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Jake - Part 1


Jake is 28 years old, straight, sexy, new to the area and unemployed, so he 

needs to make money and agreed to make some videos.  Jake looks very, very

 scared as Scott approaches and lays into him with leather and wooden paddles 

to warm him up, then takes a metal paddle to his ass.  The metal paddle is heavy 

and hurts to the bone, causing deep pain, and soon Jake is dancing and trying 

to escape Scott's firm grip.  His knees buckle every time Scott strikes him with 

the vicious thing as he's sucking air, gasping and crying out with pain.



Jake - Part 2


Now in Part 2 the real pain starts.  Scott has Jake strung up with his 

hands suspended from the ceiling and uses a whip and cane on his poor

 ass.  Jake howls in pain, flinching, kicking, screaming and struggling to get 

away as he tries to deal with the agony of Scott's relentless assault.


Chic Spanks Casper - Part 1


Chic is an expert spanker, and today he's brought along his young friend 

Casper to demonstrate.  Casper is not into spanking but needs the money and

 reluctantly goes over his friend's knee for a painful and humiliating spanking while 

Rich watches and enjoys.  Chic starts out with his heavy hand, the floor was actually 

vibrating with every swat, and Casper kicked his legs and grimaced with the pain.  But 

when Chic lowered his shorts and used a paddle and hairbrush he broke the young 

man.  Casper thrashed and writhed on the older man's lap, crying out in pain, gasping, 

grunting and moaning, until his ass was bright red and he had worked up a sweat.


Chic Spanks Casper - Part 2


Chic ties Casper to a stool in an awkward and uncomfortable position, his cock 

and balls hanging in full view, and proceeds to beat him with a crop, switch and

 cane.  Poor Casper writhes and struggles in agony, gasping, screaming and crying 

out with every blow.  His breathing becomes so labored that he's actually wheezing, 

trying to catch his breath as Chic stripes his ass with the three stinging 

instruments of pain.


Tommy - Part 1


Tommy is a straight, hunky short order cook with a muscular body, handsome

 face, lots of tattoos and a red neck tan, making videos for extra cash.  Scott

 leads him in almost naked and in chains and uses paddles and a whip, increasing

 in intensity, until Tommy is grunting, gasping, flinching and moaning.  The young

 man clenches his fists and looks so defiant, but Scott knows how to break his kind.


Tommy - Part 2


After chaining his victim to a spanking bench, Scott uses a rawhide switch, a 

cane and a crop on poor Tommy, and the young man is having trouble dealing 

with the pain.  He is a beautiful sight as his body tenses and his muscles contract, 

he trembles and shakes, arches his back and cries out in pain as Scott continues 

his assault on his muscular bubble butt.


Ryan OTK - Part 1


Ryan is 23 years old, straight, sexy and shy, and today he has his pants lowered

 and goes over Rich's knee for a traditional spanking.  Ryan is in trouble early on, 

grunting and trembling as Rich spanks him by hand.  But the suffering really starts 

when he gets it with daddy's belt.  Watch his left hand as he struggles with the pain.


Ryan OTK - Part 2


Ryan goes back over Rich's knee for a relentless, painful beating with 

a bath brush and metal paddle.  The poor young man is in agony as he 

gasps and screams, his body trembles and his left hand twitches and 

clenches uncontrollably until Rich has him beg him to stop.  But there 

is a bit of a surprise ending to this that you might find interesting.




Keith is a 23 year old, straight welder with a handsome face, sexy lean body 

and a big friendly smile who admits he's nervous about the spanking to come.  

Rich takes him OTK for and spanks him by hand and with a paddle and his smile 

quickly fades into a painful grimace as he kicks and squirms and complains that

 he can't take the pain.


Randy - Part 1


Randy is a 22 year old straight guy from the neighborhood near our 

studio with a live in girlfriend whose name is tattooed on his chest 

next to a fresh hickey from her.  She doesn't know that Randy agreed 

to make gay videos with us.  Scott stripped the young man down 

and used two leather paddles on his cute, tight ass, but it wasn't until

 he used his painful metal paddle the he made a real impression 

on the nervous Randy.    


Randy - Part 2


Part 2 is the painful conclusion of Randy's spanking.  Naked and tied 

to a spanking bench, poor Randy is thrashed with a rawhide whip and 

cane as he writhes in agony, whimpering, gasping and sucking air.  Scott 

is relentless in his punishment of the unfortunate young man.


John Gets a Boner - Part 1


John has a thing for being spanked by older men, so when Rich took him 

OTK for a spanking it didn't take long for the young man to pop a boner 

 John stayed hard until the spanking get a little more serious than his fantasy, 

and he started whining like a bitch.  There is some candid footage at the end 

where Rich starts to get impatient with Johns bitching and gets tough with

 him and John submits.


John Gets a Boner - Part 2


In Part 2 John has realized that this spanking is much more than his 

fantasy, that he is in for more than he bargained for.  Watch as Rich 

encourages the reluctant young man to go on, to take more, as he 

spanks him with a bath brush, with john squirming, gasping and 

grunting with every blow, surprised by how much it hurts.


Kevin - Part 1


Kevin is 29 years old, straight, an unemployed house painter, tough and 

strong, with a body made muscular thru hard work.  But he came before 

asking for permission in a teasing video and now he will pay.  Rich strips

 him down and takes his belt to Kevin's muscular ass and has him yelling, 

twitching and dancing in pain like a little bitch.


Kevin - Part 2


In Part 2 Rich has Kevin tied to a stool and lays into him with a riding crop 

and rawhide whip.  Poor Kevin writhes and struggles in his bonds as he 

screams, cries and whimpers in pain, his muscular body straining as he pulls 

against the ropes trying to free himself.


Blake - Part 1


Blake is 22 years old, compact, muscular and sexy, but very nervous and 

scared.  Scott towers above the frightened young man, intimidating and 

menacing as he begins to beat Blake with leather and metal paddles.  Poor 

young Blake is soon crying out and whimpering in pain, twisting and 

writhing in his bonds as Scott lays it on very heavy.


Blake - Part 2


In Part 2 Scott has Blake tied to the spanking bench for a long hard  session 

with the cane and switch.  Poor Blake whimpers, whines and screams, he writhes 

and twists in agony, his muscular body tenses and trembles with every blow

 until Scott's relentless beating breaks him.


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