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August 28, 2015

Reluctant Nox Takes a Spanking for His Family


Nox is 32 years old, straight, a laid off, skilled union worker with a 

family to support, and he's reluctantly taking a spanking for them.  

You will admire his love and devotion and pity his situation.  You 

will also enjoy watching his spanking.  Rich uses his hand and the 

bath brush and makes Nox dance, the resentment and humiliation 

clearly showing on his face along with the pain as he struggles to 

endure what he must for the money he needs.  When it was over, he

 said he was "pissed" and that he found the experience "emasculating."

August 21, 2015

Joe Submits to Mental Domination


Joe is a 23 year old, straight, concrete worker, cute and muscular, 

nervous and scared because he's about to get spanked for the first

 time in his life because he needs the cash.  Rich takes him OTK and 

he looks so sexy with his long, legs and round, muscular butt on 

display.  Joe quickly reaches his pain threshold, he doesn't like the 

beating, but Rich gets him to submit, to stay in place and take it,

 using the power of his dominant personality over young me.  Joe

 kicks, gasps, moans and yelps, but every time he tries to get up

 Rich orders him back, and he submits.  Joe gets it by hand and 

bath brush and puts on quite a show as he gives in tot he 

domination of an older man.

August 14, 2015

Tim's First Spanking


Tim is a 22 year old straight construction worker with a lean, 

smooth, athletic body, a handsome face and very pleasant 

personality.  He's never been spanked before but he needs

 some money so he's going over Rich's knee.  Rich has him 

drop his pants and delivers a long, painful hand spanking 

while explaining why he likes to spank strong young men 

and reminding him that it is still a humiliating experience.  He 

uses a wooden paddle and a hairbrush on Tim's muscular butt

 and his long sexy legs start dancing, his cock swaying in time 

to the swats as he gasps and grimaces in pain.  Meanwhile 

Rich continues to humiliate him, reminding him that he is in this 

degrading position because he needs the money.  There was 

a very interesting conversation when the spanking was finished

August 7, 2015

Michael and Jay - Part 2


In Part 2 the young men get it with a the wooden paddle 

and the pain starts to get to them.  Poor Jay is writhing, 

twisting, gasping and cursing as he struggles with

 the pain, and a worried Michael waits his turn, watching

 his friend's pain and humiliation.  Jay has lost all pride as 

he carries on in front of his friend, his big cock and balls 

dangling between Chic's legs.  Then it's Michael's turn.  He

 twists and yells as Rich beats him with the paddle, saying "I 

can't handle the pain" but remaining in place.  The guys 

aren't laughing anymore.

July 31, 2015

Michael and Jay - Part 1


You might have noticed that clips featuring Michael and Jay 

always appear around the same time.  That's because they 

are long time friends and they travel to Philadelphia together 

for shoots.  Having had such a positive response to our Best

 Friends video, we decided to do it again.  Only this time Rich

 and Chic spanked them together while they faced each other 

just inches apart.  The result was a pretty hot video.  Their 

reactions were very genuine as they struggled to deal with the 

pain and save face as they yelped, cursed and struggled 

over the knees of older men.

July 24, 2015

Austin Spanked


Austin is 25 years old, straight, tall, built, handsome and hung, 

and he's nervous and a little scared because he's about to get 

spanked.  He's never been spanked before but he does have 

fantasies about being spanked by a female authority figure.  

Rich has him lay face down on a bench to show off his thick 

muscular legs and beautifully formed ass and starts spanking

 by hand.  He uses a wooden paddle, a bath brush and a cane

 and Austin is in agony, his muscles flexing and contracting with 

every painful blow.  This wasn't the fantasy he had in mind.  

Austin likes to talk so there are some rather long pre and post 

spanking interviews so you really get to know him.

July 17, 2015

Joey Back Over Rich's Knee


Joey is 19 years old, a gay student and lifeguard, cute as hell

 and he's been here before for 2 spankings.  He hates them but 

he needs the money so he's going back over Rich's  knee for

 another painful beating.  Joey looks so natural over an older 

man's knee, he just looks like he belongs there.  Rich spanks

 him by hand, wooden paddle, bath brush and metal paddle, 

turning his trim little ass bright red.  Joey's reactions are perfect, 

genuinely pained as he grimaces, grunts, moans, twists, squirms 

and kicks.  Just as a young man over dad's knee would react.

July 3, 2015
Best Friends Spanked - Part 2


In Part 2 it's Kenneth's turn over Rich's knee while his friend Greg

 watches and rubs his own sore ass.  Kenneth starts out brave and 

strong, not wanting to show weakness in front of his friend.   But 

Rich, using his wooden paddle, metal ruler and hair brush, quickly

 has him howling, yelling and twisting in pain while Greg laughs.  

Before Rich was finished though, Greg was showing real concern

 for his buddy's suffering.  In the end, both young men said that the

 pain of the spanking put them "in the zone' and they were no longer 

concerned that their friend was watching them.

June 26, 2015

Best Friends Spanked - Part 1


Greg is Kenneth's best friend.  He's a 22 year old, straight, college 

student who was very reluctant to make gay porn until his financial 

situation left him no choice.  Rich decided that, to further humiliate

 the nervous young man, he would spank them together.  Rich spanks 

Greg first, in the humbling OTK position.  Greg tried to take it like a

 man, knowing his friend is watching, but breaks when Rich uses the 

metal ruler and hair brush, no longer concerned about looking like a 

bitch, while Rich bruised and battered his ass.  Watch the goofy things 

Kenneth does in the background, fidgeting to deal with his discomfort.

June 19, 2015



Julian is a 27 year old, straight, graduate student , 6'2" tall 

with a lean, muscular body who admits that he's very nervous 

about being spanked but needs money for school.  Rich takes 

him OTK and spanks him over his jeans, then his boxers and 

finally on his smooth, muscular butt using his hand, a leather 

paddle and a hair brush.  He looks so sexy, a tall, muscular and 

humbled giant as fat old Rich takes him down.  Julian remained 

stoic until the hair brush, when he started to twist, groan, gasp

 and yelp in pain. 

June 12, 2015

Rex - Please, Please, Please


Rex is a 26 year old gay, cutie with a lean body and big, low 

hanging balls.  He has some spanking experience with boyfriends

 but Rich is about to give him a spanking like never before.  Rich 

takes him OTK and uses his hand on Rex's bare ass and quickly has

 him reacting in pain.  Then, using a leather paddle he makes Rex kick,

 twist, kick, moan, gasp and yell, his big balls swinging between his 

legs.  But the hair brush makes Rex dance as he whimpers and howls 

in agony, muttering "please, please, please" as Rich blistered his ass.

June 5, 2015

Dylan Broken OTK


Dylan is a skinny white boy with a huge cock and a pretty

 little ass, just right for spanking, and he looks so natural 

over an older man's knee.  Using his hand, a paddle and the 

wooden bath brush Rich spanks Dylan until he's kicking 

and sobbing, pounding the floor and hyperventilating as he

 struggles to endure the pain.

May 29, 2015

Rich Breaks Sean


Rich takes Sean OTK and spanks him until he's kicking and 

bawling like a little bitch in a spanking he described as

 "humiliating.'"  We were already angry when Sean showed up 

2 hours late and Rich was determined to break him.  Using his 

hand, a wooden paddle and a bath brush Rich totally degraded 

the young man who struggled, cursed, kicked and gasped.  His 

body shook and trembled, he whimpered and cried, he struggled 

to breath and he cried "it hurts, it hurts" over and over.  His

 body was drenched with perspiration and tears and he made a

 real spectacle of himself.

May 22, 2015



Kenneth is a 22 year old straight cutie, a restaurant worker,

 skateboarder and guitar player who needs to make some extra 

cash, and Rich is going to help.  Ken gets his first ever spanking 

and he's nervous, but he looks like he belongs over an older 

man's knee.  Rich takes him OTK and uses his hand and a bath

 brush on his smooth, young ass, spanking without pause 

until Ken is struggling, kicking his legs and crying out in pain. 

Then he switches to a cane.  Kenneth's reaction is so sweat as 

the cane bites and stings his tender ass, gasping, moaning

 and screaming in agony.   

May 15, 2015

Scott Spanks Big Guy Cole


Cole is a big guy.  He's 31 years old, straight, 5'9" tall and

 190 lbs, very muscular and masculine.  He's a laid off delivery 

truck driver who needs to make some quick cash so he's agreed 

to take a spanking form Scott.  Scott takes the beefy guy OTK 

and spanks him by hand and with paddles, turning his nice meaty 

ass red and bruised.  At first Cole looks relieved, like he's thinking 

"this isn't so bad" but as his spanking progresses he shows the 

pain.  Scott makes him dance and sing in his first ever spanking.

May 8, 2015



Carmello is Nick's younger brother.  He's a 22 year old, bisexual cutie

 who needed to make some money.  In their initial discussions Rich

 found out that Carmello was a member of a group of young men in his

 neighborhood who've been troubling him since he moved into his 

house 10 years ago.  Needless to say, Rich was delighted to get his 

hands on one of them and teach him a lesson.  Carmello laughed 

nervously at first as Rich spanked him by hand and gave him an

 angry lecture.  But Rich broke him down, and by the time he took 

to the hairbrush poor Carmello was near tears, kicking, squirming 

and apologizing for his actions and those of his friends. 

May 1, 2015

Chris Gets the Paddle and the Razor Strop


Chris is 30 years old, an unemployed construction worker, sexy, straight 

and masculine, and he's going over Scott's knee for a spanking just like a 

little brat.  He started out concerned that he would laugh thru it, but Scott

 took care of that.  He did try to remain stoic at first, and did laugh a bit.  

Let's just say that Scott helped him see the seriousness of the situation.  

First he beat the shit out of him by hand and a wooden paddle until the 

he was writhing and yelping in pain, then he made him hop and dance

 with a razor strop.

April 24, 2015

Matt Submits and Suppresses the Urge to Strike Back


Matt is 24 years old, straight and cute, works in a pizza joint and 

has to make some cash.  He's tall and lean, a little edgy and shy 

and he hates being spanked.  Rich takes him OTK and starts with 

his hand and already has Matt gasping, groaning and squirming.  

The wooden paddle has him kicking and hollering while Rich teased 

him that his buddies (Jay and Mike) handled the pain better. But 

the hairbrush really got to poor Matt as he kicked, gasped and yelled.  

Several times he clenched his fists and started to get up as if to strike 

back, but he remained submissively in place to the end.

April 17, 2015



Eddie is 21 years old, straight, tall, lean and sexy, a roofer idle 

for the winter with a sweet, innocent look whose engaged to be 

married.  Rich takes him OTK and starts out by hand, spanking

 him rapidly and without pause.  Eddie is panting and gasping right

 away, looking worried as he wonders what's coming next..  Rich 

spanks him over his pajamas, then his briefs, and finally on the 

bare ass.  When he spanks Eddie with the hairbrush his reactions 

become louder, more intense and higher pitched as he gasps, 

whimpers and struggles, each whack seeming to take his

 breath away.

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