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January 15, 2016

Michael's Not Laughing Anymore


  Michael is a typical, 23 year old straight guy, very cute but

full of himself and always trying to save face.  So he starts

out making a joke of it, laughing and back talking as if the

 spanking didn't bother him at all.  That just pissed me off. 

I wasn't satisfied until I had him kicking, struggling, yelling

and crying out in pain, making a spectacle of himself, no

longer concerned about his image as I blistered his cute ass.

January 8, 2016

Dad Gets Spanked


He may look young but cage is 27 y/o, the father of 2 with one on

the way.  His pay as a brick pointer just isn't enough and his baby

mamma is demanding more.  So he's been reluctantly making videos

with us, and now he goes OTK for a humiliating bare assed beating.

 Daddy \looks scared and nervous, but he knows what he has to do.

 I spanked him by hand and with a hairbrush and the poor guy looked

 defeated and humiliated.  He was stoic during the hand spanking but

the sting of the brush really made him react.  Just shows how far a

guy will go to keep his woman happy.

January 1, 2016

Nick Cropped and Caned to Tears


  I tied Nick to the spanking horse and beat him with a

riding crop and cane until he was broken and humiliated,

sobbing, crying and begging me to stop.

December 25, 2015

Nox Back Over My Knee


Nox is back, still struggling to make ends meet for his family.  

The 32 year old, 6'4" straight dad looks so defeated over my

 knee, and he admits to being nervous and reluctant, but he

 really is out of options.  I use my hand and hairbrush on his 

round, firm, smooth ass and proud Nox tries to maintain his 

dignity.  But a slow rage builds inside him, which you can hear

 in his increasingly loud, labored breathing.  He's not the type

 to take this kind of degradation and his red face shows

 his rage and humiliation.

December 18, 2015

Marcello Spanked


Marcello is 26 years old, a bartender with a muscular body, beautiful 

face, big cock and a cute Polish accent.  He's a big guy, 6'3" and 210 lbs 

but he looks so humbled over Chic's knee.  In spite of his size and muscles,

 Marcello doesn't take it well.  He's yelping and complaining from the start.  

Chic uses his heavy hand, a paddle and a brush on his muscular butt, first 

over his jeans, then on the bare ass.  Marcello suffers thru but is obviously

 in pain.  It's nice to see a big, handsome, muscular straight guy suffer like a

 little bitch.  Unable to take it anymore, Marcello just crawls off 

of Chic's knee and calls it quits.

December 11, 2015



Steve is 24 years old, straight, a plumber with a smooth, lean, 

sexy body, an adorable face and a thick cock.  He's nervous

 as hell but he's broke and needs the money.  I took him over 

my knee and spanked his sexy, firm ass with my hand and a

 strap while his cock and balls dangled between my legs.  Steve 

did his best to remain strong, he seemed the type who hated 

being in such an embarrassing, submissive position and tried 

his best to be stoic.  In the end he admitted that he found the 

experience embarrassing and that it made him angry.

December 4, 2015

Romeo Has to Make His Rent


It seems we just spanked Romeo a few weeks ago, but he recently

 called in a panic needing money to pay his rent.  He squandered 

his money and lost his job and now his girlfriend is pissed and the 

landlord wants them out.  I figured he needed a really hard one this 

time and called on Chic to make him pay.  He was very scared, nervous 

and contrite.  Chic used his heavy hand, a strap and a leather paddle

 while delivering a stern, humbling lecture.  Romeo kicks, struggles, 

whimpers, cries and pleads but Chic is relentless as he delivers a hot, 

fatherly punishment for bad behavior.

November 27, 2015

Nick Begs Me to Stop


This week we have a different named Nick, our 27 year old furniture 

warehouse worker back for another spanking.  Nick knows what he's 

in for and he's nervous and scared, it's sexy watching this handsome, 

straight guy squirm and fidget before the spanking even begins.  I use

 my hand, belt, a metal paddle and a bath brush and slowly break him 

down until he's kicking, squirming, whimpering and begging me to stop.

November 20, 2015

Nick Finally Gets What's Coming


Nick stood us up two years ago.  He did some work with us, then 

failed to show for a shoot, leaving us all waiting without a call or 

apology.  He's now 20 years old, laid off and in desperate need of cash 

to pay his rent, so he called me looking for work.  I turned him over to 

Chic who taught him a lesson in manners he'll never forget.  Using his

 hand, belt, paddle and brush he broke the young man until he was 

kicking, sobbing, pleading and apologizing.  Watch towards the end as

 he appeals to me off camera to make Chic stop.  I ignored him as I 

enjoyed watching the young man corrected the old fashioned way.

November 13, 2015

Romeo Broken in the Tool Shed


I took Romeo to the tool shed for an intense spanking

 using a leather paddle and a small riding crop.  As you 

know Romeo is very expressive, and he doesn't disappoint 

this time.  I had him kicking, struggling, yelling, sobbing

 and weeping, totally broken and humiliated.

November 6, 2015



Frankie is 19 years old, straight and unemployed, nervous but 

trying very hard to sound tough, and he's going to get his first 

spanking ever.  I started out spanking him by hand on his bare, 

firm, smooth butt.  Even then, Frankie was showing the pain, 

but he tried valiantly to hold on to his young, male pride.  He lost

 it when I took the hairbrush to his ass.  He kicked, groaned,

 yelped and danced on my lap as I relentlessly spanked his ass.

October 30, 2015

Rich and Chic Break Sean - Part 2


In Part 2 Chic totally breaks Sean, turning him into a blubbering,

 wailing, sobbing, cursing, pleading bitch.  Using a leather paddle 

and belt, Chic totally dominates the younger man, making him cry

 and scream with legs trembling and body shaking, sweat pouring

 from his brow as he kicked and struggled on his lap, making a real 

spectacle of himself.  This was not Sean's proudest moment.

October 23, 2015

Matt Broken by Hand


This is Matt's second trip across my knee.  He's a  24 year old 

straight guy who works in a pizza joint and hates being spanked

 but always seems to need the money.  This time I took him OTK 

and delivered a relentless, hard hand spanking.  Matt was angry 

and resentful as we started out but when I offered him the 

opportunity to stop half way thru his response was "I have no 

choice" and he continued with the spanking.  I had him sobbing 

and wailing, crying in a high pitched voice, dancing on my lap, and 

I did it all with my heavy hand.  Such unmanly behavior from a

 young, straight guy, and at the hands of a weak old man.  

How embarrassing. 

October 16, 2015

Rich and Chic Break Sean - Part 1


Chic and I take turns with straight, ginger Sean.  I started 

first, taking him OTK and delivering a long, non stop hand 

spanking.  Lately I've been doing more hand spankings, I love 

the intimate contact with the skin of a young man's firm butt,

 and I find I can break him just as easy.  Sean is soon gasping,

 yelping and cursing, his legs are trembling as he struggles

 to hold on, hyperventilating like a scared little bitch, 

until I make him beg me to stop. 

October 9, 2015

Kevin the Roofer - Part 2


In Part 2  it's Chic's turn to finish Kevin off.  He uses a leather 

paddle and has Kevin howling and crying, appealing to him by 

name for mercy.  But Chic only taunts him as he methodically 

goes about breaking him down.  Poor Kevin can't catch his 

breath as he screams and struggles, alternately threatening

 Chic, then appealing for mercy.  He whimpers, whines and 

sobs as Chic renders him a broken, disgraced young man.  

Chic is a master in this one, being both mean and tender

 with the helpless Kevin.

October 2, 2015

Rich Breaks Romeo


Rich takes Romeo OTK for a relentless, non stop bare assed spanking 

by hand and with a bath brush that has him kicking and struggling, 

yelling and cursing, breathless from the pain.  He keeps saying he can't 

take anymore but stays in place when Rich orders him to.  His tight, little 

butt turns red as he sobs and begs Rich to stop.  When poor Romeo

 tried to protect his sore ass with his hands, Rich had him stand and

 whacked them with the brush until he promised to keep them on the

 floor.  When it was over we left the camera rolling for a few minutes to 

watch Romeo slowly recover.  This is a hot spanking clip.

September 25, 2015

Kenneth OTK


Kenneth is back, he's a 22 year old straight guy with a boy-next-door 

look, and this time he's going over Chic's knee.  He so cute and sexy, 

his smooth, slender body looks so right for an OTK spanking from an 

older man.  He tries to take it like a man while Chic spanks him by hand 

and with his belt but he's starting to show the pain.  When Chic lays

 into him with a leather paddle and bath brush Kenneth starts to break, 

gasping, howling, kicking and struggling in pain on the older man's lap.

September 18, 2015

Kevin the Roofer - Part 1


Kevin is a 28 year old roofer, muscled from hard work, hairy 

and sexy, and Rich beats him like a little bitch.  He ties him 

to a spanking horse and Kevin says he feels "useless and 

scared" in that position.  Rich uses a crop and cane on his

 muscular butt and Kevin breaks very quickly, twisting, 

struggling wildly, howling, cursing and screaming, making

 a perfect fool of himself.  Rich teased and mocked him too, 

having fun at the masculine straight guy's expense.

September 11, 2015

Sexy HVAC Man Spanked After Work


Shawn is 28 years old and straight, an heating and air conditioning 

man who came by after work for a spanking because he needs some 

extra money.  He's muscular, hairy and very masculine with a perfect,

 round, muscular butt and thick thighs.  Rich took him OTK and spanked 

his sexy ass by hand and Shawn took it well.  Then he used a wooden 

paddle and bath brush to really make him react. 

September 4, 2015

Anthony Spanked


Anthony is a 28 year old graduate student making a spanking 

video to pay for school costs.  Rich takes him to the basement, 

drops his pants and makes him dance with a riding crop until he's 

hopping and gasping with every blow, his big dick bouncing

 between his legs.  Rich notices this and uses the crop on Anthony's 

cock, making him grow harder with every swat.  Then Rich uses a 

long crop on Anthony's bruised ass and an interesting dynamic 

develops between the two where Rich keeps punishing the young 

man to take more punishment to suffer for his enjoyment 

and to show his submission.

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