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April 10, 2015

Axel and Three Angry Men - Part 2



While Rich and Chic stand by watching, Scott takes the naked 

young man over his knee and has him howling in pain from the 

beginning just using his big, strong hand.  Rich and Chic laugh 

as Scott lectures the yelling, kicking, apologizing Axel.  Then 

he switches to the very painful metal paddle to finish breaking 

the humbled and contrite model who is now gasping "please, 

please stop" but Scott is relentless. 

April 3, 2015

Axel and Three Angry Men - Part 1


Axel made a really stupid mistake.  He was scheduled for a 

shoot for the Stripped and Embarrassed clip store but he 

showed up three hours late.  Because he kept us all waiting

 he now gets punished hard by three angry men.  Rich makes 

him drop his pants and boxers and delivers a humiliating

 scolding before taking him OTK for a bare bottomed spanking 

with a hairbrush.  He spanks hard from the start, lecturing as 

he does, as Axel gasps, yells, kicks and struggles while he 

apologizes.  Then Chic takes over, really walloping him hard by 

hand while lecturing like an angry dad as Axel starts to break, 

his hollering becoming more desperate, higher pitched and 

more anguished.  Next week Scott gets to finish the job.

March 27, 2015

Michael OTK


Michael looks like he belongs over an older man's knee. He's 23 years 

old, straight, cute and boyish looking with a mischievous air, smooth 

chest and arms with light leg hair and a cute love trail.  He just looks 

right getting spanked.  Rich takes him OTK and spanks his cute smooth

 ass using his hand and a bath brush.  Michael  kicks, twists, howls, 

grunts, growls and curses his way thru it.  When it was over he 

talked honestly about what he thought of the experience.

March 20, 2015

Jay and Scott


Jay is a 26 year old bisexual guy who makes gay and 

straight videos, and we have him here for a spanking 

from Scott.  He's handsome, sexy and very personable 

with a nice toned body and a masculine manner.  He's 

done some S&M work but no spankings, and Scott has 

a surprise for him.  He takes Jay OTK and spanks him by 

hand and 2 wooden paddles and has him howling, 

screaming, cursing and dancing, clutching Scott's pants 

to deal with the pain. When it was over he said it was

 the most intense thing he's ever done.

March 13, 2015

Jim on the Horse


Jim is 25 years old, hot and masculine, the kind of straight

 guy who's uptight and almost non verbal, giving vague, 

one word answers to questions, concerned about his cool

 image.  Rich has him strip, ties him on a spanking horse, and 

turns him into a squealing little bitch.  Using his hand, a leather

 paddle, and a crop, he really makes Jim jump and holler, leaving 

his cock and balls pulled out behind him to increase his fear 

and anxiety.  Rich might have failed to get him to talk much 

during the interview but he sure made him sing and dance on 

the horse. 

March 6, 2015

Nick OTK


This is actually the first spanking video we did with Nick

 but released out of order.  He's a 27 year old, straight,

 warehouse worker, handsome, masculine and sexy as hell 

and he'd never been spanked before.  Rich takes him OTK

 like a naughty boy, and his relentless spanking with his

 hand, paddle and bath brush gets a very sexy reaction from

 him as he pants, gasps and howls his way thru a painful

 and humbling beating in a very unmanly manner. 

February 27, 2015



New model Roger is a 29 year old freelance graphic designer,

 tall, muscular, hairy, butch, handsome, confident and proud. 

 He's over Rich's knee for a spanking he thinks will be easy.  He 

tries to take it like a man, and at first he succeeds, acting cocky 

and seductive whenever he can, but Rich's relentless beating 

gradually wears him down.  Using his bare hand, a wooden 

spoon, a lap cane and a bath brush Rich makes him writhe,

 twist, gasp, hiss and dance just like a little bitch.  Roger is no 

longer the proud young stud he thought he was in the be-

ginning, now looking humble and  defeated over Rich's knee.

February 20, 2015

Nick Gets the Paddle, Crop and Switch


There's nothing like watching a handsome, well built,

 masculine straight guy tied to a spanking horse and

 beaten until he's acting like a little bitch, and that's just 

what Rich does to new model Nick.  Using a frat paddle,

 riding crop and switch, he beats the young man until he's

 bruised and broken.  The sting of the switch makes Nick 

howl, whimper, whine and dance, a strong young man 

suffering at the hands of a fat old man.  When it was over, 

Nick said he felt humiliated acting like a bitch on camera.

February 13, 2015

Naughty Axel


Axel is 28 years old, a straight, laid off carpenter looking 

to make some extra money.  He likes spanking and being 

spanked during sex but he's never been spanked OTK, 

and he's in for a surprise.  Rich uses his hand, a paddle 

and the bath brush on his nice, round butt and turns it

 bright red and bruised.  Axel makes it thru the hand 

spanking alright, and the paddle has him struggling,

 twisting and yelling as he breathlessly tries to cope with 

the pain.  But the hairbrush breaks him as he struggles,

 kicks, trembles, sweat, gasps and yelps in shame. During

 the post interview he said the spanking made him feel 

"naughty" and embarrassed.

February 6, 2015

Turnabout is a Bad Idea


Mike got a little mouthy with Rich at lunch, saying he 

wanted to take Rich OTK and beat him "black and blue."  

He thought turnabout was fair play, now Rich is going to

 teach him about respecting his elders.  Rich has fun with 

this as he spanks Mike by hand and with a wooden paddle

 while he teases him about not being man enough.  Mike 

starts out laughing but soon he's struggling, yelping and

 howling on Rich's lap until Rich grabs hold of his balls to 

hold him in place.  Rich finishes him off with a small cane,

 whipping his ass until he's serious and humbled.

January 30, 2015

Romeo's Degrading Spanking


Romeo is 27 years old, lean, smooth, cute and straight.  He's 

here for his second spanking, even more nervous than he was 

for the first.  He knows that Scott is a big, strong guy and this is 

going to hurt.  Scott starts out using just his hand over Romeo's 

clothes and already he's showing the pain.  After Scott removes 

his pants and briefs and continues with a wooden paddle, Romeo

 is howling as he kicks and squirms on Scott's knee.  When it was 

over he said he found he whole experience painful and degrading.  

Just what we like to hear.

January 23, 2015

Trey Learns About Commitment


Rich woke 3 hours earlier than usual to pick up Trey at the train 

station for this shoot.  Trey however decided to sleep in and take

 a later train and left Rich waiting.  Now Rich is really angry and

 takes the rude young man OTK for a lesson in common courtesy

 and the meaning of a commitment.  Trey laughs nervously at first 

while Rich lectures him while spanking by hand.  Rich uses the hair 

brush to wipe the smile off his face and soon has him howling and 

kicking as he gets a humiliating and painful lesson in adult behavior. 

 Rich spanks the bad mannered 20 year old until he hears sincerity in

 his apology.

January 9, 2015

Big Tony Spanked


Tony is a 26 year old straight construction worker, a big

 muscular, good looking guy, but today he goes over Scott's

 knee like a little bitch.  Scott starts out spanking his tight,

 muscular butt by hand, then uses leather and wooden paddles 

and a wooden bath brush while Tony gasps, howls, twists, 

sucks air and yelps.  This guy has a beautiful body,  it's a 

pleasure watching him humbled over another  man's knee.

January 2, 2015

Casper's Second Trip Over Scott's Knee


Scott takes Casper over his knee for the second time since 

his release from prison for a tune up to remind him of what 

will happen if he screws up again.  Using his hand, a ruler,

 and a vicious metal paddle on Casper's firm, young butt 

while he lectures him, Scott soon has him whimpering and 

yelping in pain and submission.  His pathetic, anguished 

cries don't move Scott to show mercy.

December 26, 2014

Rich Breaks Tom


Tom is 24 years old, straight, cute and edgy.  This is his fourth 

spanking video with us, and Rich takes him OTK and breaks 

him this time.  Tom starts out taking it like a man, but Rich 

slowly breaks him down until he's struggling, yelping, gasping, 

grunting, kicking, quivering and trembling, just like a little bitch.  

His pained, anguished crying fills the room, tears flowing, as 

Rich breaks him with his hand, a leather paddle and bath 

brush while holding his balls to keep him in place.

December 19, 2014



Michael is a 27 year old, straight guy, shy and very nervous, 

in need of money and going over Rich's knee for his first 

adult spanking.  Rich spanks him by hand and Michael starts 

out brave and stoic but starts to hop, kick and gasp when

 Rich uses the wooden paddle.  It's the stinging bite of the 

cane that has him finally show the pain.  Be sure to check out 

his interesting response during the post spanking interview.

December 12, 2014

Tommy Came Way Too Soon and Was Punished


The only thing more humiliating for a straight guy than 

having a premature ejaculation in a gay video is to be 

spanked like a bitch as punishment, yet that's exactly 

what happens to Tommy this week.  He's sworn off 

making spanking videos a few years ago, but when he 

fucked up and came prematurely in an edging video this 

was the only way he could make it up to Rich.  After tying 

him to a stool, Rich uses his hand, paddles and a crop to 

get his revenge, scolding and humiliating him as he 

writhes, gasps and howls in pain and shame.

December 5, 2014

Mike Needed Encouragement


 Mike is 29 years old, cute, sexy and gay.  He's also scared

 and nervous as he's about to get his first adult spanking.  We'd 

like to say that he took it well, but he didn't.  He starts out

 making a joke about it but very quickly tries to back out.  Scott 

uses his usual heavy hand, and his sexy charm to encourage poor 

Mike to go on whenever he tries to stop.  He turns the young 

man's firm, smooth  ass bright red as he squirms, kicks, curses, 

laughs and moans.  But he really starts to howl when Scott uses 

the bath brush.

November 28, 2014



Rich takes new model Romeo OTK for his first ever 

spanking.  He's 27 years old, straight and desperately needs 

money to pay his rent.  He's also shy, soft spoken, nervous

 and scared.  Rich orders him to drop his trousers and 

shorts, asks if he trusts him, then takes him over his knee 

and spanks his cute little butt by hand.  Romeo takes it well

 at first, but as Rich progresses he starts to hop, tremble, gasp 

and yelp.  But the pain really gets to him when Rich takes a 

hairbrush to his ass as he jumps, kicks, curses, whimpers, 

whines and cries out in an anguished voice.

November 21, 2014

Dylan Cries and Begs


Dylan is a 22 year old gay student, cute, scared and nervous, 

but in need of cash.  Rich takes him OTK for a bare assed 

spanking with his hand, a wooden paddle and hair brush that 

has the poor, embarrassed young man crying in pain and begging 

him to stop as his tight little butt turns bright red.  When he starts 

to curse, Rich tells him a customer complained about it in his last 

video, and ordered him to stop.  When he tries to protect his ass 

with his hands, Rich orders him to stand and spanks his palms.  

Dylan struggles and kicks, sobs and pleads, making a real spectacle

 of himself.  During the post spanking interview, Dylan admits to 

feeling "belittled" by the experience.

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