Scott, who's actually twice his size.  He starts out spanking

 him over his briefs before stripping him and continuing as Scott is made to stand 

submissively before him.  Scott really starts to cry out in pain when C.J. spanks 

him with the wooden frat paddle, his big cock and balls swinging between his legs 

with every blow.  When C.J. is warmed up he begins taking hard strokes, 

winding up before each one and making Scott call him sir as he gasps 

and cries out with every blow.


Red - Part 3


In Part 3, Rich takes young Red back over his knees and continues the spanking with a long

 handled bath brush.  The long handle of the bath brush provides more leverage than the short 

one on a hair brush so it hurts a lot more, and Rich fires the blows in rapid succession.  Soon Red is 

kicking his legs with his cock and balls exposed as he cries out in pain, squealing in pain in a high

 pitched, girly voice, but he stays in place as ordered.  His fire red ass cheeks are a sharp contrast to 

his fair skin, and the poor young man whimpers and whines as he bites his fingers and arm, 

trying desperately to distract himself from the more intense pain in his ass.  In short, he 

makes a real spectacle of himself.

Red - Part 2


Now Rich humiliates him by forcing him to take his own belt out of his trousers 

and uses it to whip his ass.  Red very quickly hopping about and crying out with 

every blow, first over a stool, than standing facing the camera, his cock and balls 

bouncing with every blow.  Rich is relentless, delivering a series of rapid blows 

with the belt.  Then Rich switches to a yardstick, and barks "stop the drama" 

as the poor young man whimpers and cries with each blow.

Red - Part 1


Red is a 23 year old, red headed, tattooed, straight guy getting his first spanking 

as an adult, and the first beating ever where he didn't hit back.  Rich leads him in 

by the ear, orders him to drop his pants, takes him over the knee and delivers a non stop, 

rapid fire spanking over his shorts and on the bare butt, by hand and with a strap, 

that has him squirming, kicking his legs and yelping in pain with every blow.


Paul - Part 3


Tied to a ladder, Paul is now whipped with a riding crop, the stinging blows rain down 

on his bruised, tender ass as he twists and tugs in his bonds, his lean, young muscles 

straining and flexing with every blow.  He cowers in fear with every pause in the 

whipping, anticipating when they will resume.  Poor Paul is made to perform a painful 

and humiliating dance with the crop.

Paul - Part 2


Now on his knees gripping a table, Paul whimpers in pain with each blow of the

wooden paddle.  This strong young man who is struggling to assume his role in 

the world as a man, husband and father is now naked and vulnerable as he is 

slowly broken.  Rich has him stand with his hands on his head, fully 

exposed and defenseless, and continues to beat his butt.  Paul buries his

 face in Rich's chest and hugs his spanker, partly for support and partly as

 a plea for mercy as he begins to sob.

Paul - Part 1


Paul is a 20 year old new father making videos to help support his young family.  He's cute,

edgy and straight. Rich leads him in by the ear, pulls down his pants and takes him OTK for

his first ever spanking.  He seems to be tolerating the hand spanking alright, maintaining his straight boy

cool, but when Rich lowers his shorts and takes up the hairbrush he starts to loose it.  He moans,

pants and grunts so sweetly and he kicks around on Rich's lap but he finds it harder and harder

to tolerate the punishment.  "Oh god, that hurts so bad" he starts to plead, but he

stays on Rich's lap.



College Boy Spanked Part 2


In Part 2, our soon to be graduate learns the hard lesson that there's no free ride

 with us. We'll give you the money, but we're gonna take your ass. The intensity 

increases as Rich gives our bound graduate lash after lash with the riding crop. 

Mike's muscles flex, and the pain is no secret by his loud screams and 

facial expressions. Should have budgeted that financial aid money better, Mike.

College Boy Spanked Part 1


Mike is about to graduate from college without a job, and what better way for 

an unemployed college grad to earn money than a spanking video with 

Reluctant Young Men.  In Part 1, Rich takes Mike over his knee 

and goes right to work on his ass with his hand, paddle, and hairbrush. 

Mike squirms, screams and kicks his sexy long legs while getting his punishment.  

At one point, Rich mistakenly calls Mike by another name, and the 

college boy screams "my name is Mike asshole", a bad mistake 

and Mike should know better as now all mercy is thrown out the window.



Punished Houseboy - Part 2


Rich continues the houseboy's discipline.  He bends the boy over  to deliver lash upon lash 

with the yard stick.  The wayward houseboy is in agony as his ass is bruised and reddened  

from this old-fashioned schoolhouse spanking.

Punished Houseboy - Part 1


Rich's houseboy has become quite lax and downright negligent with his chores since 

his last milking. And just as a good houseboy earns a milking a bad one deserves a spanking. 

Irritated Rich drags the houseboy into the parlor by the ear, forces him to strip down, then 

puts him over his knee for some discipline. Rich bruises the houseboy's ass, alternating 

between his hand and the hairbrush. In no time the houseboy is squirming, kicking & crying 

out in pain. Rich then uses a wooden spatula to further drive home the lessons of 

responsibility to the houseboy while he pleads as sweat drips from his body, but

 Rich shows no mercy.


Anthony Spanked - Part 2


In Part 2 Anthony is tied to the spanking bench as the intensity of the spanking increases. 

Rich mercilessly reddens Anthony’s ass with a leather paddle as he struggles tied and helpless. 

Showing no sympathy, Anthony graduates to a wooden cane. Rich delivers lash after lash as 

our macho model is reduced to a squirming yelping mess.

Anthony Spanked - Part 1


This hot, super macho, 25 year old straight Italian guy is making videos to save some

 money for his wedding. Rich leads him into the room by the ear like a naughty little boy, takes 

down his pants, pulls him over the knee and soon has him taken down to size, kicking, moaning 

and yelping in pain as he spanks him with a metal paddle and hairbrush.

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