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Sean Back for a Re-Match


Financial necessity forced Sean to return to finish a spanking

 he backed out of recently.  He was in for a spanking but quit after 

two minutes because he couldn't take the pain.  But poor Sean needs 

cash desperately, so he's back with his tail between his legs asking

 to try again.  Rich is determined to make him pay.  He has him drop 

his pants and briefs and humiliates him by making him promise to take 

it this time.  Then he takes him OTK and lays into him by hand, ruler

 and bath brush.  He is relentless and Sean twitches, jumps, gasps, 

quivers and yelps.  His high pitched,  anguished cries grow more 

desperate as he trembles and shivers in pain.  Rich knows he can go

 hard because Sean has no choice this time.


Jim is Scott's Bitch


Jim is 24 years old, straight, cool, handsome and sexy, 

but today he's just Scott's little bitch.  Scott takes him 

OTK and spanks him by hand, rapid fire on the bare butt, 

then with a wooden paddle before laying into him hard

 with a belt.  Jim grunts, gasps and yelps, his body jolts

 with every blow, his big balls on display behind him. 

 At one point he looks like he might get up, but just a 

stern look from Rich on the camera and he submissively 

gets back into position.  Scott spanks him until he's 

red and bruised.    


Jail Release Spanking


Casper has been in jail for the last 2 years, but four hours after 

his release he's over Scott's knee being spanked like a bitch.  

He starts out trying to take it like a man as Scott starts spanking 

him by hand, but he soon gives in to the pain of the heavy 

handed beating.  His tight little ass turns bright red and he's

 moaning, gasping and yelping, his body jolting with every blow

 as Scott lays into him with the strap, no longer the tough trouble

 maker who went to prison.  His pathetic whimpers and cries fill 

the room as Scott finishes him off with the sting of the cane.


Keith Back Over Boss' Knee


Keith worked with us for a while before he moved to the west 

coast 2 years ago.  Now he's back, unemployed, and humbling

 himself by going over his former boss' knee for a bare assed 

spanking.  He's nervous and embarrassed but he needs money

 and willing to submit.  Rich uses his hand, a wooden paddle and 

bath brush.  Keith kicks and shuffles his long sexy legs, the 

muscles of his upper body flex and contract as he gasps, yelps 

and whimpers, twists and curses.  What's more humbling than

 being naked and over the knee of someone you know, acting 

like a little bitch.


Straight, Tough and Scared


Joe is a 34 year old straight tough guy, an unemployed carpenter,

 and he's very nervous about his first ever spanking.  Scott takes him 

OTK and spanks him by hand over his jeans, then bare assed, and Joe 

tries to take it like a man, knowing that Rich, Chic and all of you are 

watching.  But by the time Scott uses a paddle and bath brush poor Joe 

looses his dignity.  He kicks, squirms, grunts, complains, growls, 

whimpers and whines.  At one point he twists himself into a sitting 

position on Scott's lap.  But Scott maintains control, finishing the 

punishment as Joe twists and squirms


Spanking Sexy Joe


Joe is a sexy, straight auto mechanic with a lean, toned body and

 an attitude that oozes masculine sexuality.  He's a proud young, 19 

year old bull who said he was "very bad" growing up.  Now Rich gets 

to take him down to size with a humbling spanking.  Joe starts out 

laughing nervously to mask his pain and embarrassment.  Using

 his hand, and leather and wooden paddles Rich gets some very sexy 

reactions from him as he writhes, gasps, kicks and growls.


Joel OTK


Joel is a 26 year old construction worker and male dancer.  He's scared 

and nervous, and with good reason, he's about to go over Rich's knee for 

a painful spanking.  Watch how scared and sad he is during the interview, 

it's so authentic your heart will go out to him.  Rich takes him OTK and 

starts with his hand, and poor Joel looks like he wants to cry.  When Rich

 uses a leather paddle, Joel gasps and kicks, his body jolts with every blow, 

his breathing becomes loud and labored, he whimpers, then he softly sobs. 

Be sure to listen to his comments in the post spanking interview.


Vinnie's Dilemma


Vinnie is 21 years old, straight, and he has a dilemma.  He wants to

 make more handjob videos but Rich said he can't unless he also makes

 a spanking video.  Vinnie hates being spanked and doesn't take it well,

 but he reluctantly agreed to the whole package.  He also made the

 mistake of asking for Rich to spank him, thinking he would be the 

easiest.  Rich was insulted, and determined to hurt him harder for it. 

 Using his hand, Vinnie's own belt, and the bath brush, Rich has him 

kicking his long sexy legs, as he howls in pain with his big dick 

swinging beneath him and his hot bubble butt turns bright red, just

 to show this guy he knows how to spank young men.


Craig Spanked


Craig is a 21 year old straight guy with a lean body, red hair

 and the face on a choir boy, and he's about to get his first

 spanking.  He was here a few weeks ago to make an edging 

video ( but was afraid of a 

spanking.  After thinking about it for a few days he decided 

he could use the money.  He's nervous and scared when Rich 

takes him OTK, and he looks like he belongs over the knee of

 an older man.  Using his hand and a bath brush Rich has him 

gasping, kicking, yelping, and wondering why he agreed to this.


Sean Trembles and Cowers


Sean is back for his second spanking with us.  This time Rich makes him 

confess to the worst thing he's ever done, then punishes him for doing it. 

 Using his hand, a leather paddle and a hairbrush he turns him into a 

shrieking, tearful, trembling, shivering, sweating, cowering mess.


Trey Over Scott's Knee


Trey came back recently to make more videos and the first thing 

we did was put him over Scott's knee for a bare assed spanking.  He's 

our 20 year old gay guy, cute as hell with a nice, firm body and firm, 

round butt.  He was scared and nervous even though this was his fourth 

spanking video with us.  Scott showed him no mercy as he spanked him 

by hand and with wooden paddles.  We'd like to say he took it like a man 

but he still has some growing up to do.  Trey hollered, squirmed, kicked, 

whined and cursed as Scott turned his ass bright red.


Sean Spanked


Sean is a 28 year old, straight redhead who made an edging 

video with us 6 years ago but freaked out and disappeared when 

we mentioned spanking.  Now he's back, broke, looking for work 

and willing to do anything.  Watch as he starts out nervous and 

awkward before Rich takes him OTK and, using his hand, a leather 

paddle and a hairbrush, turns him into a whimpering, sweating,

 trembling mess for your enjoyment.


Rich's Stress Release


Rich has been really stressed lately with Scott on vacation 

and personal obligations.  He needed relief, and nothing 

works better for him than taking a young friend over his 

knee to release his tension.  Fortunately there's David, 

always looking to make some extra cash.  Rich takes his 

young friend OTK and unleashes his aggression using his

 hand and a bath brush until David is kicking, struggling, 

thrashing about on Rich's lap as he yelped, hollered and 

cursed, making the usual spectacle of himself in the process, 

with Rich holding his balls to try to keep him in place.


Scott Makes Bentley Regret His Words


The last time Bentley was here Scott gave him what he

 thought was a hard spanking.  But Bentley challenged 

him, saying he spanked like a "pussy."  So today we're 

going to make him regret mouthing off like that.  Scott

 takes the muscular 26 year old OTK once more and gives 

it to him hard by hand, strap, paddle and cane, harder than 

we've ever seen from him, just to show what he cab do.  

Soon Bentley is breathless, gasping and yelping, squirming

 and moaning, but he took everything Scott gave him, and

 took it like a man.


Chic Spanks His Landscaper


Chic referred his landscaper Billy to us, one of the guys

 who does his yard work, to make some edging videos, 

and we were able to convince him to do a spanking.  

Knowing us, we did our best to humble this tough, straight 

guy, and what better way to humiliate him than to have Chic,

 someone he knows in real life do the spanking.  "If you want

 the money, this is the way it has to be" we told him.  Billy does

 his best to maintain his dignity in an awkward and embarrassing 

situation, laughing nervously at first, but he eventually looses

 the fight.  This clip is a little shorter than usual but very real.


Joey Punished for a Premature Ejaculation


We were filming an edging video with cute, 18 year old Joey 

when he lost control and shot his load before Rich gave his 

permission, as young men his age often do.  You can see that 

video at  Now Rich is going to show

 him how he deals with young men who disrespect him this way.  

Sure, we were scheduled to make a spanking video anyway, but 

it's so much more humiliating for the model to be spanked and 

scolded for his immature sexuality for real.  Rich takes him OTK

 and has him shuffling his long, sexy legs, gasping and yelping as

 he's scolded for his lack of respect and self control while spanked 

by hand, belt and bath brush.


Tony Spanked


Tony is a 26 year old, straight landscaper.  He's muscular, sexy 

and he's never been spanked before but Scott is about to show

 him how it's done.  Scott takes this muscle boy OTK and gives

 it to him by hand and Tony takes it like a man, or as much of a

 man as one can be with his bare ass being spanked.  He starts 

having a hard time with the leather paddle, grimacing, gasping 

and moaning as his muscular ass turns bright red.  Scott saves 

the worst for last, using the painful bath brush relentlessly and 

with full force on poor Tony's tender ass.


Bentley Spanked


Bentley is 26 years old, straight and muscular, a bartender 

with a big dick and a masculine attitude.  He's never been 

spanked before but is submitting to one for the money.  He

 admits to being nervous but willing.  Scott takes him OTK 

and slowly changes him from a confident straight man to a 

squirming, sniveling little bitch.  Bentley howls, gasps, grunts, 

struggles and squeals, his legs tremble as he hugs Scott's leg 

in a desperate attempt for comfort.  Scott whales at him with 

his hand, a wooden paddle and a crop until he's a breathless,

 broken young man.


Scott Spanks the Lifeguard


R.J. is a slim, lean, straight lifeguard with a very big dick.  

He's been here before and spanked twice.  After his last

 spanking six months ago we told him to call us when he 

forgot how much it hurt.  Last week he called and said 

he had forgotten and was ready to do it again.  Today Scott 

refreshed his memory.  Using his hand, a wooden paddle

 and a small cane Scott had him twisting, kicking, writhing,

 gasping and yelping, pulling his hair and biting his hand, 

his big dick flopping beneath him, completely unaware of 

the pathetic spectacle he was making of himself.

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