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John II -  Part 3


In Part 3 John is tied to the spanking bench with his ass spread wide and in

 the air.  He's helpless to defend himself as Rich approaches with a cane.  His 

body jerks and he gasps and cries out in pain with every stinging blow.  Then 

Rich switches to a riding crop and John's breathing becomes quick, loud and

 labored, his cries are a high pitched whimpering as the crop stripes  his 

muscular, vulnerable ass. 

John II -  Part 2


John has his cock and balls securely locked in the hard, cold steel of the genital 

stocks and his feet in shackles.  Unable to move even slightly without causing

 himself pain, John struggles to stand completely still as Rich begins a beating 

with a leather paddle.  He cries out in pain but doesn't dare move an inch as

 Rich punishes his poor ass.


John II  -  Part 1


John is back after a three year absence looking more built and sexier than ever 

and Rich proves he can still make this straight guy disgrace himself and carry 

on like a bitch.  In Part 1 Rich takes him OTK and spanks him by hand, with a 

belt and a bath brush and once again John can't take the pain as he writhes 

and cries in pain as Rich breaks the proud young man.


Theo - Part 3


Theo looks worried at the start of Part 3 as Rich prepares to finish his 

spanking OTK with a bath brush.  The young man tries to take his

 punishment like a man but soon looses his composure as he breaks 

down and sobs, crying out loud as his ass turns bright red and bruised. 

Theo - Part 2


Bent over a stool with his ass in the air, Theo begins to whimper, whine and 

cry out in pain, writhing on the stool as Rich whips him with a crop and cane.  

At times he tries to hide his pain in defiance, not wanting Rich to have the 

satisfaction of seeing it.  But Rich breaks him every time, making him cry 

out in spite of himself.

Theo - Part 1


Theo is 24 years old, cute and very expressive.  He's making this video 

for the money and can't quite believe what he's gotten himself into.  

Rich takes him OTK for a spanking by hand over his briefs, then lowers 

them to reveal a very spankable ass and continues with a wooden

 paddle on his bare butt.  Theo moaned and grunted, kicked his legs, 

and uttered the most pathetic yet sexy "ouch, ouch, ouch" over and 

over as his ass slowly turned red and bruised. 


Ricky - Part 3


On his knees in Part 3, his muscular ass in the air, Ricky waits for

 Rich to begin a hard beating with a riding crop. He's soon crying 

out in agony with every stinging crack of the crop, his high pitched 

squeals filling the room as he dances in pain, a sharp contrast to the 

joking and laughter of a few minutes ago.  He actually punches a 

hole in the wall as the crop bites into his tender red ass.  In the end

 he is quiet and sullen, trying to contain his anger, he knows he's

 been beaten. 

Ricky - Part 2


In Part 2, Rich returns with a wooden paddle, and all silliness is gone 

as Ricky begins to experience real pain.  Hands above his head, his big 

dick flopping around, he grimaces, grunts and moans with every blow.  

But the bath brush really starts to break him.  Over Rich's knees, his long 

sexy legs kicking about, his high pitched squeals and cries fill the room.

Ricky - Part 1


He's tall, muscular, masculine and hairy, and Rich takes him 

OTK for his first adult spanking.  He reacts with nervous 

and embarrassed laughter as Rich and spanks him by hand.  

Then Rich lowers his shorts to reveal a manly, muscular butt, 

looking s sexy as it turns pink, and proceeds to beat the silly 

out of him.  Soon he's kicking his long. sexy legs, biting 

his fingers, grunting and gasping as he  accepts his fate.



Brian Spanked - Part 3


As usual, Rich saved the worst for last, the painful bath brush in 

Part 3.  He takes Brian back over his knees and has him gasping, 

moaning, sniffling and kicking his long sexy legs, his big cock 

dangling in full view throughout his painful humiliation. 

Brian Spanked - Part 2


In Part 2, Rich ceremoniously removes his belt as Brian stands naked 

watching nervously, then takes him back OTK to continue the beating.  

Brian is starting to loose his composure as he grunts, moans and 

gasps with every blow.  When Rich has him stand naked facing the 

camera with hands over his head to humbly accept his punishment

his cries are becoming high pitched, his voice is starting to crack

 and he struggles to hold back the tears.

Brian Spanked - Part 1


Rich has clean cut young straight guy Brian in his pajamas looking 

all warm and cuddly over his knee and starts out spanking him 

by hand.  After lowering his pajama bottoms and boxers and 

continuing the spanking on his bare bubble butt Brian begins to 

grunt, moan and sniffle, trying to hold back the tears, his ass turning 

bright red as his big dick bounces between Rich's legs.  But his 

punishment has only just started. 


Cabin Spanking - Part 2


In Part 2 he gets it with the bath brush as he kicks and 

struggles trying to avoid the worst of it.  The Rich has him 

stand and dance while he beats him with the brush and

 yard stick before taking him OTK again to conclude the

 punishment by hand.

Cabin Spanking - Part 1


Rich has an adorable young straight guy over his knees,

 kicking and struggling, grunting and moaning as he turns 

his ass bright red with a rapid and relentless hand spanking.  

The young man's nervous laughter in the beginning soon 

turns to grimaces and pained worried looks.


The No-Show Model - Part 3


J.R. isn't laughing anymore as Rich finishes his punishment with 

the painful bath brush.  "No, no, this hurts too much" he says, 

asserting himself as he starts to climb off of Rich's lap.  But Rich

 just orders him to get back down and J.R. obeys.  J.R. has 

finally gotten the point as he kicks his muscular legs and 

cries out, writhing in pain as Rich turns his muscular ass to 

bright red hamburger meat.

The No-Show Model - Part 2


Rich takes the young man back over his knees and continues 

spanking with a ruler, using it to punctuate his points as he 

lectures him.  The young model is now starting to get serious, 

feeling the pain as his perfectly formed ass starts to bruise, 

he isn't laughing anymore.  But the worst is yet to come.

The No-Show Model - Part 1


The sexy, muscular young man with the big cock was scheduled 

to make an edging video, but he didn't show and didn't call.  Now 

he wants to try again, only Rich tells him he's going to get a spanking 

instead. Rich takes the young man OTK and begins the spanking 

by hand, and the model feels so ridiculous, a grown man over another's

 knee being spanked, that he's silly at first "I laugh when I'm nervous" he

 tells Rich.  But Rich soon has him taking the situation seriously.


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