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William West Spanked - Part 1 


                Rich has William kicking his sexy legs and yelling and carrying on like a 

youngster,  then rubbing his sore behind like a bad little boy in this OTK spanking. 

He gets it by hand and with a paddle and shows that even a grown young man 

will loose it when he's taken over daddy's knees.

William West Spanked - Part 2


Part 2 starts off with William bent over, holding his ankles with his asshole, 

cock and balls on display as Rich spanks him by hand, then with a yard stick. 

The spanking then continues with the yardstick as William stands, and Rich 

has him dancing around in pain. He rubs his sore bottom and cowers in fear, 

trying to protect his ass and legs from Rich's assault with the stick 

and crying out in pain and disbelief with every blow.

William West Spanked - Part 3


Now poor William is really hurting. Rich has him OTK again for a finale with the 

dreaded hairbrush that has him dancing and kicking on Rich's lap, crying out 

in pain, begging for it to stop as he tries to protect his sore ass with his hands. 

Rich holds his balls tight to keep him in place as he thrashes about in agony to 

the stinging brush.


A Payback Spanking - Part 1


David recently made a serious error in judgment and got himself into a jam and 

needed Rich's help. Of course Rich doesn't help young men without teaching them a lesson 

as well, so David gets a spanking in a video to help "guide" his future behavior. In Part 1 

he gets a hard OTK spanking by hand and strap, without the usual warm up. 

Anyone who has seen David in a video before knows how cocky he can be, but here he is 

contrite and soon howling in real pain, knowing he's being spanked for a reason 

only he and Rich  know.

A Payback Spanking - Part 2


David had this spanking coming and he really gets it in Part 2. Rich has him strung 

from the rafters, naked and defenseless, and has him howling and dancing at the 

end of his riding crop. No longer a smart assed young man, he's learned a hard lesson.

Scott Spanks a Rock Star - Part 1


Scott spanks a 20 year old bisexual rock star wannabe, who soon learns that he's not 

as tough as he thinks.. In Part 1, Scott starts out spanking the rocker in his jeans and leather 

jacket, and he looks a little bored, like he's trying to show how tough he is, but this soon 

changes. When Scott lowers his jeans, revealing a tight little body and round buns, 

and starts spanking him with a strap, our rocker can't help but react, moaning and 

gasping louder and louder with each swat. Now Scott can be heavy handed, and he soon 

has Billy yelling out in pain, no longer concerned about his cool image, fighting a loosing 

battle to maintain his dignity as Scott's assault on his ass continues to grow in intensity.

Scott Spanks a Rock Star - Part 2


As the spanking continues, our rock star hopeful is no longer concerned with appearances 

as Scott continues and intensifies his assault, as Scott has him yelling out in pain like a 

little bitch. He orders him to remove his leather jacket, and facing the camera, exposed and 

vulnerable, his tight little body on full display, Scott spanks him with a metal paddle that has 

him jumping in pain, before taking him back OTK .

Scott Spanks a Rock Star - Part 3


To finish him of, Scott ties him to a spanking bench and delivers a punishing whipping 

with a cane and crop which has poor Billy writhing in his restraints and crying 

out in pain and anguish.

Johnny Angel Spanked - Part 1


Rich has young, straight Johnny Angel, a stripper from Long Island, tied face down to a 

bed as he begins to deliver the young man's first ever spanking. Rich starts out slowly, spanking 

by hand and with a paddle over Johnny's jeans, and the foolish young man is brave, pretending 

to be manly, but he has no idea how bad this is going to get. As Rich lowers his jeans and then 

his briefs and spanks him with a yardstick he soon has Johnny thrashing about on the bed, 

yelling out in pain with a worried look on his face, knowing it is going to get a lot worse.

Johnny Angel Spanked - Part 2


Now Rich has Johnny strung from the rafters as and he continues the punishment with a 

paddle. Then with a riding crop in hand, he lowers the young man's shorts, leaving him naked 

and vulnerable and begins an assault that soon has poor defenseless Johnny dancing 

and crying out in pain from the crops vicious sting.

Johnny Angel Spanked - Part 3


Young, straight Johnny Angel, a stripper from Long Island, now faces the most humiliating 

and painful portion of his spanking, over the knee with a hairbrush. Rich slowly lowers his 

shorts, revealing his muscular, bubble butt, and takes him over the knees. Then, with 

his legs spread just enough to reveal his big balls hanging between his legs, rich begins 

a long, relentless and painful spanking with the brush before sending the humbled 

straight boy to the corner in shame.

Mike Bound and Spanked - Part 1


Our straight, sexy, long legged college athlete finds himself , bound and taken to the dungeon 

by a mysterious masked man who administers a blistering beating with a frat paddle 

that has him kicking those sexy legs and howling and screaming in pain.

Mike Bound and Spanked - Part 2


Our straight, college athlete is restrained on his back with his ankles bound to ropes hanging 

from the ceiling, his long sexy legs and big feet displayed to full advantage as he writhes 

and screams in agony as his feet are relentlessly whipped with a cane.

Mike Bound and Spanked - Part 3


Tied securely to the spanking bench, with his buff ass in the air, his tight ass 

hole facing the camera, his cock and balls clearly visible as he bounces and struggles, 

our straight, college athlete screams in pain and agony as his ass is ruthlessly 

beaten with a hairbrush, paddle and riding crop.

Bearing a Cocky Art Student


Rich spanks a to a cocky 19 year old art student with a hard OTK hairbrush spanking. 

Rich originally intended to spank him by hand and with a wooden paddle and had

 laid the instruments out the shoot. But when he tells him to get the paddle, he 

discovers that the model hid it when Rich wasn't looking, this actually happened.  

Rich was angry, and instructed the model to bring the hairbrush instead. Once he 

was over Rich's knees again, he was informed that the paddle hurts less than the 

brush, but now he was going to get the full spanking with that,  and soon had 

the boy kicking, screaming and fighting back tears, his ass bright red and bruised. .

Hard Cock Beaten Soft


Poor David gets more CBT in this and this time he doesnít like it at all. Heís 26 years old, 

in a new relationship with a girl, and locked in frustrating chastity by an old gay man, 

but heís agreed to do this because he just bought a house and needs money. I have him

 tied down and so fully aroused that his cock is bigger than Iíve ever seen it and he wants 

desperately to cum and get this foolishness over with. But I have a surprise for him. Once heís dying 

to shoot his load, I tell him Iím not even close to letting him cum and the chastity device is 

going back on.  But I tell him I have a way to help him deal with his raging hardon and 

sexual frustration. Right away he knows heís in trouble. I take a riding crop to his cock

 and balls and beat his hardon down. This time thereís only pain and suffering as I crop his 

balls and savor the total control I have over this guy.


Ball Busting, Jerking and a Hard Cock


Rich was jerking him off in a last cum shot before a period of forced chastity when he 

spontaneously started whacking, twisting and squeezing his balls. David has nice full, 

low hanging balls and Rich has always wanted to abuse them, and now was his chance. 

But David showed that he somehow enjoyed this, because as Rich whacked and jerked 

Davidís cock grew harder and harder as he writhed on the table in pain. This is not our usual 

but some of you guys might like to see David abused in a new way.

Bad Ass Biker Spanked - Part 1


Mark is an unemployed biker who spends his days slacking off and drinking. He's partied 

away all of his money, and to keep things going he came to us to make a spanking video. Part 1 

is the OTK portion of the video, where Rich puts the sexy bad boy over his knee and spanks 

him with a variety of items including his hand, wooden paddle, leather belt, and hairbrush. 

The tough biker tries his best to remain composed but he grimaces and his legs shake 

uncontrollably as Rich turns his ass cheeks red then purple.

Bad Ass Biker Spanked - Part 2


In Part 2 of Bad Ass Biker Spanked, Mark's hands are bound and he's layed out across a 

wooden platform where Rich goes to town with a crop.


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