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Punished Hand Job Model - Part 1


Rick is a 20 year old, straight auto mechanic with a tall, lean and toned 

body who came to make an edging video.   Unfortunately he couldn't cum, 

couldn't even get himself off, because he'd had sex three times the day before, 

even had a hickey to prove it.  Rich got tired of waiting, and tired of jerking so

 he gave him a choice, return home with no money or take a beating.  Rich takes 

him OTK while his cock is still hard from a 90 minute edging for his punishment 

and Rick starts out thinking this is a joke.   But Rich takes his bath brush to his

hot little ass and beats the silly out of him.

Punished Hand Job Model - Part 2


Rick is a hard one to break, but Rich does his best, taking a cane to

 the smart mouthed young model's ass.  Rich whips him hard, and 

Rick becomes more cooperative and submissive as the intensity of 

his beating increases.


Indy Wrestler - Gino - Part 1


Gino is tough, masculine, heavily inked, and Scott is determined to break him, to beat 

him until he cries.  In Part 1, using just his heavy hand and a leather paddle, he spanks poor 

Gino until he's moaning, grunting and gasping, already showing signs of breaking down.

Indy Wrestler - Gino - Part 2


Now using his vicious, metal paddle, Scott moves closer to his goal of totally 

breaking this wrestler, to make him break down and cry.  "I'd rather be hit by chains"

 he complains as he gasps and moans, his body jolting with every blow.  You can 

see the pain in his facial reactions as he struggles to hold on. 

Indy Wrestler - Gino - Part 3


In Part 3 Scott's hard work is paying off, he has the tough 

wrestler where he wants him.  Using a whip and two canes, 

he breaks the young man, until he's  sobbing like a bitch.


Daddy Gets Spanked - Part 1


Mike is 22 y/o, straight, smooth and toned, proudly about to be a father for the

 first time, and he goes over Rich's knee for a humiliating and painful spanking 

to bring him down to size.  Rich belittles the proud papa to be, telling him he's 

"adorable" as he lays it on heavy with his hand.  Mike is determined not to 

break, but soon he's kicking his legs and squeezing Rich's leg as he tries 

desperately to take it like the man he thinks he has become.

Daddy Gets Spanked - Part 2


In Part 2, Rich takes the young father to be back over his knee for a spanking with 

a wooden paddle.  Watch his face, he looks so scared and in pain as he squirms, kicks 

his legs, bites his lip and gasps as he struggles to endure the spanking.  His legs tremble, 

he whimpers audibly, and he looks like he wants to cry.  How humiliating for this proud, 

young man, just when he thought he'd proven his manhood, along comes Rich who has

 him naked and scared, over the knee of an older man determined to put him in his place.


Daddy Gets Spanked - Part 3


 Rich leaves Mike waiting for him, naked and scared, for this last part of his spanking, until 

he returns with a bath brush and takes the young father to be back OTK.  You hear him admit

 the he's "nervous about this one" as Rich gets ready to begin.  Rich gives him one hell of a 

spanking with thebrush.   Mike is soon gripping Rich's leg as he kicks his own, his body 

trembling, whimpering, panting and gasping as he struggles to take it like a man.


Joey - Part 1


Joey is a 26 year old straight guy, a recent transplant, unemployed and 

looking to make some money.  He's a real ladies man, even has an implant

 in his cock to enhance a woman's pleasure.  But this day Rich stripped him 

of his manly pride.  Taking him OTK and using a paddle and hairbrush, he 

had him filling the room with his high pitched wailing and hollering, glad that 

no young women were present to witness his punishment.  For info on 

personal appearances by Joey e-mail

Joey - Part 2


In Part 2 Rich has Joey tied face down to a bar stool, his beefy ass in 

the air and his cock and balls hanging visibly beneath him, in an exposed 

and vulnerable position, looking scared and worried . He continues the

 punishment with a  whip and rawhide cane, the stinging bite of these two 

instruments has the muscular straight guy crying out in pain, writhing

 and cursing with every blow.  


Misbehaving Sub - Part 1


Eco looks worried.  His mistress brought him to Scott for a punishment video 

because he's been misbehaving, knowing that a spanking from a man on camera 

would be humiliating for the little man.  You can hear his mistress taunting him in 

the background as Eco gets what's coming to him.  Scott is a big man with a 

heavy hand, and Eco is soon kicking, screaming and crying as Scott lays it on, 

spanking and lecturing the young straight sub.

Misbehaving Sub - Part 2


In Part 2, Scott continues Eco's punishment with a metal ruler and rod, as 

the young sub screams and sobs in pain and humiliation.  Tears stream 

down his face as he hops around on wobbly legs, collapsing in pain from 

time to time, as he struggles to take the pain while Scott yells at him 

for his bad behavior.

Misbehaving Sub - Part 3


Scott really breaks Eco in Part 3.  Using a riding crop and strap, he 

has the young submissive in tears, sobbing and chocking as he 

hops about, his ass red and striped, begging his mistress for 

forgiveness for having had his own opinions.


Muscle Man John - Part 1


John knows he's hot, so he thought he was doing us a favor and we 

would go easy on him.  But Scott set him straight as he beat the hell 

out of the surprised hunk.  John whined and complained throughout 

the spanking as Rich and Scott, and an unseen audience, laughed 

and taunted him.


Muscle Man John - Part 2


Scott takes a cane to the muscle hunk's ass while he whines and complains,

trying alternately to laugh and bully his way out of the punishment, to control the 

situation.  But Scott is having none of it, and John is soon writhing and gasping

 in real pain.  When he complains that he can't take any more of the cane, Scott

 switches to the crop.  "Can't you go lighter," he whines as Scott has him moaning 

naked in front of the camera, trying to save face with his smart mouth.  For info on 

John's personal appearances on Ling Island and New York contact Buff Daddy at



Shawn - Part 1


Rich has Shawn locked in a cock stock, his legs in shackles, his cock and 

balls locked up and his arms strung up above his head.   Unable to move an 

inch without hurting his balls, Shawn endures a beating with a leather paddle, 

his loud gasps and heavy breathing intensifying with every blow.


Shawn - Part 2


In Part 2, Rich has Shawn tied to a spanking bench and beats him with a 

cane and crop.  Shawn twists, gasps and grimaces in reaction to the sting 

of  these instruments.  But he's a tough, brave young man and he takes a 

good beating from Rich.

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