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October 11, 2019

Kevin's Office Discipline


Kevin is a 27 year old, muscular, sexy and hung bi-sexual who got a serious

whipping while standing naked in the center of my office.  I had him strip to his

briefs and bend over a stool to warm him up by hand.  Then he had to stand

 submissively while I whipped him with a crop and cane.  He jumped, danced,

trembled and shook, gasped, grimaced and eventually begged on the verge of

tears, holding his genitals as if to protest his last shred of masculine dignity and

 I whipped him into total submission.

October 4, 2019



  Brad is a 28 year old, straight, web page designer and former boxer with a

hot body and lots of macho attitude who tried an air of disinterest and

boredom at first to hide his anxiety and reluctance about being spanked.

 I took him over a stool and spanked him by hand, then lowered his pants

and spanked him with my leather paddle.  It is obvious that he was not

 happy about this and was becoming very angry and was about to call it

quits when I cut the spanking short.  The tough guys are always the ones

 who have the hardest time taking it.

September 27, 2019

Casper's Ass In the Air


 Chic has Casper stripped and tied to a table with his ass in the air, and warms

 him up by hand until his tight butt is rosy red and he's starting to moan.  He

uses a leather paddle and his belt and Casper starts to cry out loud, his body

 twitching and shuddering, his cries of pain growing louder with every stroke.

 But the biting sting of the crop really gets to Casper, as his pathetic whimpering

grow, his body shakes in pain and he pleads for Chic to please stop.

September 20, 2019

Sexy James


  James is a very sexy 23 year old straight guy, 6’1” tall with a lean, hard body, round

firm butt, dark piercing eyes, a nice uncut cock and a head of dark curly hair.  He

surprised me in the interview by using a fake name, not sure why, but he was very shy

and nervous.  I took him OTK and started with a hard hand spanking, then used a leather

paddle and hairbrush to get him gasping, moaning and kicking, writhing in pain on my lap.

September 13, 2019

Happy Birthday Keith


Bent over the spanking horse, his round, firm, smooth ass presented to Chic, Keith

tries to maintain his composure and dignity thru one of Chic’s heavy-handed hand

spankings.  He does fairly well until Chic switches to a leather paddle and riding crop.

 Now he starts to jump, moan and gasp with every blow, especially in reaction to the

bite of the crop.  But it was almost Keith’s birthday, and in honor of the event, Chic

removed his belt and gave him his birthday spankings and made him count out loud

while he really laid it on.

September 6, 2019



Ryan is a 33 year old, straight guy, 6'1" tall and 190 lbs., lean and toned

with a tight butt and a nice long cock.  He was a little apprehensive about

making a spanking video and recollected his experiences growing up.  I took

him OTK and started spanking by hand, and he remained calm and stoic. 

However, when I spanked him with my paddle and hairbrush he started

getting very angry, growling, cursing and shouting, his big dick swinging

beneath him as he shuffled his long, sexy legs and squirmed on my lap.  

When it was over, he said that the emotional experience of being angry

and submissive was much worse than the physical pain.

August 30, 2019

No Laughing Matter - Part 2


Chic used a wooden spoon to finally subdue and humble Brad, now silently

submitting to his spanking, the pain showing on his face.  He even admitted that

 he the was learning to keep him mouth shut and not to laugh.  By the time Chic

 took the brush to his ass, Brad’s voice was trembling and he looked sheepish

 and beaten.

August 23, 2019

No Laughing Matter - Part 1


Brad is a nice guy, straight, sexy and 25 years old, but he’s a bit of s tough guy

with attitude and didn’t take the spanking seriously at first.  He admitted to being

nervous and scared but tried to cover it with laughter.  In fact, he was very silly for

the first part of this spanking as I used my hand and paddles.  But his laughter

became more feeble as the intensity of the spanking increased until he was

 struggling, trying to cover his red ass with his hand.  But this was the warm-up to

 the punishment Chic was going to deliver in Part 2.

August 16, 2019

Romeo Gets It Good


Chic puts Romeo on the massage table with his ass in the air.  He’s scared

 and nervous, knowing what he’s in for.  He shudders, jolts, gasps, hollers,

whimpers and sobs like a little bitch as Chic spanks him by hand, paddle and

 crop.  Romeo carries on, shaming himself as he reacts to the pain and agony

Chic is inflicting on him.

August 9, 2019

Mike Gets His Hardest Spanking Yet


Mike is back for his third spanking, and this one is the hardest on yet. 

I took him OTK and started by hand, at first on his briefs.  But when

 I removed his underwear he started to jump and yell with every hard

blow.  Next, I used a leather paddle and he twists, kicks his legs, struggle

and howl, hyperventilating and obviously suffering to get thru it.  His

 anger increased rapidly but he remained submissive to me to the

 end, obedient and broken.

August 2, 2019

Rob Becomes My Bitch


Rob is a 27 year old straight guy, handsome, built and hung, with a

sexy, straight guy swagger, but here I tie him to my spanking horse and

 make him tell me he's my bitch, and that his ass is mine, while beating

him by hand, paddle and crop.  I fondle and grope his as if he were my

bitch and make him keep repeating it, while he twists and struggles, his

 high pitched squealing and whimpering filling the room.  The crop makes

his whimpers turn to rage until I completely break him, making him beg

 humbly for me to stop.

July 26, 2019

Dan Spanked


New model Dan is 28 years old, straight and very toned, masculine and

 hung.  I undressed him, showing off his beautifully defined body as I did,

then spanked him, on the floor with his ass in the air, by hand and paddle. 

I made him stand so we could enjoy his body, then spanked him with a paddle,

fly swatter and crop while twisted and writhed, moaned and whimpered, until

his knees buckled and he fell on the floor.  Each time I made him get up and

started again, making the naked and sexy young man submit to my punishment. 

July 19, 2019



Tommy is a 23 year old, handsome, straight, muscular and hung guy

who likes to dominate young women but discovers that he likes the

pain and submission of being spanked himself.  I took him OTK and

spanked him by hand, wooden spoon and belt, just as his grandparents

 did when he was growing up.  He started out laughing but ended with a

pained but satisfied look on his face as I beat his muscular ass until

 it was bruised and sore.

July 12, 2019

Rob Learns Respect for Age


Rob learned the hard way not to make jokes about the physical strength of

an older man.  He was scheduled to make some videos with us anyway, but

 when he started joking about Chic’s age and physical strength we knew he

was the one who had to spank him.  Chic used his hand, crop, belt and paddle

 to prove just how strong an older man can be.  He spanked Rob until his body,

 hid long sexy legs kicking.  By the time Chic was finished with him his body

was shaking, he was hyperventilating loudly and moaning, grunting and

howling in pain.  His long sexy legs kicked and jolted.  He was humbled

 and apologetic.

July 5, 2019

Hunky Donny OTK


Donny is a hunky, 24 year old, straight, personal trainer with a firm,

 round ass, a toned chest and thick, hairy thighs.  He's 6'0" and 180 lbs.

 and looks so sexy over Chic's knee as he's spanked by hand, his own

 belt, a leather paddle and a hairbrush.

June 28, 2019

Adam Spanked by Gary


Adam has it all.  He's tall, muscular, handsome and hung, with a well  developed

and hairy chest, thick legs, a firm round ass, bulging bceps and a big cock.  He

 looks so undignified and humbled with his pants down being spanked like a bitch,

but oh so sexy.  Gary spanks him by hand and paddle until his ass is bright red, he

 tries to cover his ass with his hand, but Gary is having none of it.  He's spanked

 with hands against the wall, face down on a stool with legs

kicking in the air, and in he humiliating wheelbarrow position.

June 21, 2019

Kevin and Gary


My friend Gary has always admired Kevin’s lean, sexy body and handsome,

 model face and wanted to get his hands on him, so I decided to bring them both

in and let him have a go at spanking our young friend.  Kevin looked so sexy

 in his tighty whities, hands up on the wall as Gary spanked his round, firm ass

by hand.  His long sexy legs kicked in the air when Gary put him over a stool,

his feet unable to touch the floor, making him look even more vulnerable, his

big balls and tight hole on full display.  Gary finished him in the humiliating

wheelbarrow position, invading his tight straight-boy hole as he spanked him

for added shame and domination.

June 14, 2019

Michael's Hardest Spanking


Michael has made a few spanking videos with us in the past, but this is

by far the hardest one he's ever taken.  I took down his pants, took him

 OTK and spanked him by hand, belt and brush, turning his cute young

butt a bright red.  His heavy balls swung beneath him as he kicked, twisted,

squirmed whined and yelled.  He knows he will be calling again in the future

needing more work, so he has to take whatever I dish out, and I knew I had

him where I wanted him.  I spanked him until his legs were quivering,

making him beg me to stop.

June 7, 2019



Ray is a 38 year old “highly sexual” young man with a muscular 5’8” body,

a big dick and a handsome face,  who said he was nervous and scared but

willing to try new things and in need of cash for late car payments.  Chic took

 him OTK and used his hand, paddle, belt and brush.  Ray laughed at first,

 apparently trying to hide his fear but Chic eventually wiped the smile from his

 face.  His muscular ass turned bright red, his body jolted, jumped and shuddered,

 he trembled and shook and struggled to catch his breath.  When it was over, he

 seemed dazed, and needed a few minutes to compose himself before we could

proceed with the interview.

May 31, 2019

Jay Breaks


New model Jay is 22 years old, straight, handsome, tall and muscular, and

 very scared and nervous.  I took him OTK and spanked him by hand as he

 laughed nervously, his big cock and balls hanging beneath him.  The laughter

 stopped and the pain started to show on his face as I spanked him with my

belt.   He jumped and twitched, his voice cracking, then breaking, he started

to sob and hyperventilate in pain and anguish.  Watch the inner turmoil on

 his face as I make him agree to take more for my enjoyment.

May 24, 2019

Determined Anger


Brett is 28 years old, a straight construction worker, lean, hung and

sexy, not the kind of guy to take a beating, yet here he is going over

my knee because he needs the money.  I spanked him by hand, belt

and brush and he channeled his feelings into anger, growing more

 and more intense, determined not to break for me.  His tight butt grew

bright red as he gasped, moaned, growled and cursed, the intense

struggle so visible on his face as he tried to control his emotions.

May 17, 2019

Tanner Spanked


Tanner is a 21 year old, bi-sexual artist, 6' and 155 lbs., lean and

hung.  He was spanked growing up but never as an adult.  Chic

took him OTK and spanked him by hand, paddle and bath brush. 

Tanner held up bravely at first but Chic was relentless and his

moaning, whining and whimpering became louder and more desperate,

hyperventilating as he tried to protect his ass with his hand, kicking

and struggling and eventually sobbing with tears in his eyes.

May 10, 2019

Nathan's Embarrassing Secret


Cute twink Nathan is nervous and scared.  He claims that he hates

making spanking videos but when Chic orders him to strip, his hard

cock betrays his secret.  He appears to find this a turn on.  Chic takes

him OTK with his hard cock between his legs and uses his hand,

 belt and leather paddle on his cute butt, turning it bright red as he

whimpers and whines, kicking and shuffling his legs.

May 3, 2019

Adam - The Bigger They Are...


Adam is a big, beautiful young man.  He's 24 years old, a straight,

personal trainer, 5'11" and 210 lbs of solid muscle with a big dick

 and a magnificent ass.  But as is so often the case with these big

guys, he just has no tolerance for the pain and humiliation of a

spanking.  Chic took him OTK and used his hand, paddle and

brush and Adam starts out laughing nervously, but that soon

turns to anger as he struggles, complains, tries to protect his butt

 with his hand and acting every bit like the bitch he said he felt like.

April 26, 2019

Ryan OTK


I took 26 year old, handsome, sexy Ryan with a lean, smooth body

over my knee for a bare assed spanking.  He grunted and moaned as

 I spanked him by hand.  The belt had him struggling and kicking, his

big dick swinging between my legs while I spanked him on my knee,

then I had him stand and made him dance naked with the belt.  I

 finished him off with the brush as he kicked and struggled, trying to

 protect himself with his hands as his tight, smooth ass turned  red.

April 19, 2019

Straight Bitch


Chic turned a tough acting straight guy into his total bitch in this clip.

 New model Rob is 27 years old, a factory worker with a tough guy attitude,

a tight muscular body, and a nice big cock.  He started out acting like this

was a joke to hide his fear as Chic took him OTK and spanked him by hand,

paddle and bath brush.  “Is that all you’ve got” he taunts Chic at the start,

but he was soon shown exactly how much he has.  Chic had him kicking

and squirming, whimpering, whining and squealing in a high pitched voice,

trying to protect his ass with his hand, hyperventilating and biting Chic’s

trousers.  Not his proudest moment.

April 12, 2019

Viktor Is Afraid


This is only Viktor's second spanking video.  He found the first one

so painful, and was so embarrassed by crying, that he vowed not to

do another.  But here he is, in desperate need of cash and willing to

swallow his pride and fear to do another.  He's a real cutie, straight,

24 years old, with a lean, toned body, piercing dark eyes, a nice uncut

cock and a killer ass.  And he's very scared.  I spanked him by hand,

paddle and brush.  He remained stoic until the brush.  Then he started

 kicking and dancing his legs, whimpering, fighting back the tears in a

 quivering voice as I turned that cute butt bright red.

April 5, 2019

Emanuel Hates the Brush


Emanuel said he would never make another spanking video. 

Yet here he is, desperately needing cash and resigned to going

over Chic's knee again.  Chic starts out using his hand and a black,

leather paddle, and Emanuel endures it fairly well,  But he hates the

 brush, and that's exactly what Chic has in store for him.  Watch as

 he quivers, trembles, shakes and kicks, gasping and panting as Chic

lays it on hard with the over sized hair brush.

March 29, 2019

Straight Guy Dildo Spank


New model Derek is a 30 year old, straight, personal trainer and

 stripper with a smooth, muscular body.  He's also into being

dominated by women but now he's going to submit to a man for

 the first time for money.  Chic tied him to the massage table with

 his perfect ass in the air and warmed him up by hand and paddle,

then put a dildo in his ass and continued spanking him, also

spanking his feet, pecs and abs until he was kicking, writhing and

 breathlessly pleading "please no more" with his ass, chest and abs

 bright red and sore  

March 22, 2019

James Spanked


New model James is a 24 year old, bisexual cutie, a young twink with

 a lean, toned body and a beautiful tan.  He's with us for his first adult

spanking and he's nervous.  I took him OTK and spanked him by hand,

first over his pants and then on his trim, hot butt.  I used a belt, which

made him jump and yell but the bath brush took him to the edge, making

him whimper, squeal and beg me to stop.

March 15, 2019

Collin's Trust


Collin is a 35 year old, straight guy, handsome and muscular, who tried a

spanking video with Scott a while back but was unable to complete it. 

Now he's put his as in my hands, scared and nervous but trusting that I

will get him thru one.  I took him OTK, took down his pants to reveal a

 perfect ass, and spanked him by hand, paddle and brush.  He squirmed,

 shuffled, kicked, twitched, gasped and moaned, and told me he was

 my little bitch, trying so hard to maintain what little dignity he had left

in a very undignified position without embarrassing himself completely.

March 8, 2019

Dillon Broken


Chic made out cutie Dillon break down and cry for the first time

 in this hot video.  He put Dillon on a table with his ass in the air,

 and used his hand, paddle, ruler and hairbrush on his cute, round

butt.  His distress grew as the spanking continued, moaning,

whining, gasping and hissing, his long, sexy legs trembling and

shifting, until he was tearfully sobbing and trembling, his ass and

 eyes both bright red.

March 1, 2019

Brett Spanked


  New model Brett is a very sexy guy.  He's 27 years old with a lean muscled

 body developed from his job in construction, a handsome face with a

warm smile, and a nice big cock.  Chic took him OTK and broke him down,

spanking him by hand, paddle and belt, making him grimace, hiss, grunt, 

moan, twist and kick his long, sexy legs behind him.  In his own words, he

 acted like a "little bitch" over the knee of an older man.

February 22, 2019

Chic Breaks a Muscle Man


New model Kevin is a 26 year old warehouse worker, a handsome, muscular

and hung bi-sexual with a great, inviting smile.  He's 5'11" and 200 lbs with

a big, defined chest, bulging biceps, thick thighs and a beautiful, round ass.

  He said he was spanked with a belt growing up and was a little nervous

about this.  Chic spanked him by hand and leather paddle and he started to

gasp and moan, eventually sobbing and becoming very submissive, just

as he did years ago when he was spanked.

February 15, 2019

Justin Spanked by Gary


Hunky, country-boy Justin gets a very sensual spanking from

 Gary with lots of fondling and groping, ever finger fucking and a

 rectal temp.  He spanks his muscular, furry butt and thick thighs

by hand and paddle. Very sexy.

February 8, 2019

Emanuel Bound and Spanked


Emanuel is back for another spanking, and he dreads it, knowing

what he's in for.  I tied him face down with his ass in the air, his log

sexy legs and cute, smooth butt looking so good and beat him by

hand, paddles and crop.  He complained, wondering out loud why

he was doing it again and promising this would be his last spanking. 

He tried to take it like a man, covering his pain and shame with a smart

mouth, but in the end he silently endured my punishment. 

The chemistry between us is very hot in this video too.

February 1, 2019

Corey Bawls and Begs


Corey needs money, he's in a bind, due to his own bad behavior.  So even

 though this 22 year old, straight guy hated his first spanking, he has no

choice but to present himself for a beating.  I took him OTK and spanked

 him by hand and brush until he was red eyed, bawling uncontrollably

and pleading with me to "please stop."  Just like he said he did when

spanked growing up.

January 25, 2019



Donny is a 24 year old, sexy warehouse worker, muscular and

 handsome.  I put him face down on the table with his meaty ass in

 the air for his first ever spanking.  I used my hand, strap and paddle,

periodically fondling his cock, and he responded with a semi as he

grunted and moaned, his big heavy balls hanging below him.  In the

end, he made a surprising admission, he actually liked the spanking.

January 18, 2019

Poor Nick Just Can't Get Ahead


Poor Nick is set back every time he tries to get ahead, then he finds

himself over one of our laps for a painful, humiliating spanking.  Chic

 took him OTK and spanked his muscular, furry butt by hand, belt and

paddles.  He slowly broke Nick’s spirit, making him kick and twist, moan

and holler, making his eyes well up with tears as he breathlessly gasped

 and panted.

January 11, 2019

Dillon Over Chic's Knee


Dillon is back, and this time he goes over Chic's knee for a sound,

spanking that eventually breaks him.  Chic lowers his pants and

shorts and takes this 23 year old, ginger cutie OTK and uses his heavy

 hand, belt, wooden spoon and paddle.  Dillon gasps, sucks air and

whimpers, he twists and shuffles his legs, his pathetic cries become

louder and more high pitched as he struggles to catch his breath.  He

appears dazed and confused. There is a very interesting interview at

 the end you should be sure to watch.

January 4, 2019

Little Muscle Man Spanked


New model Jose is a 24 year old, gay student, short and muscular but a

 little shy and reserved.  Chic took him OTK and spanked his firm, hot ass

by hand, belt, paddle and brush.  All of us, including Jose, were surprised

to see a satisfied, dreamlike look on his face, in spite of the harshness of

 the spanking, as he discovered that he loved the experience.

December 28, 2018

Randi's Rage


Randi is a 36 year old, blue collar, country-boy with a lean, trim body

 and tight ass, a straight dad who is full of straight male pride who finds

 it difficult to be hit without striking back.  Chic takes him OTK and

spanks him by hand, leather paddle and brush as he struggles to maintain

 control over his emotions.  You can clearly see the rage building as the

spanking progresses, his male pride hurting much more than his red

ass.  Be sure to watch the post interview to hear Randi's true feelings

about the experience.

December 21, 2018

Casper Broken


I took Casper OTK and spanked him by hand, leather paddle and

 bath brush until he was pleading with me to stop.  He was strong at

 first but started to break down with the paddle, moaning, legs kicking,

trembling and twisting.  But the bath brush made him start to beg me

to stop. It's pathetic to watch a tough, young man reduced in this

way, not even concerned that it's all being recorded.

December 14, 2018

Kevin Spanked til He Begs


Kevin is 21 years old, all grown up now, but he still behaves the

way he did when his dad spanked him the first time he got laid.  I

took his pants down, took him OTK and spanked him by hand,

paddle and hairbrush.  He struggled to remain composed but I

 broke him down until his eyes were tearing, his voice cracking,

whimpering and squealing kicking his legs, begging me to stop. 

December 7, 2018

Tanner's Submission


Tanner is a 24 year old, sexy gay man with a tight body and an outgoing

personality who thinks he's a top who likes to fuck big, muscular men. 

 Watch as I make him my submissive bitch.  On the massage table with his

 beautiful butt in the air, I use my hand, strap and paddle on his ass and

feet and make him whimper, whine and moan.  I make him tell me his ass

 is mine to do with as I wish and he discovers he likes it.

November 30, 2018



New model Michael is a shy, quiet but handsome 25 year old bisexual,

 lean, toned, handsome and hung.  He's also very nervous about being

spanked.  His perfectly shaped ass is just begging for it though.  I took

down his pants, put him over my knee and spanked him by hand, leather

 paddle and hairbrush.  Michael took it like a man and relates that with the

experiences being spanked by his parents.

November 23, 2018

The Secret Word


Chic played a mean game with Sky, our straight, Spanish cutie,

spanking him with his hand, paddle and brush until he could guess

the secret word, having fun at the poor young man’s expense.  Sky’s

muscles flexed, he gasped, grunted and moaned, his agony obviously

 growing as he desperately tried to please Chic and think of the word

 that would end his suffering.

November 16, 2018

Scared and Nervous Evan


  New model Evan is a handsome, 23 year old straight guy, 5'7" and 140 lbs.

with a lean, smooth body and a sexy, southern accent.  He's unemployed

with a family to support and is willing to got OTK for a spanking but he's

obviously scared and nervous.  He tells us that he was spanked by his

dad until he was fifteen so he knows what he's in for.  The poor guy looked

so embarrassed and uncomfortable over my knee, and he tried to remain stoic

 but I wore him down with my hand and paddle until he was showing his pain.

November 9, 2018

Breaking Mike


Mike is back on his 27th birthday and I was determined to break

him and make him cry this time.  I used my hand, strap, belt and brush

to break him down, at times beating him with my strap in the wheelbarrow

 position with my finger in his asshole.  I had him kicking, hollering,

cursing and hyperventilating, eventually breaking him, making his voice

quiver until he was sniffling and crying on my knee.

November 2, 2018

Tanner's Hand Spanking


Tanner is a cute, 24 year old gay guy, 5'8" tall and 160 lbs. with a

 toned, sexy body.  Chic took him OTK and spanked him using only

 his heavy hand as a breathless Tanner struggled to cope, grunting

 and whimpering with every blow.  Chic put him in the embarrassing

wheelbarrow position to show off his beautiful ass, ignoring his high

 squeals as he struggled and twisted in pain.

October 26, 2018

Nathan Spanked by Gary


Young, gay 25 year old cutie Nathan is back, over my friend Gary's

 knee in tightie whities, getting a very sexual spanking that has him

 in pain but surprisingly aroused.  Gary lowered his pants, exposing

his smooth, trim body, and mixed hard swats, using his hand and

paddle, with sensuous fondling and groping that had Nathan hard,

 aroused and a little confused.  He whined, whimpered and wiggled,

 but his cock got hard in spite of the pain, especially when Gary took

 him in the wheelbarrow position, took a rectal temp, then continued

spanking with the paddle.

October 19, 2018

Old Friend Back Over My Knee


My old friend and former employee Keith was back in town looking

better than ever and contacted me to make some money to help get

settled, and nervously agreed to go back over my knee like a defeated

 bitch for a humbling spanking. The nature of our relationship made the

situation even more awkward for the nervous and embarrassed Keith,

and more enjoyable for me.  I used my hand, belt and brush to make him

 grimace, gasp, tremble, his long sexy legs kicking and dancing with every

blow as I once more had him exactly where I wanted him.

October 12, 2018

Dick Spanked


Dick is a handsome, muscular, 25 year old, straight guy who went

over Chic’s knee for his first adult spanking on his full, muscular ass. 

He was already gasping and moaning while being spanked by hand,

 but the leather and paddle really started getting to him.  By the end,

 he was breathlessly yelping and hollering, his pathetic voice quivering,

struggling on Chic’s knee as he was finished off with the hairbrush.

October 5, 2018

Atlas Did Not Like to Submit


New model Atlas is a 29 year old, straight, dominant male, 6’3”

 and lean and muscular, a former MMA fighter, and he can’t

 believe he is submitting to a gay man.  I made him kneel before me

 with his ass in the air, a very submissive and humiliating posture,

 and spanked him by hand, paddle and crop.  He gasped, moaned

 and cursed, and he became angry.  In the end, the pain to his ass

was nothing compared to the bruising his macho ego,

which he talked about in the post interview.

September 28, 2018

Jay Breaks


Jay is a 20 year old, straight, Spanish cutie with a tight little body

 and a cute butt who goes over my knee for a spanking by hand,

strap and brush.  He looks so right over the lap of an older man as

he struggled and twisted in pain.  He tried to cover his butt with his

hand, which earned him a beating of his outstretched palms.  The

 hairbrush really got to him though, bringing back memories from his

past.  His legs trembled, he kicked and twisted, sobbing and crying

as he pleaded with me to stop.  Then, while I was soothing his sore

 butt, he made a surprising admission.

September 21, 2018

Country-Boy Gets the Paddle and Cane


Our country-boy Justin is back for his fourth spanking, and he’s very

 nervous.  I have him strip down, showing off his tight, muscular body,

 developed from hard work as a landscaper and small farm operator.  I

 prop a pillow under him to lift his butt in the air and spanking him by

hand.  I have him lay on his back, legs spread wide, and spank his

butt, asshole and taint.  Then I have him kneel with his ass in the air

 in a humiliating position for the cane.  Poor Justin jumped with every

blow, he panted and gasped, his voice quivered while he counted

 the strokes with tears in his eyes.

September 14, 2018

Another Straight Dom Spanked


Erin loves coming here for blowjobs but submitting to a spanking

goes against the grain of this straight dom who likes to control and

dominate women.  I made him drop his pants and climb over my knee,

 spanking him over his briefs, then on the bare ass with my hand,

paddle and brush.  Erin struggled to maintain his composure but it's

clear that he's in pain, that he doesn't like being in this position, and he's

seething.  You can see the pain and anger grow on his face as I make

him call me sir and tell me his ass belongs to me.  He gasped, moaned

and struggled, hating being submissive to me.

September 7, 2018

New Model Begs


New model Nick goes over my knee for his first ever spanking and

ends up begging me to stop.  Nick is 33 years old, straight, unemployed

restaurant worker whose back is up against the wall and needs cash

desperately.  So over my knee he goes, his thick thighs and firm butt

 perfect for spanking.  I use my hand and a leather paddle, and he tries

desperately at first to maintain his pride, but that gives way to anger,

 and finally he's a little bitch, howling, moaning, struggling and finally

 begging me sincerely to stop.

August 31, 2018

Jay Spanked OTK


New model Jay is a real cutie.  He's 19 years old, straight and slim,

and he looks so natural over the knee of an older man.  He looked

scared and nervous as Chic started to spank him with his usual,

heavy hand, then stripped him down and continued with a belt and

 paddle.  He hissed, sucked air, grimaced and howled in pain, then

broke and started to tear up and cry.

August 24, 2018

Jake Spanked by Scott


Scott is back in town for a visit and eager to abuse someone's ass, and

handsome, muscular and hairy Jake is nervous.  Scott starts out using

his heavy hand on Jakes muscular ass, and already he's flinching and

gasping.  A ruler makes him grimace, gasp and suck air, but it's the yard

 stick and hairbrush that really get to him.  Jake struggles to deal with the

pain, growling and panting, whimpering and howling, his voice cracking

and breaking.  By the end, he's breathless and confused, claiming that this

was the worst experience ever.

August 17, 2018

Bruno Spanked


New model Bruno is someone you may have seen on other sites,

but this is his first ever spanking video.  He's a 23 year old delivery

driver, bi-sexual, lean, toned and cute, but he admits to being nervous

about the spanking.  I took him OTK and started spanking by hand,

 intending to switch to my belt and brush.  But I enjoyed the feel of

his tight young butt, and the physical contact of a hand spanking,

and just continued.  He moaned, grunted, kicked and struggled, even

tried to cover his ass, but he just brought out the dad in me as I

delivered an intense but intimate hand spanking. 

August 10, 2018

Too Proud


Jason is hot.  He's a 22 year old, straight welder and personal trainer

with a handsome face, beautiful, muscular body and lots of attitude,

and he's never been spanked.  I fact, he's more likely to spank his

girlfriends than get spanked by another man.  So imagine his conflict

 when I take down his pants and take him OTK for his first spanking

by hand and paddle.  He started out too proud to show pain, but as

 I continued the pain became obvious on his face and in his body

language.  He didn't like being in this position.  When it was over, he

 admitted that he found his pride hurt more than his ass.

August 3, 2018

Sam - OTK with Hand, Belt and Brush


Sam is 25 years old, a bi-sexual potter, 5'11" and 140 lbs with long

 sexy legs, a trim ass and a big cock.  He's a real cutie and he goes

over my knee for a spanking by hand, with his belt and a hairbrush,

and he takes a good spanking like a real man.   His big cock and balls

swing beneath him as he groans and whimpers, his voice cracking, his

 long, sexy legs kicking and twisting, his whole body jerks and jolts,

but he refuses to break for me, seeing it as a challenge to defy me as

he struggles to take whatever I dish out.  

July 27, 2018

Chris Spanked by Hand


  Chris is back, looking fit and handsome, and goes over

Chic's knee for a long spanking by hand.  He starts off

looking worried and Chic uses his heavy hand on his

sexy, bubble butt but soon the pain shows as the blows

 rain down continuously.

July 20, 2018

Breaking His Spirit


After his last spanking, Mike said he would have stuck it out

longer if I'd wanted that.  Now I'm holding him to his word.

 I want to break this hunky straight guy, I want to break his spirit.

  I took down his pants, took him OTK and spanked him by hand,

 belt and bath brush, watching him submit to me as he kicked

and shuffled his muscular legs, moaned, gasped and struggled

until he was hyperventilating, trying to deal with the pain.  I had

him where I wanted him, naked and flailing, submitting to my will,

taking everything I dished out.  Watch his eyes fill with tears

when he gets off my lap, trying so hard to maintain the little

dignity he had left.

July 13, 2018

Emanuel Lied


Emanuel made a big mistake.  He told us he was starting to

like being spanked by us, a strange thing for a straight guy to

say, because he thought we wanted to hear that and it would

get him more work.  So Chic took him OTK and spanked him

by hand, paddle and brush until it was obvious to all of us

 that he hated it, and he admitted he lied.

July 6, 2018

Romeo - Cry for Me


Poor Romeo, all too often his work as a roofer leaves him shot on

cash to pay his bills and support his family and he has to submit

 to the one thing he dreads the most, a painful and humiliating

spanking.  I tell him he has to cry for me, then take him OTK and

 spank him by hand, paddle and his own belt until he is kicking and

struggling, gasping, whimpering and eventually sobbing in pain

and shame until I make his beg me to stop.

June 29, 2018

Mike Goes OTK for His First Spanking


New model Mike is a sexy, 26 year old, straight construction laborer

with a hot body, muscular legs, defined chest, muscular back and a hot

butt.  He's shy and nervous about having his first spanking but he needs

 the money so he goes over my knee and gets it by hand, paddle and

brush.  He grimaces in pain, struggles and twists, kicks his legs, moans

 and curses and his eyes start to tear.  The muscles in his body flex and

strain as he struggles through a painful and humiliating spanking,

breathless and panting by the end. 

June 22, 2018

Brad Strung Up and Beaten


Brad is a hunk.  He's 23 years old, straight, 6'2" and 195 lbs, muscular,

handsome and hairy.  Chic strung him up from the rafters and beat

 him with his hand, paddle and brush.  He looked so helpless and sexy

as he hopped, danced, twisted, moaned and howled in agony, the

 muscles on his sexy body flexing and contracting in response to the

 intense pain Chic was inflicting on him.

June 15, 2018

Kevin Takes a Hard One


Kevin is now 20 years old but still looks like the boy-next-door as

 he recounts the story of being spanked by his dad on the night he

 lost his virginity.  He's very nervous because he knows what's

coming.  I took him OTK and spanked his cute, young butt by hand,

 paddle, belt and brush, telling him I was going to make him react the

way he did when his dad spanked him.  He grimaced, gasped,

whimpered, squirmed  and squealed.  He complained that he was

getting light headed.  But I spanked him until I broke him down and

he was sobbing quietly on my lap.

June 8, 2018



New model Troy is a big, beefy, straight, married guy, 6'1" and 2-5 lbs,

 an electronics technician here for a spanking with the blessing of his

wife.  He's too big for me to take OTK, so I made him drop his trousers and

 bend over a stool and used my hand, leather paddles and a crop to slowly

break him down until he was moaning, yelping and hollering his way through

 a painful and degrading spanking.

June 1, 2018

Vinnie Punished for Arriving Late


Vinnie is a hunky, 25 year old muscular guy who made a big mistake. 

Believe it or not, he had the nerve to arrive two and one half hours late

for his shoot, unshaved, un-showered and in his pajamas of all things.

 Clearly he needed a lesson and I'm the one to teach it.  I took him OTK,

 his beefy, muscular ass bare, and spanked him by hand, belt and brush

 while delivering a stern lesson on punctuality and respect for others

 until he was apologizing profusely and pleading with me to stop.   

May 25, 2018

Dillon Submits for My Pleasure


This time I told Dillon that I wanted him to completely submit to me,

to take as much punishment as I dished out for as long as I wished

simply to please me, and he agreed.  He was nervous as we started

but you can tell he was also a little excited by the idea, he likes being

used like a cheap whore.  I took him OTK, his big cock and balls hanging

between my legs, and beat him with my hand, belt and brush, and

 slowly broke him down.  His sweet moans, gasps, whimpers and hisses

 increased as the intensity of the spanking increased, until he was squealing

 and sobbing, kicking his sexy legs, hyperventilating as he struggled to

accept his fate.

May 18, 2018

My Little Bitch


I took 21 year old Sky over my knee and spanked him hard

 until he was begging me to stop, making him my little bitch,

kicking, squirming and twisting, obviously suffering.  I used

my hand, a paddle and brush and slowly broke him down,

making him hyperventilate as he tried to hold on to the final

shreds of his dignity.

May 11, 2018



New model Duke is a 24 year old, straight guy, 6'4" and 200 lbs.

with a muscular body, smooth defined chest, long sexy legs and

 a hot, tight butt.  He's a little nervous about the spanking but needs

the cash so he goes over Chic's knee for a humbling spanking by

 hand, belt, paddle and brush.  He found the experience "emasculating"

as he grunted, moaned and groaned, his legs trembling, shaking

 and shuffling, his voice quivering as he whimpered and whined. 

May 4, 2018

Emanuel - OTK


  Emanuel is a sexy, 30 year old, straight guy with a lean, muscular

body, handsome face and long, sexy legs, and he's back for another

spanking.  I took him OTK and used my hand, belt and a bath brush

and had him trembling and shaking as he gradually lost his composure,

 jumping, yelping and hollering, sweating profusely and he endured the

pain I was dishing out.

April 27, 2018

Dillon's First Spanking


Dillon is a 22 year old, bi-sexual college student, a real cutie with

red hair, blue eyes, a lean, toned, smooth body, nice cock and a

 round, spankable ass.  I took him OTK and delivered a bare bottomed

 spanking by hand and brush that made him dance, kick, pant and

 whimper until he was almost hyperventilating as he struggled to

endure this long, painful punishment.  I really got into this one,

enjoying dominating this hot young man, making him mine until he

was trembling, eyes tearing, his pathetic, agonized hollering becoming

 more high pitched, disgracing himself for our pleasure.  Make sure

to watch the post interview.  It's rather long but this articulate young

 man really gets into his feelings about this experience.

April 20, 2018

Vinny Submits


This wasn't the most intense spanking I've ever administered but

certainly the most satisfying.  Vinny is a straight, male stripper,

26 years old, 6'0" and 186 lbs. of muscle with lots of straight guy

arrogance and attitude.  It was a real accomplishment to get him

to submit to this, and you can tell he found it unnatural and

humiliating to have me lower his pants, take him OTK and spank

his bare muscular ass.  As an aside, it's funny to watch this

egotistical straight guy fluffing his cock just so it would

 be big enough when I took down his shorts.

April 13, 2018

Punished for Disrespect


Kevin feels the force of my wrath in a real punishment spanking. 

We had a falling out a few months ago and this young straight

guy was very disrespectful to me.  But I knew he's be back over

 my knee and I would have the opportunity to address this.  Sure

enough, he eventually called in need of money and I had my chance. 

 I took down his pants and spanked him OTK by hand, his own belt

and a bath brush while lecturing him on his childish behavior until

he was kicking, struggling and gasping in pain and embarrassment,

 humiliated and put in his place.

April 6, 2018

Greg Spanked by Chic II


Greg is a 39 year old, rugged, handsome, masculine straight

guy with a muscular body and a very long dick.  He looked so

pathetic over Chic's knees being spanked by hand, paddle,

 ruler, bath brush and belt.  He tool a long, painful and humiliating

spanking, completely degrading for such a big, strong man.

March 30, 2018

My Gay Submissive Bitch


Anthony is a 20 year old gay student with a lean, toned body;

long muscular legs; a nice cock and balls; and the cutest, spanking

 ass I've seen in a long time.  I took him OTK, took down his briefs,

and warmed him up by hand until he started squirming, shuffling and

kicking his legs.  Then I had him stand with his hands on his head and

 his ass thrust out behind him, an uncomfortable and humiliating

 position, and laid into him with my leather paddle, making him dance

and gasp, becoming very submissive, determined to please me

 in the way that only one gay man can relate to another.

March 23, 2018

Country-Boy Justin


Justin is a 26 year old, bi-sexual landscaper and small farm

owner who has been reluctant to make another spanking video.

 But his back was against the wall, so he swallowed his fear and

 went over my knee.  He has a tight, lean body, defined pecs and

a very spankable ass, which I spanked with my hand, his own belt,

 a paddle and brush.  His legs trembled and shook, he hissed and

 gasped, his body jerked with every blow.  At one point he said

he couldn't take any more, but easily submitted when I told

 him I wanted him to go on.  In the end, he said he actually

 felt like he was being punished for real.

March 16, 2018

Chic Makes a Big Guy Cry


Brad is a 23 year old, straight construction worker, 6' 2" tall and

195 pounds, big and muscular with bulging biceps, a massive, hairy

chest, thick thighs and a spectacular ass.  Chic took him OTK, bare

assed, and used his hand, paddle, belt and hairbrush to break him

down until he was crying, howling, kicking his legs and twisting and

squirming on the older man's lap.

March 9, 2018

Mac Takes My Birthday Spanking


I wanted to celebrate my birthday by having my favorite model take

my birthday spanking.  Mac was scared and nervous as I took him

OTK for a warm up with my hand and paddle, until his ass was bright

 red.  Then the birthday spanking began with my trusty hairbrush. 

As luck would have it, his birthday was a few weeks ago, so I added

my 64 years to his 28 and gave him 92 hard whacks that had him

 twisting, kicking and squirming in agony, looking so sad and defeated.

March 2, 2018

Mike Spanked


Mike is a 31 year old, straight dad with some experience in fetish clubs

 as a top with females, and as a bottom in two previous spanking videos

with us.  He really doesn't want to do another spanking but needs the cash,

so he drops his pants when I order him and goes over my knee, looking

like anything but a dad.  I used my hand, a paddle and a hairbrush, his big

 cock and balls swinging beneath him as I slowly broke him down.  Soon

he was yelling and moaning, hyperventilating and struggling, his long,

sexy legs dancing and kicking.  He tried twice to get up but complied

when I ordered him to stay in place.  When I was finished with him

it took a few minutes for him to regain his composure.

February 23, 2018

Joey and Chic


Joey is a 22 year old gay student, quiet, shy and nervous.  He's been

 over my knee before and knows what's coming, but he need money

for school and has no choice but to submit.  Chic took him OTK in

his briefs and started with a heavy hand spanking, then progressed

 to a leather paddle and hairbrush.  Joey's legs danced, shuffled and

then kicked.  He grimaced, moaned, yelped and hollered, twisting and

 kicking, the pain and anger obvious on his face, but he continued to

 submit because he had no choice.

February 16, 2018

Broken by Hand


New model Corey is a 21 year old construction worker trying

to make money to finance a move out of state.  He's a straight cutie,

 5'7" and 155 lbs with a tight, muscled body developed by hard labor,

a nice cock and round, firm ass.  He wanted so much to take it like a

 man, but Chic broke him in no time just with his firm, fatherly hand. 

Poor Corey was totally broken, crying, sobbing and wailing in pain

and shame, his ass turning a bright red while his body shook, trembled

 and shuddered.   He was a broken young man.  You can see his shame

as he continued to sob during the post interview, his

 big eyes swollen and puffy from his tears. 

February 9, 2018



Erin is cute and edgy, 23 years old, straight, lean , smooth and

hung with a perfect, little ass, and he gets his first ever spanking. 

Honestly, this isn't the hardest spanking I've ever administered,

but one of the most enjoyable.  I loved having this sexy young man

submit to my mercy.  I spanked him by hand, paddle and crop and

even beat his sexy feet.  There was a lot of very friendly chemistry

between us that made this lots of fun.

February 2, 2018

Jay on His Knees


I had hunky, straight Jay on his knees, submissively presenting

 his muscular ass before me for a beating with a paddle, spanking

 his hard butt until it was bright red.  Then I had him stand, hands

 behind his head, facing the camera, making him hop, dance and

yell with the sting of my riding crop, the agony obvious on his face

as his big cock and balls bounced around in front of him as he

 jumped and screamed.  When he tried to shield his sore ass with his

 hands, I made him hold them out and beat them with my crop. I

 finished with him on his knees again, beating his ass with my cane

until he collapsed in pain and defeat.

January 26, 2018

Left Paying for the Damage


Poor Romano seems to be at the bottom of the food chain in his

 household.  The young married cook recently had a big plumbing

 bill.  Seems his wife clogged the toilet with baby wipes, the plumber

 walked away with a small fortune, yet Romano is the one who gets

 his ass whipped to pay for it all.   Hardly seems fair.  I took the very

 reluctant young dad OTK and beat him by hand, paddle, cane and

brush until he was writhing in agony on my lap, his high pitched

 whimpering and yelping filling the room as he struggled thru his fate.

January 19, 2018

Matt OTK with Hand, Strap and Brush


Matt is 27 years old, straight, tall and lean.  He hates being spanked,

yet finds himself back again, in desperate need of cash, offering his

tight butt for abuse, looking like someone still not too old.  I took him

OTK and used my hand, strap and brush while he complained about

 the pain, kicked, struggled, danced and sang.  His long legs trembled

 while he cursed and yelled, imploring me to stop.  When he tried to

get up I ordered him down and he submissively complied.  In the end,

 I think he hates the way I make him belittle himself almost as much

as the pain.

January 12, 2018

Emanuel's Submission


I had Emanuel laying on my massage table with his pants around

his ankles, submitting to a bare assed spanking like a little bitch,

his long sexy legs and cute, tight butt spread before me to do as

 I wished.  I used my hand, strap, paddle and brush on his upturned

ass, then had him on his knees with his ass in the air, then on his

 back with his legs spread wide in an exposed and vulnerable

position.  He gasped and yelped, twisting and writhing as I laid it

on, his handsome face showing his pain.  Emanuel hates the

 brush, so I saved that for last, really letting him have it until he

 was kicking his legs and howling in agony.

January 5, 2018

Spanked for His Lady


Kevin is a 27 year old straight guy living in a dominant - submissive

relationship with his girlfriend, who brought him to us to use to earn

some holiday shopping money.  Chic took him OTK and spanked him

by hand, belt, leather paddle and bath brush as he tried to hide his

embarrassment at being dominated by an older man in front of his lady.

 His nervous laughter quickly gave way to real anguish as Chic was

determined to out spank this woman, who was watching and commenting

 throughout. Kevin's legs danced and twisted, he struggled on Chic's lap,

agony apparent on his face, his ass red and bruised.  When Chic was

finished Kevin stood, relieved because he thought it was over.  But his

lady wanted to see even more, so the poor boy obediently went back

OTK for more punishment until she was satisfied.

December 29, 2017

Greg Spanked by Chic


Chic takes a 39 y/o, straight, muscular and hung stud and

spanks his firm, round ass like a brat in today's update.  He

uses his hand, and leather and wooden paddles, with Greg

 standing, bent over a stool, OTK and on his back with his

sexy legs spread wide, fully exposed for a real beating.  Greg

 twitches, jumps, moans and groans as he endures this

humiliating spanking, his long cock swaying with every blow.

December 22, 2017

Taylor Spanked by Steve


It must have been humiliating for Taylor, a 27 year old,

muscular, 6'4" straight guy to stand naked before a much

smaller gay guy his own age and submit to a beating.  Steve

used a paddle, belt and crop to make the muscular giant

dance and yell in shame and agony.

December 15, 2017

Steve Becomes My Submissive Bitch


Steve is a cute, straight Dad with a smooth, lean body and a big dick. 

He's also nervous and scared but he needs money for his support

payments so he's reluctantly agreed to become my submissive bitch. 

I tell him he's enduring this because I like to spank tough young men,

then take him OTK.   His cock and balls hang beneath him as I spank

him by hand, belt and brush.  He looks humiliated and defeated, then

 becomes angry, squirming and moaning, hyperventilating, punching

the floor and struggling to not strike back.

December 8, 2017

Sky Spanked


New model Sky is a 20 year old, straight, Spanish cutie with a

tight little body, round, firm ass, cute, developing pecs, curly

hair and beautiful blue eyes.  He looks like the kind f guy who

belongs over his dad's knee.  Chick took him OTK and spanked

him by hand and wooden paddle and poor Sky tried to take it

like a man.  But Chic really broke him down with a large leather

paddle and belt until his ass was bright red and the pain was

obvious on his face.  When it was over, he said the experience

 made him feel like a little bitch.

December 1, 2017



Greg is 39 years old, straight, muscular and masculine, sexy and hung. 

 He did some work with us a few years ago for another site and thought

he might enjoy a spanking.  I used a leather paddle, fly swatter and crop

on his muscular ass and his hands, making him jump and howl in pain,

his long, flaccid cock flopping around.  I then made him sing and dance

 while using the painful crop to encourage him.  When I was finished,

 he admitted he didn't like spanking at all.

November 24, 2017

Mac Gets the Paddle, Ruler and Belt


Chic gets a turn with sexy Mac, using his hand, a leather paddle,

ruler and belt to beat him into abject submission.  Mac tries to

remain stoic, but his resistance is gradually broken down until his

 legs are trembling, his lips quivering, his eyes red and his body

 jolting with every blow.  His breathing becomes deep and loud, his

voice is meek and wavering as Chic beats him with the paddle.  Then

he's made to stand facing the camera, naked and defenseless, unable

to hide his shame and agony as he's spanked with a ruler.  Then

humbled, on his hands and knees, he must endure a beating with the

belt as he gasps, groans and trembles in intense pain, almost

 breathless as he receives his hardest spanking yet.

November 17, 2017

Emanuel Gets the Belt, Cane and Brush


Emanuel is a handsome, lean, muscular, 29 year old straight

 cook with long, sexy legs and a nice big cock, a very masculine. 

Unfortunately for him, he doesn't look so manly over my knee

with his pants down, his big balls hanging beneath him as I

spank him by hand, belt, cane and brush.  The poor guy kicked,

 struggled and twisted, howled, whined and moan in pain and

agony as he suffered thru the ordeal, no longer concerned with

his masculine image.

November 10, 2017

James Gets the Belt and Crop


Hunky, muscular, James trembles, moans and hollers as I beat him

with a belt and crop.  His body jolts with every blow, he trembles

and whimpers in a sad, high pitched voice in absolute agony.  His

knees buckle and he collapses repeatedly.  Made to face the camera,

completely exposed in his pain and humiliation, he twists and dances

as the relentless cropping continues.

October 27, 2017



Sam is a 25 year old, bisexual potter, tall and lean with a big uncut

 cock.  He's kinky and likes to dominate women, but now he's over my

 knee with his cock and balls swinging beneath him, being spanked by

hand, belt, cane and brush.  He groans, gasps, whimpers and wiggles,

 shuffling his long, hairy legs, his voice cracking, weak and wavering in

obvious agony, a young, dominant man submitting to my punishment.

October 20, 2017

Beating the Beautiful Ass


Kevin has a beautiful backside, sculpted ass, muscular back and long,

sexy legs, along with a handsome face and a shy, boy-next-door personality. 

Chic makes him strip down and lay on the bed with his perfect form on full

display, and starts off with a long, hard hand spanking.  He is relentless as

he progresses thru a ruler, belt and leather paddle, making Kevin jump, his

 muscles flexing with every blow.  Kevin looks so sexy, so young and

dominated as he twists, squirms and kicks with every blow, his big balls

and cock visible with his violent movements.

October 13, 2017

Michael Over Chic's Knee 


Michael has never been spanked by Chic, and today the

25 year old, gay-4-pay model is over his knee getting it by

hand, belt and ruler.  His body jolts, he gasps, moans, and

howls as he reacts to each swat.  His sexy young legs

kick and twist in agony as Chic delivers his

usual hard, relentless spanking.

September 29, 2017



  Royce is a 26 year old, straight, personal trainer with a muscular

chest, thick thighs and a beautiful bubble butt.  I had him drop his

shorts and stand submissively while I beat his beautiful ass with a

belt, yard stick, crop and cane .  The sexy jock yelped, squealed,

whimpered, whined and screamed in a pathetic, high pitched voice

 as I broke him down.

September 22, 2017

Nick Bawls Like a Bitch


I told Nick I wanted his dignity in exchange for having helped

 him out of a jam last year.  Now it was time for him to pay his

debt.  The sexy young man nervously went over my knee,

knowing what he was in for, and I spanked him by hand, belt

and brush until he was red eyed and crying, kicking, bawling,

sniffling and blubbering, making a spectacle of himself, feeling

humiliated and degraded.  When it was over, he told me he

hated me and couldn't even look me in the eye. 

September 15, 2017

Straight Submissive Spanked


Danny Green is a kinky guy.  He's 28 years old, straight and likes

 being dominated by women, but that hasn't prepared him for and

 OTK session with Chic.  He gets it with Chic's heavy hand, his own

 belt, a hairbrush and leather paddle as he grimaces, yelps, gasps,

 grunts and twitches, his body jolts and bucks with each swat and his

 pathetic, pained moaning makes him sound desperate and broken. 

 Nothing he's ever done with a woman was anything like this.  In the

end, we mocked him by making him jerk his cock to erection to show

Chic his appreciation.

September 8, 2017

Randi Time


Randi is a 36 year old straight guy, a printer and professional wrestler,

a country-boy from upstate with dirty blond hair and blue eyes, 5'10"

and 155 lbs, lean and toned.  He's in trouble, behind on his support

payments for his son and daughter, and needs to make cash fast

before they lock him up.  The poor bastard has no other option than

 to go over Chic's knee for a spanking by hand, with his own belt, a ruler

and leather paddle, turning his tight butt black and blue.  Randi is stoic

at first but soon you can see by his facial expression that the pain is

getting to him.  He looks enraged, grunts, groans and grimaces,

squirms and wiggles on Chic's lap.  In the end, he said he found the

whole experience humiliating and degrading.

August 25, 2017

Nick Spanked


Nick is a hot little number, a 29 year old, straight, house framer

with a tight, lean, smooth swimmers build who said he was spanked

 by his parents until he was 15 years old.  I took him OTK and spanked

 him by hand over his briefs, then on his tight, bare little ass while

he moaned, grunted and shuffled his sexy legs.  I then used a leather

 paddle, which made him hiss, grunt and gasp, kicking and growling,

clearly getting angry but staying submissively in place.  When I used

my hairbrush his body jolted and twitched, his legs shuffled and kicked,

he groaned, howled and whimpered in pain, making a pectacle of himself.

August 18, 2017

Nathan  and Scott - Homecoming Spanking


  Scott was back in town for a visit and was longing for a cute butt

 to abuse, so I gave him Nathan to play with, and Chic got to watch

 to add to the young man's humiliation.  Scott hasn't lost any of his

spanking skills.  He took the 25 year old twink OTK and delivered a

heavy hand spanking using his hand, belt, paddle and cane, making

the young man kick, twist and dance while he hollered, yelped,

whimpered, whined and protested in vain.  He finished Nathan's

painful humiliation by making him kneel at Chic's feet while he

thrashed him with a biting cane.

August 4, 2017

Emanuel and Chic


Emanuel is a 29 year old straight cook, handsome, lean and muscular

with a nick cock and beautiful, spanking ass.  Chic took him OTK and

 started with a long, heavy hand spanking and already Emanuel was

reacting.  Chic switched to a leather paddle on his bare ass, making the

young man gasp and moan, wiggling on the older man's lap, his voice

starting to crack and waiver.  A large painful hairbrush made his cries

 louder and more desperate, his pain and anguish evident, his long sexy

legs trembling and shuffling as Chic relentlessly beat his butt.  He finished

poor Emanuel off with a cane, which really got to him, his legs kicking,

crying out in pain and anguish.

July 28, 2017

My Straight Bitch


I love dominating Mac.  This handsome straight guy becomes so

 submissive whenever I take him OTK and make him my little bitch. 

 I doubt he realizes how submissive he really is.  I made him squirm

 and dance on my lap with a long hand spanking on his beautiful,

 bare ass. Then I used a belt and hairbrush and really broke him

down, making him twist, kick and squirm.  I belted him standing

and watched him dance and hop, his face contorted in pain, then

back OTK for a painful beating with the brush.  He was so

obviously in agony, but he remained in place.  This was a

very long, hard spanking.

July 14, 2017

Chris Spanked


Chic takes 25 year old, bi-sexual cutie Chris OTK and starts

 with a long, steady hand spanking, turning his cute, muscular

butt bright red while he gasps and moans on the older man's lap. 

But the spanking intensifies when Chic uses his belt and a

 leather paddle, making Chris howl, yell and curse in pain,

struggling on his lap, his voice quivering and shaking, until

he was breathless and panting.

June 23, 2017

Romano Spanked


This scene was such a turn on for me.   I spanked this straight

guy over my knee until he as broken and humiliated while his

 baby momma and son waited in the car outside.  Romano is a 25

year old cook in need of extra cash and willing to do just about

anything.  He's handsome and hung with a firm round ass and

muscular, hairy legs.  I used my hand and belt, then spanked him

with a brush until his voice was trembling and cracking and he

struggled and wiggled on my lap.  Then I send him back to his

 family with a sore, bruised ass, feeling a little less like a man.

June 9, 2017

Pain and Shame


Clark is a 26 year old, straight plumber, tall, lean, smooth, toned

and handsome, with a firm, smooth, perfectly shaped butt, a really

beautiful body.  He's also shy and very nervous.  I took him OTK

and admired his ass, a real pleasure to feel and fondle, then warmed

him up by hand.  I then switched to a brush as he struggled with

the pain, twisting on gasping on my lap, as I taunted him about

being all grown up and spanked by an older man.  Clark struggled to

control his rage, trembling as he tried to control his emotions.  When

it was over he said his found the experience painful and shameful.

June 2, 2017

Nathan II


Nathan is back for another OTK spanking. He's a 25 year old

gay cutie with a tight, lean body who thinks he's turned on by

submitting to an older man.  I took down his pants, put him

over my knee, warmed him up with my fat hand, and his cock

started to grow between my legs.  Obviously he's into the

daddy scene.  But when I sent him to get my brush, he lost

his erection and started to show fear and pain.  The poor lad

struggled and kicked, his pathetic whimpering and yelping filled

 the room as this became a real punishment.

May 26, 2017

Anthony's Revenge


Handsome, sexy and dominant straight guy Anthony gets his revenge

on his 22 year old gay twink friend Steve as he takes him OTK and pays

him back for the beating he got a few months ago, see Anthony Spanked

by Smaller Gay Friend, our February 17, 2017 update.  Anthony is big,

muscular, handsome, hairy and hung. and he towers over poor Steve.  He

spanked him OTK with his big hand, a leather paddle and cane while

we taunted poor Steve.  Then he had him stand, making him dance and

 hop in pain as he beat him with the cane and bath brush before taking

him back OTK and finishing him off with the brush.

May 12, 2017



Nathan is a 25 year old, cutie, a gay twink who works as a waiter with a

lean smooth body and an adorable face.  He looks like a young man who

still belongs over daddy’s knee.  I used my hand and a leather paddle on

his cute, smooth butt and had him struggling, gasping, wincing and

moaning, his long, lean legs dancing behind him.  When he tried to quit,

he responded to my asking him t take more to please me and he submitted. 

Then, while counting his final strokes, he displayed defiance and was

punished with even more strokes.   

May 5, 2017

Ray Softly Pleads


Ray is a cute, 23 year old Spanish guy who recently became a

dad and now needs to make some quick cash.  Chic took him

OTK and gave him a relentless, heavy handed spanking by hand,

belt, paddle and brush.  Poor Ray gasped, hissed, yelped, kicked

and struggled, his high pitched, soft spoken, anguished crying

 and pleading to "please stop, please stop" were sweet and sad as

 he desperately tried to get Chic to stop.

April 28, 2017



David is a 26 year old construction worker, straight. muscular,

engaged to be married, sexy, handsome and with a beautiful ass.

 He'd never been spanked before and was a little nervous about

 what he's gotten himself into.  I used my hand, belt, crop and cane,

building in intensity until he was dancing and hopping around in his

restraints, desperately trying to evade my relentless blows.



April 21, 2017

Danny Green


Danny is a 27 year old, straight guy with a big dick, low

hanging balls and a firm round ass.  He reports that he

 is into bondage as a switch with women but not really into

 pain.  I took him over my knees with his big dick hanging

between them and warmed his sexy ass by hand.  Then

I broke him down with a belt and brush until he was

dancing, hissing and gasping on my lap.

April 14, 2017

The Straight Personal Trainer and the Horny Gay Spanker


I humbled and humiliated new model Royce, a 26 year old, straight,

solid, muscular personal trainer who is 5'11" and 190 lbs. by having

 him go over the knee of Steve, a smaller, younger gay guy for a spanking. 

Steve used his hand, a frat paddle, wooden spoon and a leather paddle,

gradually increasing the intensity, until Royce was twisting, gasping and

panting on his lap.  But Steve enjoyed his power trip, his cock was hard,

dripping long strands of precum, bouncing and throbbing against Royce's

stomach, adding to his humiliation at the situation he was in.

April 7, 2017

Mac - Hand, Belt and Brush


I love working with Mac.  He's strong, masculine and handsome

with a nice body, muscular legs and a firm, round ass, and he

becomes so submissive when spanked even though he hates it. 

I used my hand, a belt and a bath brush in two humiliating positions,

OTK with one leg forward and one behind to expose his asshole and

balls, and then in the wheelbarrow position.  He took a heavy beating,

twisting, writhing and trembling, kicking and dancing on my lap, the

 pain so obvious in his voice as he counted out loud for me.

March 31, 2017

Kevin Spanked by Hand and Brush


Kevin looked so grown up, fresh from an interview, dressed

in a shirt and tie, this 25 year old straight guy was ready to

 join the adult world after his stint in the Marines.  But he needs

 money, and I told him he couldn’t do another hand job video

 without a spanking, so he had no choice.  He looked so sad and

 pathetic, humbled again, a look of pain, anguish and rage on his

 face as he kicked and squirmed over daddy’s knee.  I used my

hand and a bath brush to spank his round, muscular ass bright red

 as he submitted to my will because he so desperately need the cash.

March 24, 2017

Nervous Dad's Spanking


Steve is a nervous and scared, 25 year old father of 2, cute,

 lean, smooth and hung.  I used my hand and a hair brush to

spank him and he was so scared it was touching.  He looks so

defeated as I beat his smooth, bare ass, turning it bright red

 with my brush, slowly warming him up before delivering a

 long, non stop beating to finish him off.

March 17, 2017

Straight Twink Over Chic's Knee


Kevin is a 19 year old straight guy, 6'2" and 185 lbs, he hates being

spanked, his dad spanked him bare assed into his teens, yet he's back

 with us for another one because he needs the cash.  Chic took him

OTK and the poor youngster tried to take it like a man, but Chic is

heavy handed and relentless, using his hand, belt and a paddle to

break him down.  Kevin gasped, twisted and struggled, his high

pitched, anguished cries becoming louder, his young cock dangling

between Chic's legs as he was turned into a sad, whimpering, pathetic

sight, eyes red and tearing, just like his dad did to him just a few years ago.


March 10, 2017

James Gets Paddles and Crop


James is back.  He's our muscular, sexy, 28 year old, straight

drywall installer who hates being spanked.  I had him stand

before me, naked and vulnerable while I beat him with paddles

 and a crop.  The humbled young man twisted, jumped, trembled,

gasped and shivered in fear and agony as I made him dance,

several times bringing him to his knees with my crop.

February 24, 2017

Muscle Stud Spanked by Rich and Chic


Chic and I teamed up against a guy much younger and stronger,

Polish muscle stud Marcello, tied him to the rafters, and beat him

 by hand, paddles, crop and cane.  The 27 year old straight guy

towered over us, yet he was defenseless as we made him dance,

hop and holler, his big cock swinging between his muscular thighs,

looking anguished, humbled and defeated.

February 17, 2017

Anthony Spanked by Smaller Gay Friend


I always like when a weaker man dominates a strong one, like

when an old man takes a young on OTK for a spanking.  Now

I have tall, muscular, straight Anthony spanked by a slim, short

gay friend named Steve.  I coach the young man thru his firs

spanking as Anthony towers over him.  He was timid at first but

became more aggressive and dominant, dishing it out with a

paddle and crop as big Anthony cowered, jumped, yelped,

cursed and whined. 

February 10, 2017

Mac Gets the Belt and Strap


Mac is a handsome, sexy, 27 year old straight guy who's back

 after several months absence to make some more videos.  I made

 him drop his pants and bend over the bed for a good old fashioned

beating with my belt, paddle and strap.

February 3, 2017

Anthony Dances in Pain


Anthony is handsome, hunky and hung, a big guy who doesn't

take a beating without defending himself, yet he submits to me. 

"I can't believe I'm doing this again" he tells me.  I beat him with

a paddle, belt and crop, making him dance as he yelps, moans and

complains like a bitch, naked and defenseless, his big cock flopping

between his muscular legs.  His rage builds as the intensity increases,

"you're the only one I would take this from" he whimpers as I continue

to break and humble him.

January 27, 2017

Country Boy Spanked


Justin is a cute, 25 year old, bi-sexual country boy with a cute

bubble butt who is very shy and nervous but needs the cash.  I

took him OTK and warmed him up by hand, but when I started to

spank with my belt, Justin laughed nervously.  Of course I had to

 make sure that I beat the silliness out of him.  Using the belt and a

 hairbrush, I spanked him cute ass until he was kicking and shuffling

 his muscular legs, gasping and moaning.  When he tried to get up, I

ordered him back and he obeyed, and I kicked up the pace until his

body was trembling in pain and fear.

January 20, 2017

I Want to Make Viktor Cry


Viktor is a 22 year old Russian cutie, a recent college grad, straight,

slim, toned and unemployed, and he needs money so badly he'll do

anything.  He looked like he belonged there when I took him over my

knee and warmed him up by hand while he tried to remain stoic.  He

started to loose it when I spanked him with my belt, whimpering and

 yelping, his cute young legs shuffling and dancing.  When I took up

the hair brush and told him I wanted to make him cry, the look of fear

on his face was priceless.  I was relentless with the brush as he kicked

 his legs and whimpered, his voice becoming more and more high

 pitched as he lost it and sobbed without shame.   

December 30, 2016

Muscle Markey Spanked


Markey is a 33 y/o, straight stripper, 5"10" and 215 lbs of

solid muscle, a big strong guy but very nervous about taking

a spanking.  Chic beats him by hand, leather paddle and riding

 crop and has him dancing and hopping around, his big muscles

flexing and straining as he howls and yells in pain.

December 23, 2016

Kevin's Hard Hand Spanking


I took 25 year old, straight-boy Kevin OTK and broke him down

with a hard, hand spanking that was much worse than he thought

it could be.  He tried to get up several times but quietly submitted

when I forced him back down.  His long, sexy legs kicking and

dancing as he struggled with the pain.

December 16, 2016

Taylor - What the Fuck am I Doing


Taylor is an impressive young man.  He's 24 y/o, 6'4" and 215 lbs,

straight, handsome, muscular, hairy and hung, and he's my bitch

 to spank.  The big guy is nervous and scared as I make him strip

 and kneel before me in his briefs to warm him up by hand.  Then I

 have him stand, facing the camera, drop his briefs in humiliation

and submission, and spank him with a paddle, belt and crop until

 he looses it and shouts our "what the fuck am I doing."  But he

stands in place, suppressing his rage, in obvious pain, as I continue

 his beating.  In the end, he said "never again."

December 9, 2016

James Gets It Harder


James called again last week in desperate need on money, saying he

 would do "anything" to earn it.  I told him that I would do another

spanking, but this one would be much harder than the last.  He was

scared and nervous, but what could he do.  I used my hand, belt and

bath brush on the muscular stud, making him stand facing the camera

 for some, naked and exposed,  unable to hide his pain and shame as he

whimpered and gasped, whispering "it hurts" again and again while I

 blistered his firm, muscular ass.  I've left a lot of the behind the scenes

 in this one because his reactions were so humble and genuine and I

 wanted you to see them.

November 18, 2016



James is a 28 year old, straight drywall installer with a muscular

body, strong, hairy legs, big cock and a beautiful ass.  I started

spanking him by hand over his boxers, then on his bare ass as his

as his big balls swayed beneath him.  He tried to take it like a man

but his resolve started to break as I switched to a hairbrush, saying

 "ok, ok" and "I don't know, I don't know."  You can sense his

 conflict as he struggles to go on, telling me he's "not a submissive

person" while his voice cracked and wavered.  Sometimes he looked

 like he was about to get up and quit, but then he would continue,

 taking more for me.  In the end he said he was humiliated and felt

that he wasn't the man he should have been.   

November 11, 2016

Anthony's Degrading Spanking


Anthony is a muscular, hung and handsome straight guy who was

spanked once before and said that it made him feel like a little bitch. 

Now he's back, restrained in a defenseless and vulnerable position

that made him look so sexy.  I spanked him by hand, paddle and

 crop until he was twisting, writhing and hollering, his muscles

 flexing with every blow, desperately trying to suppress his anger. 

The bitch is back.

November 4, 2016

Romeo Breaks for Me


I made Romeo say he was willing to break for me, then spanked him

with my belt until he was sobbing and begging.  Romeo has made a

 number of videos with us and knows what he's in for, so he admits to

 being full of fear and anxiety when I take him OTK, lower his pants,

and start to spank him by hand and my belt.  We've developed a

 good rapport, and I ask him if he likes me, if he feels any loyalty and

 trust, and if he's willing to let me break him because I enjoy it.  You can

see the torment on his face as he considers the request and agrees.  I

then beat the crap out of him until he was crying, kicking and

struggling, begging me to stop, acting in a way he later describes

as embarrassing and made him feel "less of a man."

October 28, 2016

Chic Spanks Kevin


Kevin is a 25 year old straight guy here for his second spanking, this

 time administered by Chic.  He starts out with a heavy handed, long

hand spanking, first over his shorts, then on his bare, firm, butt.  Kevin

twisted, writhed and struggled as his ass grew a nice rosy red.  That was

followed by a relentless, hard beating with his belt that made poor Kevin

 jump, twist, kick and dance, his facial reaction showing his pain.  This was

 followed by a hard spanking with a leather paddle.  When it was over,

Kevin related this to the spankings he got from his dad growing up,

saying he never thought he's be getting spanked for money as an adult.

October 21, 2016

I Gave Mac to My Friend


Last time, I told Mac he was being spanked as a favor for a friend of

mine who wanted to see me make him cry in white briefs.  This time I

furthered his subjugation by actually giving him to that friend, Mr.

Williams, to spank.  Poor Mac went over the excited older man's knee

for a humbling spanking by hand, belt and brush, knowing that his pain

and humiliation was only on the request of, and for the enjoyment of my

good friend.  It sucks being a sub.  Fun for my friend at Mac's expense. 



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