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Kendell - Part 1


Kendell remembers Scott as an older neighbor from their home town when 

he was growing up, and this video has a very real older brother spanking 

younger brother feel.  He starts out by stripping Kendell naked and cuffing 

him, then warms him up with a leather paddle.  Poor Kendell is already in pain 

when Scott switches to a vicious metal paddle and crop, causing his young 

friend to howl, hop and twist in agony.


Kendell - Part 2


In Part 2 Kendell is defeated in and humiliated by Scott.  Tied to the spanking 

horse, Scott uses a number of painful canes, really beating and striping his ass.  

Kendell tried to remain composed at first, but the relentless whipping soon has 

him crying out and cursing, eventually turning to a pathetic whimpering as his 

body quivers and shakes in pain.  To finish him off, Scott makes him plead 

"sincerely" to convince him to stop.


Ricky - Part 1


New model Ricky struggles with himself to remain submissive in this hot spanking clip.  

He's 22 years old, straight and needs money, so he goes over Rich's knee for a beating 

by hand and with a ruler.  He tries to remain stoic at first, pretending to take it well, but 

as the beating progresses he looks angry and defiant, squirming, kicking and "dancing" 

over Rich's knee, at times looking like he will get up and walk, as he struggles with himself

 to remain in this humiliating and painful situation.


Ricky - Part 2


Ricky goes back over Rich's knee as the beating continues with the bath 

brush and the tears start to flow as he kicks, struggles and sobs  with a look 

tearful resentment on his face, just as you would expect from a young man 

undergoing a painful and humiliating spanking.  He starts to climb off Rich's 

lap twice, you can feel his inner struggle as he forces himself to submit once 

more as the spanking goes on uninterupted.


Chic Spanks Shawn - Part 1


Chic seems to be enjoying himself as he strips hunky Shawn down 

and blisters his ass with a relentless beating by hand, leather paddle 

and strap.  Shawn gasps, loosing his breath with each stroke and his 

muscular ass turns bright red as Chic slowly breaks him with his 

expert spanking technique.


Chic Spanks Shawn - Part 2


Tied to a stool with his ass in the air, fully exposed and vulnerable, Shawn suffers 

thru a beating with the frat paddle.  The steady drum beat of blows causes Shawn's 

body to jolt in his restraints with every one, they seem to knock the air out of 

his as he gasps in pain.  But the worst comes when Chic uses a bamboo cane on 

his poor bruised ass.  The sting of the cane causes poor Shawn to hiss and suck 

air as Chic fires off a series of rapid blows.




Collin is 28 years old, straight, lean, toned and handsome, and he 

goes over Rich's knee for a bare assed spanking while his girlfriend 

sits in the corner and watches.  He tries to man up at first, to take it

 like a man in front of his woman, but Rich soon his him groaning,

 moaning and gasping, kicking his legs and gripping Rich's pant leg,

 hopping about as he's broken down.


Scott Breaks Keith


Keith is 24 years old, 6'1" tall, cute, sexy, edgy and straight.  The last time 

he tried a spanking video with us ( our June 8, 2012 update) he quit after part 

one because it hurt too much.  Now he works for us as an editor and he wanted

 another chance to save face.  Keith is scared and nervous as Scott strips him 

down and takes him OTK.  Then using just his heavy hand and a wooden spatula 

he breaks his younger co-worker.  Keith is soon sobbing and whimpering, 

writhing and kicking his long sexy legs just inches from the station 

where they work together every day.


Tye - Part 1


Tye is a cute young, edgy twink with a nice firm, compact body.  

He's a friend of Scott's girlfriend and the two have gotten to know 

each other over the past few months.  Now it's time that Scott exhibits

 exactly how he displays affection.  At first Tye is in good spirits about 

doing this video but his mood quickly changes to dismal as the reality 

and pain sets in with each strike to his rear.  He expresses the most 

discomfort when he is stripped of his underwear and repeatedly 

smacked with a leather slap paddle, nearly bringing him to tears as 

he gasps, moans and whimpers with every whack. 


Tye - Part 2


In part two of Tye's punishment he is completely stripped of clothing 

and self-respect.  Scott continually beats him showing no compassion 

for his moaning and pleading over his raw crimson ass.  When the 

smacks become stronger and more frequent Tye starts to whimper and

 is nearly brought to tears.  Tye's sexy body begins to quiver when Scott 

continues with a leather paddle.


Tye - Part 3


Tye's ass is bright red when Scott tells him to bend over with hands on the 

desk in Part 3.  He starts whacking his ass with a wooden ruler, making Tye 

scream, shake and pray for relief.  Then comes the long horse crop that Scott 

whips quickly and relentlessly to make Tye squirm and nearly bring him to

 tears.  To stop him from jumping around in pain, Scott ties his hands and 

holds his arms in the air and continues to beat him until Tye starts to tremble

 and shake uncontrollably, his pathetic high pitched cries filling the room.  

When Scott has him count down the final whacks Tye's voice is soft and 

cracking, just like his ass.


Ben - Part 1


In this video Ben receives his punishment for cumming without permission 

during his audition.  Rich lectures Ben about what he did wrong and shows

 him that bad behavior can't be rewarded as he takes him OTK.  While getting 

spanked by Rich's hand Ben seems annoyed, frustrated, and agitated that he 

has put himself in this position. It isn't until Rich steps it up a notch by using 

a belt, then a hairbrush, that Ben starts dancing over Rich's lap, his big dick 

visibly bouncing  under him with each smack.


Ben - Part 2


Scott tries to make Ben understand the importance of following the rules 

by tying his hands above his head, restraining his ankles, cock and balls 

in the cock stock and beating his ass.  Using several tools, such as a reed, 

stainless steel perforated paddle, large horse crop and a 3' wooden dowel, 

Scott lectures and spanks Ben until he is apologizing and pleading for it 

to end.  Scott continues until he is satisfied and convinced that Ben has 

learned his lesson and won't cum until told to, or break any other of the

 rules.  By the end of the whooping his ass is covered with blue and 

purple welts and stripes from the reed and crop, his demeanor is 

disheartened, and he wishes that he had listened from the beginning. 


Young, Cool, Sexy and Spanked - Part 1


Jake is 21 years old, cool, sexy with a handsome face and smooth, 

toned body, and he needs money so he's agreed to go over Rich's 

knee.  He looks so defeated as Rich lowers his trousers and gives

 him a beating with a belt, yardstick and cane as he struggles to 

maintain his image, but he's slowly loosing the battle.


Young, Cool, Sexy and Spanked - Part 2


Jakes humiliation continues over Rich's knee while spanked with a bath-brush, 

stainless-steel perforated paddle, and the always powerful hand.  Before he is 

half-way through the second part of his ordeal his legs are trembling, his face 

is red and grimacing, and his ass is beaten nearly purple.  When Jake is told to 

"count down" his final whacks he miscounts a number of times, seeming like he

 is trying to prolong the conclusion, contrary to the pain.


Greg - Part 1


Greg is a young straight guy looking to make some extra money.  Rich 

starts by taking him OTK and begins to spank him.  He has to pull on his 

ear in order to keep him looking the right direction, and as he constantly 

puts his head down Rich starts to spank him harder and harder.  When his 

pants are stripped and his tender red ass is exposed Rich has him stand-up, 

lean over a bar stool, and get whipped with a belt.  When the spanking with

 the belt is complete he is forced to stand in the corner, his ass as red as a 

tomato, to wait for what's to come in Part 2.


Greg - Part 2


In Part 2 Greg is laid out on the couch over Richs lap, nervously

 waiting for the beating to begin.  It starts out with him getting 

spanked by Richs bare hand, followed by a beating with a long 

handled bath brush.  He gets spanked with the hard, flat surface 

of the brush as well as the bristled end.  It doesn't end until Greg

 is twisting and writhing in pain, he's gripping Rich's pant leg, 

wiping tears from his eyes and his ass is red, beaten and bruised 

to Richs approval.


Jason - Part 2


Jason goes over Rich's knee for a beating with a bath brush that has him squirming, 

kicking, gasping and moaning in pain.  He continuously punches the floor and repeats 

"Oh my God" as he writhes over Rich's lap, sniffling while he fights back tears, all the 

while his ass becoming as red as his hair.


Jason - Part 1


Jason is a cute, 21 year old, red headed straight guy who is pulled out of 

bed by the ear and taken over Rich's knee for his first adult spanking.  Rich 

gives it to him by hand, with a paddle and a wooden spoon, and Jason's 

reactions are sweet and sincere as he struggles and writhes, gasps and grunts

 in pain while Rich takes him to the brink of breaking.

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