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October 21, 2016

I Gave Mac to My Friend


Last time, I told Mac he was being spanked as a favor for a friend of

mine who wanted to see me make him cry in white briefs.  This time I

furthered his subjugation by actually giving him to that friend, Mr.

Williams, to spank.  Poor Mac went over the excited older man's knee

for a humbling spanking by hand, belt and brush, knowing that his pain

and humiliation was only on the request of, and for the enjoyment of my

good friend.  It sucks being a sub.  Fun for my friend at Mac's expense. 

October 14, 2016

Straight Submissive's First Spanking from a Man


Danny is a 27 year old, straight photographer who tells us he likes

 to be dominated by strong women and has had many beatings by

women but never by a man and never over the knee.  So, I took

 him OTK and beat him with my hand, belt and a bath brush, and

slowly broke him down.  I spanked him until he was ready to stop,

 telling me his body couldn't take any more, but still submitted when

 I told him I would decide when it was time to stop.  Danny kicked,

struggled and trembled, his voice quivered almost in tears as he

endured a hard beating he described as the most brutal he's ever had.

October 7, 2016

Rich and Sean in a Power Struggle


Sean has been working for me ever since Scott mover out of state with

 his girlfriend,  In this video I prove my natural dominance over him in a

power struggle that develops during the spanking.  Sean does his usual

 struggling, kicking, shrieking and balling as I spank him with my hand,

belt and brush.  But he becomes very mouthy and arrogant,  forgetting

 his place, and I have to beat him down.  Watching a grown str8 man

struggle to control himself as he submits to my will and my punishment. 

When the spanking is over, he mouths off once more and pleads with

me as I insist that he get back over my knee to once more prove his

 subservience to me. 

September 30, 2016

Trey Learns Who's Boss


Trey learns who's boss when he tries to tell me the spanking was

"finished" in this hot update.  He's always been one of our members'

favorites, 22 years old and cute as hell, with a tight, sexy body.  He

looks so natural over the knee of an older man.  This time he was

nervous and scared, knowing what he was in for.  He took it with a

 belt and brush, but when he tried to tell me he was "finished" he

learned that I make that decision.  I made him take so much more as

 punishment for his insolence until he was contrite and apologetic,

twisting and struggling on my lap, kicking his legs as he suffered,

 now in total submission to my authority.

September 23, 2016

My Straight Submissive Bitch


I love the way Mac becomes so submissive when he's over my knee. 

This masculine, confident, straight guy becomes a bitch when spanked. 

This time I had a request from a friend of mine to put him in white briefs

 and break him. Mac was nervous and scared, knowing what he was in

for.  I used my hand, his own belt and a bath brush to spank him.  He

twisted, squirmed, writhed and kicked, hyperventilated and panted, yelped

and gasped. His eyes rolled up into his head and he sobbed in pain and

anguish.  When he tried to get up I ordered him down, and he submitted. 

 I continued until he was broken, exhausted, speechless and totally degraded.

September 16, 2016



Jake is a 27 year old, gay student with a lean, muscled body,

strong hairy chest and a nice, firm ass. Even though this was

his second spanking with us he was nervous and fidgety as

he stood with his pants around his ankles waiting for me to

begin.  I took him OTK and spanked him by hand, paddle and

brush until he was limp and exhausted, with a look of pain

and anguish on his face, kicking and struggling, gasping and

grunting, his voice weak and quivering.  He later described it

as the worst pain ever. 

September 9, 2016

Marcello and Chic - The Rematch


Marcello is a straight, 27 year old Polish bartender with big

 blue eyes, dark blond, curly hair, a sexy, muscular body and

a big dick.  He's nervous today because he's back for another

spanking from Chic.  He has his smooth, muscled ass warmed

by hand, then Chic uses his belt and a wooden spatula .  

Marcello yelps and howls, his breathing becomes loud and

 labored, he looks more distressed and worried with every blow. 

His muscles flex beautifully as he struggles in his restraints.

September 2, 2016

Greg Whimpering "Please No More"


This was Greg's third spanking video and he was nervous.

I'd told him they get worse every time.  I took him OTK and

warmed his sexy little ass by hand.  Then I used his own belt

and a bath brush to break him down.  His body jolted and

shook, he panted, gasped, and hyperventilated.  But I

continued until he was whimpering "please no more" every

time I paused, so weak and vulnerable, so scared, tormented

and broken.

August 26, 2016

Austin Spanked II


Austin is a 27 y/o straight massage therapist who likes

dominating women, but today he's my little bitch.  I tied

him to my spanking horse and beat his thick muscular

thighs and firm round ass by hand, paddle, belt and crop. 

His body jolted with every blow as he struggled, gasped

and screamed in pain, trembling in agony before I was

 finished with him.  He also offered an interesting

perspective during the post interview.

August 12, 2016

Spanked After a Run of Bad Luck


  Poor Kevin, he's 25 years old and recently laid off and out of

 a 5 year relationship with his girl.  Now he's over my knee for

yet another humiliation.  Kevin has a handsome face, lean, toned

 body and a round, firm ass.  I warmed him up by hand, then gave

 him a long one with a belt, just like his father did when he was

 growing up.

July 22, 2016

Daddy Whimpers and Sobs


Randy is a young father who gets tied to the spanking horse for

a very hard belting.  His smooth, hard body quivers, strains and

contracts as I lay it on long and hard with my belt.  His sobbing and

whimpering become more desperate and high pitched as the beating

 progresses.  There is also some very touching dialogue between us

as he submits to the punishment I inflict on him.

July 8, 2016

Straight Guy's Descent Into Submission


I had so much fun dominating this 26 year old straight guy a

few weeks ago that I couldn't wait to have him back for more. 

Using my hand, metal paddle and bath brush,  totally dominated

 the young stud, humiliating him as I made him admit to his respect

 and submission to me while beating his poor ass as he kicked,

struggled and cried out in pain.

July 1, 2016

Take It Like a Man


Matt is a 25 year old straight guy, and he hates being spanked.

 I took him pants down OTK and administered a relentless hand

 spanking, using my big, heavy hand on his skinny, young ass.  

Matt was trembling, kicking and panting, punching the floor,

obviously very angry and fighting the urge to strike me back.  I

 taunted him, telling him to" take it like a man" until he flipped out,

 telling me in a rage "this isn't what a man does" "men don't do this"

 yelling that he didn't feel like a man and telling me to 'Stop saying

that."  Of course that made me so proud.

June 24, 2016

Chris Gets It With My Belt


There's nothing like having a handsome young man with a

 beautiful ass go over your knee, submitting to a painful and

humiliating spanking for your pleasure.  I love it.  I warmed

Chris up by hand, then used my belt in a long beating that

 had him trembling, howling and shaking.  I continuously

 increased the number of whacks per set, getting him to agree

 to take them, then making him count.  I ended with a 2 minute,

 non stop beating with the belt.

June 17, 2016

Sean Knows What He's In For


Both Sean and I know that I can and will break him when

I take him over my knee, which only added to his fear and

anxiety.  He knows how far I'm going to take him.  Using my

 hand, belt and bath brush, I had poor Sean kicking, struggling,

 legs trembling, howling and babbling, drenched in sweat and

tears, making a spectacle of himself in an unusually long

and painful spanking.

June 10, 2016

Hot Guy Becomes My Submissive Bitch


I turned a handsome, 26 year old, sexy, straight guy into my

submissive bitch in this hot clip.  Using my hand, leather paddle,

belt and hairbrush, I gradually broke Mac down, loosing his

composure until he was kicking, jerking, whimpering, trembling

and moaning breathlessly.  The second half of this rather long

video contains very hot dialogue between us as Mac becomes

 very submissive and respectful, knowing he was taking a hard

beating because it made me and the viewers excited as we

watched his degradation and suffering.  


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