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Joel Spanked


Joel is a 26 year old, straight construction worker, a real cutie

 with a hot body, and Scott has him over the horse for his first adult

 spanking.  He didn't like it.  Scott warms him up with his big, heavy

 hand, and already Joel's face is showing the distress.  Soon he's 

gasping, whining and squealing with every blow, trying hard to

 catch his breath, and Scott's still using his hand.  Scott then uses 

a wooden paddle and a riding crop and makes him really react.  

When it was over poor Joel was speechless, unable to answer 

Rich's questions coherently during the post spanking interview.


A Muscle Man's Rage


John Anthony is 26 years old and straight with a beautiful muscular

 body, a handsome face and a big dick, and he's going over Scott's knee 

for his first spanking from a male, one muscle man spanking another. 

 John thought he could take the pain but was surprised by the intensity

 of Scott's hand spanking alone.  Soon John is struggling, gasping, yelping

 and screaming.  Scott slowly strips him down while spanking him with

 his hand, belt and paddle.  He tries to get up several times but Scott just 

pulls him back.  Scott spanks John from laughing disbelief, thru agony, 

tears and a little begging, stopping only when he erupts in an outburst 

of rage.  This is a hot spanking.


Straight Dominant Spanked


Eli is 24 years old, straight, handsome, clean cut, not the kind of 

guy you would expect to like to dominate and spank women, but 

he does.  Now he needs money badly and he's about to get a taste

 of his own medicine.  Rich takes this otherwise dominant young man

 OTK and gives it to him good, using his hand, a leather paddle, and a

 bath brush.  As his spanking intensifies Eli gasps, sucks air, twitches, 

twists, whimpers and yelps.   Watch the post spanking interview when 

he tells Rich he found the experience painful and degrading, just what 

we like to hear.


Rich Spanks Vinnie OTK


Rich has sexy, straight guy Vinnie OTK for a real spanking.  He starts 

out using his hand, then removes his belt and applies it to Vinnie's 

firm, young butt.  Vinnie gasps, grunts and struggles until he's almost 

breathless.  He keeps trying to cover his ass with his hands, so Rich has

 him hold them out and beats them with the belt. He tells Rich that he's 

laughing because he's scared, and Rich loves having a naked str8 guy 

telling him that.  But he has as no pity.  After the belt he continues with 

a cane.  Vinnie's legs dance and kick, his big cock and balls dangling

 between Rich's legs, and he gasps, pants and yelps. Soon he's telling Rich

 he's going to faint, but Rich just spanks on.  Rich finishes up with the 

hairbrush, gripping Vinnie's balls to keep him in place, as the young 

man writhes in agony while threatening to faint from the pain.


Dylan and Scott


Poor Dylan, 22 years old and a student, trying to make some 

money to cover school expenses and willing to submit to 

Scott for a spanking.  He's just the type Scott likes to spank, 

a skinny white boi, young and innocent, and scared.  He says 

he likes a good spanking every now and then, but he didn't like

 the last one with Rich.  Scott uses his massive hand on Dylan's

 skinny butt, and the young man lets out a stream of obscenities 

as he whimpers, gasps and struggles on Scott's lap.  Scott takes

 a caneto his ass and makes him shout "thank you sir" with each

 swat, then switches back to his hand, beating the poor bastard

 until he's a breathless, hysterical mess.


Never Say Never


Aaron was here to make a spanking video in January and hated 

the experience.  At the time he said he would never do another, 

but here he is 5 months later, broke and willing to do another. 

 He looks nervous and scared as Rich takes him OTK, he knows 

what he's in for this time, and Rich takes pleasure in knowing 

how he dreads this.  Rich starts out using his hand and already 

Aaron is jumping, grimacing and saying "ow, ow" with every swat. 

 Rich strips him down completely and continues with a cane and 

Aaron's legs start to dance and his gasps and groans grow louder 

as the sweat starts to run from his chest head. But it's the bath 

brush that gets him the most, struggling and writhing in pain 

with sweat pouring from his head.  Rich finishes by making 

him dance with 2 minutes with the cane.  When finished Aaron 

was angry and said he would absolutely never do another one.  

We'll see.


Ryan Spanked by Rich and Chic - Part 2


Chic now breaks Ryan while Rich watches, stripping

him of all dignity and self respect when he has him begging

 to stop.  Using his powerful hand he has poor Ryan howling,

 his voice quivering with every swat.  Chic's wooden paddle

 gets him kicking, whimpering and screeching, his full body

 trembling, trying to protect his burning ass with his hand as

 the spanking relentlessly progresses.  But the dreaded bath

brush really breaks him.  Poor Ryan begs and pleads with

Chic, "please no more, please no more" again and again,

 but remains submissively over his older friends knees until

 he's told he's finished.


Ryan Spanked by Rich and Chic - Part 1


Ryan is 24 years old, straight, sexy and shy, and today he's

 going to get it.  Both Rich and Chic are going to spank his 

ass.  Rich takes him OTK and starts spanking by hand over 

his jeans, then over his briefs, and finally on his cute, bare ass.  

Poor Ryan is grunting and gasping almost immediately, but 

Rich is just warming up.  He uses leather and metal paddles on 

his firm, muscular butt and Ryan kicks up a fuss, yelling and 

hollering, breathing hard, unable to catch his breath as he 

struggles with the pain while Chic looks on, waiting for his

 turn with his young sexy butt.


Scott Spanks David OTK


Scott takes David OTK for a humiliating spanking from another 

young guy.  He lays his usual heavy hand on David's ass, first 

on his jeans, then over his briefs and finally on his cute bare ass.  

He really punishes our little jail bird using his hand, belt, and a 

vicious metal ruler.  David puts on his usual animated performance, 

kicking, twisting, yelling, biting his own hand, struggling to 

control his legendary temper, knowing that Scott is a big, trained 

fighter who could kick his ass if he struck back.  There is a powerful 

male/male dynamic in this video with the participants aiming lots of 

testosterone at each other, one strong willed young man reluctantly 

submitting to another, with Rich behind the camera enjoying the sight,  

knowing he put poor David in this position, that made this a 

very hot experience for us.  We know you will enjoy it.


Scott Spanks 18 Year Old Joey


Joey is an 18 year old cutie, a college student in need of money, 

and today he goes over Scott's knee for the spanking of his young 

life.  Scott strips him down revealing the body of a youth still 

growing into manhood, lean and tight with a smooth chest, hairy 

legs and a nice size cock.  He gives it to him by hand, leaving the

 imprint of his big strong hand on his hairless butt and Joey 

maintains his composure.  But he starts to show the pain when

 Scott uses a wooden spatula, gasping, panting and kicking his

 legs in response to Scott's relentless beating.  But the sting of 

the cane gets to him as it bites into his bruised and sore ass.


Colton and Chic


Colton is a big, muscular, sexy guy.  He's straight, 30 years old 

with a magnificent body and a nice long cock, and today Chic is 

going to beat his ass just like his dad.  He starts with a wooden

 paddle and Colton holds up pretty well, although you can see he's 

feeling it.  Chic strips him down, exposing his massive chest, thick 

thighs and bulging biceps and continues on his bare ass.  Every 

muscle in Colton's body is flexed as he struggles to deal with the 

increasing pain of Chic's relentless paddling.  It takes a lot to break

 a big man like Colton but Chic has him gasping, yelping, moaning 

and panting with a vicious paddling.


Vinnie Spanked


Vinnie is a 21 years old, bi-sexual, used car salesman with a lean,

 toned body and a friendly, outgoing personality, and he's here to 

get his first spanking from Scott to earn some money.  Scott takes

 him by the ear and puts him OTK, lowers his pants and gives it

 to him good.  Vinnie is grunting, gasping and cursing while Scott

 using just his hand.  Scott switches to a wooden paddle and Vinnie 

looks so sexy, kicking and shuffling his long sexy legs behind him 

as he squirms on Scott's lap.  Scott then uses the dreaded bath 

brush.  Vinnie tries to hold out as long as possible as Scott  starts

 a long, hard, relentless beating but he's soon hyperventilating, 

gasping and squirming as his ass catches fire.


Scott Spanks a Big One


Dominick is a 31 year old, well built muscle man, a dancer and 

escort from New York.   He said that he'd been spanked a few 

times by clients and learned to enjoy the pain.  But today will be

 different.  Today he's gonna get spanked by Scott.  He won't 

enjoy the pain. Dominick seems confident that he can take it as

 Scott starts to spank his firm, muscular ass by hand, determined 

to show him a real spanking.  When Scott uses a wooden paddle 

Dominick starts to react, kicking, squirming, screaming and howling 

in pain, telling Scott he can't take anymore, that this is too much, 

really carrying on as Scott breaks him like a little bitch.


Dylan ll


New model Dylan is a cute, young looking, 21 year old, bi-sexual guy, 

a skinny white boi, making a video to cover his school expenses.  He 

said he's never been spanked before and looks scared but denies it.  

Rich takes him OTK and starts spanking by hand and alreadyDylan 

is grunting, gasping and yelling.  When Rich takes the hairbrush to 

his ass things really heat up.  Dylan kicks his legs, he howls and yells

 and lets loose a stream of obscenities as he struggles with the worst 

pain he's ever experienced.


Kevin Was Late


Kevin made the mistake of being two hours late for a shoot, leaving 

everyone waiting.  Now Chic punishes him for his immature, inconsiderate 

behavior.  Chic takes him OTK and starts spanking by hand while lecturing 

him and already Kevin's voice is starting to crack.  Chic can do more damage 

with his hand then most do with a paddle.  He then  uses a leather paddle and 

bath brush and Kevin moans, yelps, groans, whimpers and whines, squirms 

and kicks with his big dick swinging beneath him, his high pitched yelling 

becoming louder as Chic relentlessly punishes him.  Kevin said he'll be 

on time from now on.


Straight Twink Spanked


Dominick is an 18 year old straight carpenter who came to make an 

edging video, but when offered more money he agreed to go over 

Rich's knee for his first ever spanking.  Obviously the money 

outweighs the pain and humiliation of a spanking.  Rich starts out

 with a slow spanking by hand on his cute, naked butt to warm him 

up, and Dominick seems to tolerate it well,, probably thinking this 

isn't so bad.  But things heat up quickly when Rich switches to the 

dreaded hairbrush and Dominick seems a little surprised at the pain, 

and soon he's shuffling his legs, grimacing, gasping and squirming 

on Rich's lap.  He continues with a small cane, making poor Dominick 

squirm on his lap in time to its stinging bite, another youth looking so

 natural over an old man's knee.


18 Year Old Spanked OTK


Joey is a cute, recently turned 18 year old college student who 

needs money for school and has agreed to a spanking.  During 

his pre spanking interview he said that he was never spanked as

 a child and he wasn't nervous now, but that will change.  Rich 

has him lower his pants and takes him OTK, grasping him tightly 

around the waist so he can't get away and starts by hand.  This 

guy looks like he belongs over the knee of an older man.  Joey is 

holding on but looking more distressed as the spanking continues.  

When Rich strips him naked and spanks him with a brush Joey's 

legs start to shuffle and twist, he gasps, pants, moans and yelps,

 looking very much like a punished youth over dad's knee.


Tom Gets It from Scott


Tom gets his hardest beating yet from Scott in this week's update.  

Scott starts out slow with his motorcycle gloves over Tom's pants, 

and the young man smiles, thinking this is going to be easy money.  

Wait.  Once his pants and briefs come down, he starts to feel the 

pain, his moans and gasps becoming louder with every swat.  By

 the time Scott is using a leather paddle and belt poor Tom is in 

agony, his anguished cries fill the room, he yelps, gasps, his legs

 tremble, and he sobs as Scott delivers a relentless beating.


David Back Over Rich's Knee


David is back after 4 years in jail, we won't get into why, but now he's

 back needing money for a car and he's going over daddy's knee to earn 

it.  There are few things more submissive than a young recently released

 inmate having his ass bared and going over an older man's knee to be

 spanked, yet here we are.  Rich has David drop his pants and shorts to

 reintroduce himself and explain his absence, then Rich takes him OTK for

 his punishment.  Using his hand, a bath brush and a crop Rich has the little 

tough guy kicking his legs, punching the floor and howling in pain, his

 anger bordering on rage as his round bubble butt turns bright red.  But he 

remains in place, submissive to Rich until his punishment is finished, 

looking more like a little bitch than a hardened criminal. 

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