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Travis Spanked


Travis is a 28 year old printer with a very muscular body, chiseled 

abs, thick muscular legs and a big, hanging dick.  During the interview 

he talks about being spanked by both parents as a child, and crying to 

make it stop.  But today he's here to get spanked for money.  Rich takes him 

OTK and gives it to him by hand, wooden spoon and hairbrush.  It is very 

degrading for a muscle bound straight guy to go OTK, pants down, for a 

beating, even if it is only for money, especially if it's administered by a 

fat, old, out of shape gay guy, and Travis is aware of that.  This guy is

 soon gasping, moaning, sucking air and breathing hard and loud as he 

submits to this humbling and painful punishment.


Nicholas Hand Spanked


Nicholas is 18 years old, straight, cute as hell, and full of the 

arrogance of a typical young man just coming into adulthood.  

When Rich first suggested a spanking video, Nick said that he

 used to laugh when his parents spanked him as a child.  Rich

 lowered his pants, took him OTK and delivered a long, hard, 

aggressive hand spanking that had him grunting and struggling, 

moaning, gasping and twisting as his ass was relentlessly 

pounded until he was broken, acting nothing like the tough 

young alpha male he was trying to be.  When it was over he 

sheepishly told the camera that Rich was nothing like his mom.  

No kidding.


Dimitri is Spank-for-Pay


Dimitri is a 27 year old Ukrainian with a lean muscular body and 

a nice cock who describes himself as straight but gay-for-pay, 

but this week Rich makes him spank-for-pay.  Rich took him OTK, 

wrapped his arm around his waist, and this young man wasn't going 

anywhere.  Rich used his hand and a wooden paddle and made him 

squirm, struggle and kick, whine, groan and whimper.  As the spanking 

became more intense his cries became more high pitched.  Later, he 

admitted that the fact that this was a video didn't make it less painful 

or humiliating.  In fact, he was more embarrassed knowing so many 

men would get to see this online.


Peter Really Needs the Money


This week's update features our old friend Peter getting a harsh 

OTK bath brush spanking.  Peter is another of Rich's str8 guys 

in a bind.  We haven't seen him for a few years and now he really 

needs money.  The good news is that he knows he can count on 

Rich for cash.  The bad news is he will have his pants lowered and 

spanked to get it.  Rich takes him OTK and beats the crap out of 

him, and Peter makes the usual spectacle of himself.  He kicks his 

legs, struggles, twists, tries to crawl off Rich's lap, all with his big 

long cock swinging between his legs, as he's brought to tears, 

screeching and squealing like the bitch he is.  Sometimes you're 

better off never having met Rich.


Victor Gets a Real Punishment


Rich gives a 23 year old model a real spanking to correct bad

 manners in this week's update.  We rearranged our office schedule

 to accommodate Victor's needs, then he stood us up.  Now Rich is

 pissed and Victor is going to learn some manners the old fashioned 

way, over an older man's knee.  Victor is naked and over Rich's knee 

getting a very degrading, very painful and very real spanking while 

Rich scolds and lectures him for his lack of maturity.  Rich uses his 

hand and a bath brush and gives it to him good as Victor gasps, 

moans, twists, kicks and writhes until he's contrite and humble.  

Then Rich makes him stand and face the camera to tell us what

 he's learned.


Tom - Part 1


Tom is an interesting guy.  He's 23 y/o with a strong, lean body, cute face 

and easy smile.  But his alternative look, which Scott described as a "squatter" 

style, makes him look like he really  deserves a spanking.  Rich starts out with a 

paddle, but Tom ass feels so nice that he delivers a long, relentless hand spanking 

on the bare butt, so hard that his own hand turns as red as the model's behind. The 

situation quickly deteriorates for poor Tom as he kicks, twists and gasps in pain.  It 

doesn't really matter that they are just making a video, it's still painful and humiliating 

for a strong young man to have his pants lowered and get spanked by an older man, 

and Tom later admitted that he felt embarrassed by the way he carried on.

Tom - Part 2


Rich takes the edgy young man over his knee and really 

gives it to him, first with a bath brush, then with a nasty 

cane.  He teases the young man, enjoying how he flinches 

and jerks when he pretends to deliver another blow, then 

watching the shock and pain when he actually does, keeping 

the young man in agonizing suspense.  Rich punishes poor 

Tom with an endless barrage of whacks, the young man puts 

on a sexy show as he struggles and writhes, gasps, pants 

and yelps as he tries desperately to cope with the pain.


Trey Gets the Brush


Trey is 19 y/o, cute as hell, with a lean muscular body

 and tight little ass, and he looks like he belongs over the

 knee of an older man.  Rich takes him OTK and warms him 

up by hand and paddle.  Then he takes a hair brush and 

takes Trey back to a time, just a few short years ago, when 

he wasn't so grown up.  In no time at all he's kicking and 

twisting his legs, dancing on Rich's lap as he moans, gasps, 

groans and yelps, his big dick swinging with every blow.


Glen and Scott


Glen is a 23 year old straight porn star who likes being dominated 

by women, but this week Scott has him tied to the rafters with his 

cock and balls locked in the stocks and shows him what it's like being 

dominated by a man.  Scott lays into him with leather and metal paddles 

and a vicious metal cane and Glen is unable to move without causing

extreme pain to his balls as he cries out, his beautiful brown eyes pleading

for relief.  In no time at all he is calling Scott sir and begging him to stop.  

So much for this "dominant" straight guy.


Trey OTK


Trey is a 19 years old gay guy with a young, toned body, smooth 

chest and strong hairy legs, and he's nervous as hell about being 

spanked again but he's back because he needs the money.  He looks 

so right over an older man's knee with his pants around his ankles, 

being spanked by hand and paddle on his adorable butt as he kicks, 

twists and squirms, gasps, grunts and cries out, but remains submissive 

and obedient throughout.  This young man was made for spanking, 

even more so because he hates and fears it so.




Glen is 23 years old, sexy, straight, with a smooth, muscular body, 

big cock and piercing brown eyes.   He's done a number of vanilla 

porn videos, mostly straight, but a few gay-4-pay, and he likes being 

dominated by women in his private life but has never been spanked 

by a man.  Of course Rich took it as a challenge to hurt him more than 

his girlfriends.  Glen showed no reaction as Rich spanked him by hand 

and with a small paddle, like he was trying to prove how much he could

 take.  But this just pissed Rich off, so he took a bath brush and began 

a long, fast spanking and Glen lost the battle along with his dignity as

 he gasped, yelped, kicked and squirmed over Rich's knee.


Mark - Part 1


Mark came to us to make a teasing video, and poor Scott wasted 

an hour working his cock, but Mark couldn't perform because he'd

 had sex just a few hours before the shoot.  Now Scott is pissed, and 

you don't want to get Scott angry.  Mark has a choice, either make a 

spanking video or go home empty handed, and his need for cash is 

great.  Scott takes him OTK and spanks him by hand and with paddles, 

all the while lecturing him, humiliating him for not being able to perform.  

Mark struggles, kicks and squeals in pain. his legs tremble and his 

ass becomes bruised, but Scott is only just starting to get revenge.

Mark - Part 2


With Mark naked and tied to a stool, helpless and vulnerable, Scott

 really lays into him with a belt, yard stick and crop, as only Scott can. 

 Mark squirms and kicks and his high pitched howling, wailing and 

whimpering fills the room, but Scott shows 

no mercy.




Trey is 19 years old, gay, shy and cute as hell, and afraid of spankings, 

but we were able to talk him into a spanking in spite of the fact that he 

hates being hit.  He was so cute when he nervously went over Rich's 

knees, saying he felt ridiculous and degraded.  Rich spanked him by 

hand, then with a hairbrush, ending with a rapid, non stop, beating with 

the brush on his bare butt.  Trey kicked his legs, gasped, moaned, panted

 and squirmed as Rich relentlessly attacked his cute bottom.  


Jersey Joe Spanked - Part 1


Joe is a sexy, very masculine 23 year old who came to us looking to 

make some money. Scott chained to the rafters with his feet just touching 

the floor and starts the spanking with a leather paddle.  Joe laughs in disbelief 

at first but he's soon crying out in real pain,   but when Scott uses the dreaded 

metal paddle on his already sore ass, Joe howls and dances, struggling in vain to 

get away from the punishing blows, cursing, gasping and sobbing with every 

strike.  Scott finishes with a small whip, and Joe is almost in tears as he suffers 

its stinging bite.


Jersey Joe Spanked - Part 2


Scott has Joe tied to the spanking horse face down, naked and vulnerable.  

He starts off with a metal rod which has Joe writhing, gasping and whimpering 

in agony.  Then he takes up a rawhide switch  and whips him until Joe pleads 

for him to stop.  This is an intense clip.


Kevin Punished - Part 1


Rich punishes a model for a real offense in this week's update.  

Rich has  been trying to help Kevin, a 25 year old straight boy 

who has modeled for us in the past, but he took advantage of 

the situation and wasted Rich's effort.  Now he's going OTK for

 a real punishment.  Rich spanks him by hand and with a leather

 paddle and Kevin tries to act unbothered by the punishment.  

But when Rich switches to the vicious metal paddle he has 

the  young man writhing and squirming on his lap, kicking his

 legs, and crying out as his ass turns as bright as his red hair.

Kevin Punished - Part 2


 Rich has him tied to a stool with his legs spread and his ass vulnerable, 

and lays into him with a crop.  Now Kevin is reacting like his in real pain, 

no longer trying to laugh it off, his legs are kicking, his body jerking and 

he's moaning in pain.  When Rich takes a cane to him, he begins to struggle,

 kicking and pulling on his restraints as his cries become louder and more 

high more desperate


Chic Spanks Brent - Part 1


Brent didn't know what he was getting into when he agreed to make 

a spanking video with his neighbor Chick.  He starts out laughing in 

disbelief as Chic beats him with a bath brush and whip, but he's soon 

howling, hopping. gasping, wheezing and panting, whimpering "oh 

my god, oh my god" and "you're killing me" while trying desperately 

to escape Chic's wrath as he's beaten into submission

Chic Spanks Brent - Part 2


Chic now has Brent tied to a spanking horse and lays into him with a

 leather paddle and cane.  Every blow seems to knock the air out of him 

as he gasps and cries out, his body trembling and straining against his 

restraints.  He appeals to Chic for leniency, "come on Chic" he calls out, 

"oh my god, stop" he pleads, but Chic ignores him, determined break 

his young neighbor.


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