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Shaggy is Back


Shaggy is back, but with a fresh haircut he's a little less shaggy.  He's 

our 22 year old skateboarder friend who hates being spanked but needs 

the cash, so he finds himself over Rich's knees with his pants around his 

ankles getting another beating.  Rich uses his hand, a bath brush and a 

small cane, and Shaggy tries valiantly to maintain his dignity, but Rich

 breaks him fast.  Shaggy kicks, screams, cries, whimpers and whines, bites

 his own shirt, his tight legs tremble as his cute little butt turns red and raw.  

You'll want to hold this sweet young man in your arms and comfort him 

after watching this.




Matt is a 19 year old  dancer for Buff Boyzz Entertainment, with piercing 

dark eyes, a smooth chest, hairy legs and the cutest bubble butt, and Rich 

takes him OTK in his boss's office and spanks him like he  deserves it.  

Matt is young and scared, he looks like a deer caught in headlights, and 

Rich loves every bit of it.  He warms hi up by hand, until his cute little ass 

is warm and red and he's gasping, moaning and hissing.  Then he breaks the 

young man with a bath brush, spanking him until he's writhing on Rich's lap, 

his cock and balls swinging as he cries and gasps and whimpers in pain.


Starving Artist Spanked


Johnny is a young, straight artist, very edgy with lots of tattoos, and 

a cool, laid back disposition.  But like most artists he's starving, so 

Johnny has no choice but to over Rich's knee to make ends meet.   

Rich takes the tattooed young man OTK and is very stern with him,

 before starting a hard hand spanking.  He knows he has this one over 

a barrel, with no choice but to take it.  Johnny gets it by hand, then 

with a hairbrush, and takes it all pretty well.  But a small, wooden dowel 

applied to his now tenderized ass starts to get his attention.


Big Strong Joey


Joey is a big guy, tall, muscular, tough and handsome, with a big 

cock and a menacing, aggressive facial expression, yet he submits 

and voluntarily goes over Rich's knee for a humbling spanking, just 

for the money.  Rich takes him OTK and spanks him by hand, and 

big Joe is able to hold on to his dignity as he endures this part of the 

spanking.  He starts to show the pain when Rich uses a leather paddle 

over his briefs.  But when Rich lowers his shorts, exposing his muscled,

 hairy butt, and uses a hairbrush, Joey really shows the pain, sucking air, 

gasping and moaning as his cock and balls bounce between Rich's legs. 

This is a big, strong guy with an attitude, just the kind we like to 

see taken down to size.




Lee is 27 years old, sexy and straight, and Chic really gives it to him in this 

week's update.  Chic takes him OTK and, using his powerful hand, warms 

him up while stripping him down, until his muscular ass is nice and red.  Lee 

tries to act stoic at first but Chic is determined to break him.  Using a short 

cane, then a leather paddle, Chic really whips Lee's ass, and soon the young

 man is dancing, squirming, twisting, struggling, gasping and whimpering 

in response to the stinging pain until he's bruised, striped and dazed.


Mike is Back


Mike is back. He's the 27 year old straight guy who agreed to a spanking when 

he couldn't cum with a man jerking him off.  We'll he still needs money, so he's 

back over Rich's lap for another beating.  Rich gives it to him good this time, and 

Mike is already grimacing, gasping and making faces before his shorts are even 

taken down.  He tries to put on a brave face, but Rich has him, and Mike soon

 looks like he wants to cry.  Rich is relentless with the wooden paddle, but it's the 

hair brush that really gets this guy moving, dancing about, whimpering, gasping 

and quivering, definitely not taking it like a man.


Chic Spanks Mike


Chic starts out using his powerful hand over Mike's pants, and already 

the young man is lurching forward with every blow.  As the hand spanking 

progresses Mike looks a little worried, and very angry.  But when Chic 

switches to the bath brush Mike really starts to dance; squirming, struggling, 

gasping, yelping and wheezing.  Mike really didn't like the bath brush.  Chic 

finishes stripping him naked and continues with a wooden spoon, and he's 

dancing again, almost in tears as he falls to his knees in pain.  Chic finishes 

with a solid 2 minute, rapid fire spanking with the spoon with Mike struggling 

to hold on as he jumps and struggles, grunts and yelps.


Humbled Giant


Brolly is 25 years old, straight, huge and muscular, an MMA fighter and

 handsome to boot, and he meekly submits to a spanking from Rich.  As the 

scene opens the big guy actually looks a little nervous.  Rich starts out using 

a small leather paddle and soon has Brolly gasping and grunting with each 

blow.  The athlete is made to strip down, revealing a magnificent body and

 big cock and balls, then it's back over the rack for more, his leg, back and 

abdominal muscles beautifully flexing as he struggles with the pain.  Brolly

 is in pain, "it hurts so bad" he says to Rich is a very low voice, but 

submitting to a beating without hitting back was the worst  of it.  When 

Rich switches to the stinging cane to beat Brolly's beefy ass, his muscular 

body twists, strains and contorts, his moans and yelps express rage as well 

as pain, but he continues to submit to the relentless bite of the cane, looking 

sad and defeated.


Lifeguard Gets a Spanking


R.J. is a cute, 22 year old boy next door type who works as a lifeguard and 

agreed to a spanking to make money for a trip.  He's slender, lean and muscular 

with a cute, spankable butt and a big cock, and he looks so natural over the knee 

of an older man.  Rich takes him OTK and spanks him first by hand and R.J. starts 

to gasp and grunt as his big dick swings between Rich's legs.  After stripping him 

down, Rich spanks him with a brush, and R.J really starts to dance, kicking his legs 

and squirming, moaning, twisting, pounding on the floor, trying desperately to 

deal with the pain as Rich turns his fuzzy blond bottom bright red.


Nick and Chic


Chic takes frightened 18 year old str8 Nick by the ear and puts him OTK 

for a whoppin he still hasn't forgotten.  Using just his hand, Chic already 

has the young man grunting and gasping, like he's beating the air from his 

lungs with every blow.  When Chic takes up the hairbrush, poor Nick is 

struggling with the pain, his moans and yelps becoming high pitched and 

desperate as he struggles on Chic's lap with his big dick hanging between 

the older man's legs.  Poor Nick's voice trembles and quivers as he yelps in 

pain and distress.  Then, using a leather paddle, Chic breaks him down 

some more, then sends him to stand in the corner.  This was quite a 

humiliating experience for an 18 y/o still struggling with becoming a man.




Shaggy is a cute, 22 year old, straight, unemployed skateboarder 

living with his parents and looking to make some money.  He's never

 been spanked before and he looks scared and nervous as he waits 

for Rich to start his punishment.  Rich takes him OTK and starts the 

spanking by hand, lowering his trousers so that his big cock and balls 

swing freely between his legs and his smooth, trim ass is exposed.  

Shaggy gets a long spanking by hand, with a wooden paddle, and a 

bath brush, and his reactions are perfect.  He moans, yelps, whimpers, 

screeches, sniffles, kicks and squirms, his legs and arms tremble, he 

pulls his own hair, as Rich makes him forget that he's now and adult.




Jimmy is an adorable, 18 y/o straight Spanish guy who's nervous 

as hell about getting his first spanking ever.  Rich thought he was 

so sweat he almost hated to hurt him... but he forced himself.  He 

takes the young cutie OTK and starts spanking by hand, and Jimmy 

seems worried but OK.  But as the spanking progresses from hand to 

the brush, and Rich strips him naked to reveal his smooth, young 

body, Jimmy starts to show the pain.  His big cock and balls dandle

 and swing as his legs kick and dance and he twists and squirms on

 Rich's lap, saying "yes sir, yes sir" over and over for some reason

 as he's given a long, non stop spanking with the painful brush.


Ray and Chic


Ray learns that the worst is yet to come over the knee of his 

friend Chic.  In no time at all Chic has him howling in pain, and 

that's just with his hand.  When he switches to a wooden spoon 

he makes Ray beg him to stop, but no such luck.  Ray's ass becomes

 red and bruised while Chic continues with a wooden paddle and the 

young man is now screaming, making an embarrassing scene for 

himself, panting "oh my god" while trying to catch his breath, then 

screaming again his a high pitched, pathetic voice. 


Ray and Rich


Ray is 25 years old,  straight, and slightly menacing, trying hard to 

cover the fact that he's nervous and embarrassed, and he thinks he's 

too old and tough for an OTK bare assed spanking.  But he needs 

the money to support his two sons, so over the knee he goes for a 

beating in front of Rich's friend Chic.  He tries to be strong in the 

face of Rich's relentless beating but soon breaks down, acting like

 a little bitch in front of the two older men.  Rich spanks him by hand, 

then strips him naked, grips him around his skinny waist, and continues 

with a hair brush.  Poor Ray struggles, but Rich and the brush win, and 

the young man is quickly broken, struggling, yelping and moaning 

to cope with the pain.


Trey and Chic


Trey is an 18 year old who looks like he belongs over an older man's knee 

getting what he deserves, and Chic looks like the guy who can give it to 

him.  First Chic spanks him hard and heavy by hand, no one can give a 

hand spanking quite as hard as he does, pounding away until you can

 see Trey's body heave forward with every blow.  Soon the poor young 

man is crying out in pain.  Chic strips him down and continues with the

 bath brush as Trey kicks, struggles, screeches and howls in pain.  Chic is 

both tough and tender with the young man,  just like a dad, as he dishes 

out an intense punishment until Trey's cute, young butt is red and bruised.




What a strange turn of events for this 27 y/o str8 guy.  Already uncomfortable 

about making a handjob video with a guy, he feels inadequate when he can't 

perform.  But he still needs money so he's agreed to a spanking instead.  With 

his tail between his legs and feeling very frightened and a little emasculated, he 

waits for Rich to begin.  He feels rather foolish going over a man's knee, but it's 

going to happen.  He tries to maintain his composure, but as Rich strips him 

down and spanks him by hand, with his own belt, and the brush, he begins to 

act the way he hoped he wouldn't, making a spectacle of himself.  He squirms, 

gasps and yelps, feeling like even less of a man than when he couldn't perform.  

As we always say here at RYM, reality is sexier than fiction.


Hunk Gets a Beating


Mike is a sexy, 24 year old, straight hunk who has never been spanked 

before.  Rich takes him OTK and starts spanking by hand, over his jeans 

and boxers.  Mike tries to hold on at first, but Rich's relentless pounding 

has him grunting and gasping while Rich picks up the pace.  By the time 

Rich lowers his shorts his muscular, bubble butt has gone from bright 

pink to beat red and bruised, and his breathing is loud and labored.  Then 

comes the bath brush.  Rich holds him by the ear while making him strip, 

then takes him back OTK and uses the brush to break the strapping young

 man, making him kick and dance on his knee while he gasps, groans and 

hollers, struggling to deal with the pain without acting like a total bitch.  

But Rich made sure he didn't succeed.


Dimitri's Bath Brush Spanking


This week's update at Reluctant Young Men features sexy, straight 

Ukrainian Dimitri back over Rich's knee for a very effective bath brush 

spanking.  Rich taunts him, telling him he looks like he is where he belongs, 

over daddy's knee getting spanked.  Then he starts a relentless beating 

by hand and with the brush.  Poor Dimitri struggles, kicks and squirms, 

gasps, whimpers and moans, his high pitched groaning and screaming

 fills the room as Rich beats him without mercy.


Nick Learns the Hard Way


Nick finds out what happens to young men who take it upon themselves 

to cum without permission at RAM Productions.  He messed up on an 

edging video, now he pays the price.  Rich takes him OTK and spanks him 

by hand and with the dreaded hair brush until he's squirming and kicking, 

moaning and gasping like the air is being beaten from his lungs.  There's 

nothing more humbling for an 18 year old str8 guy who thinks he's all grown

 up then to have his pants lowered and taken OTK for a spanking, especially 

when he makes a spectacle of himself, even if it is for a video.  This clip 

is a great example of that.


Mark, Rich, Chic and Angel


Mark is 18 years old, straight, cute, never been spanked and nervous and 

he has his pants lowered and goes over Rich and Chic's lap for a spanking 

while Angel watches.  The young man tries to hold on, acting tough, but 

he's no match for these two experienced spankers, and they soon get to 

him.  When the paddle and hairbrush come out Mark is kicking, twisting 

and struggling, gasping and yelping as the two older men break him.  Watch

 this strong young man taken to the point where he looses all concern about 

acting childish as he's beaten for the amusement of these three older men.

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