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June 3, 2016

Nik Spanked


Nik is a 25 year old gay chef from London with a tall, lean

body, cute face, blond hair, blue eyes and a sexy accent. 

He's a tough one and took quite a beating from me with my

hand, straps, paddle and crop.

May 27, 2016

Boy-Next-Door Spanked OTK


Kevin is an 18 year old, straight guy with a clean cut, boy-next-door

look and a history of spankings from his dad which he's talked about

here and in a previous video.  I made him drop his pants and took him

OTK and spanked him by hand, belt and bath brush over his str8

boxers and bare ass.  I spanked him relentlessly as he kicked, gasped,

moaned, sniffled, panted and whimpered, struggling to maintain his

composure as a brave little man until he was almost ready to pass out. 

Then I humbled him further by making him sit on a small, school chair

in the corner.  Be sure to watch the post spanking interview.

May 20, 2016

Randy Spanked


Randy is a 26 year old, bi-sexual, father of three with a lean,

smooth body and he's in need of some extra cash so he's going

 over my knee for a spanking he hopes his girlfriend doesn't

 find out about.  I took him over my knee and delivered a long,

rapid fire spanking by hand that had him panting, grunting,

moaning and whimpering.  Then I continued if some exposed

 and humiliating positions.  Listen to him tell me about his

confusion over having enjoyed the experience.

May 13, 2016

Romeo Sobs and Submits


I used my crop and cane on poor Romeo and broke him,

 turning him into my submissive little bitch.  He danced

and hopped, his body trembled, he whimpered, sobbed

and ultimately begged,  naked and humiliated but submitting

 to me until I said we were finished and his ass and thighs

 were striped with the marks of my crop and cane.

May 6, 2016

Kenneth Spanked


New model Kenny is a 24 year old straight guy with a lean smooth

body, sexy muscular butt, cute face, big cock and a live in girlfriend

who doesn't know he's doing this, so I had to avoid bruising.  I took

him in some humiliating positions and broke him down using only my

hand, spanking him until his ass was bright red and his dignity was

 the only thing  bruised.

April 29, 2016

Tough Guy Becomes Obedient Bitch


New model Frank is a 31 year old, straight roofer, very masculine and

 sexy, the kind of guy who oozes testosterone, one who takes shit from

 no one, but today he's going to take a beating from me for money.  I

 took him over my knee and admired his firm, muscular ass, then spanked

 him by hand and Frank turned into an instant bitch, squirming, kicking

and yelling.  Next I used a strap and had him hopping and dancing as I

mocked and degraded him.  I finished with a painful, bath brush spanking

 that made him yell, kick and struggle on my lap, disgracing himself,

 abandoning his tough guy image, becoming my obedient, suffering bitch

 trying hard to please me. 

April 22, 2016

Kevin Submits


This one is a little different than most.  I played a little game of

submission with Kevin.  I had him strip naked and handcuffed

 his handsbehind his back, then made him kneel before me for a

strapping.  The I had him stand a used 2 riding crops.  Kevin

embarrassed himself as he hopped, danced and hollering, carrying

on  like a little bitch.  Then I made him submit to each blow, one

by one, asking him over and over to take one more for me

because I like to watch him suffer. Each time he struggled to

control his rage, then agreed to one more to please me.

April 15, 2016

Casper OTK


I stripped Casper, took him over my knee and slowly broke

him down with my hand, a strap and a bath brush until he

 was struggling and howling, holding my hand for support

 as I beat his ass.


April 8, 2016

A Long, Hard Strapping


Tyler is an edgy gay guy with blue hair and a cute,

slim body.  I tied him to a bench and warmed his cute

butt by hand and with a leather paddle.  Then I delivered

a relentless, hard strapping that had him kicking and

struggling, panting, gasping, howling, choking up and

crying,  and eventually begging me to stop.

April 1, 2016

Chic Spanks Chris


Chris is a real cutie, he has a beautiful spanking ass, and lucky

for us he needs cash.  Chic took him OTK and delivered a relentless

drumbeat of whacks, first over his trousers, then on his bare ass, using

his heavy hand, his belt and a leather paddle.  He slowly breaks the

poor young man down.  Chris struggles to maintain his composure but

Chic soon had him crying out loud as his pretty ass turns bright red.

Chic just wears poor Chris down as his anguish become more apparent

with every blow.  He starts to look angry, then his voice starts to quiver

 with pain, but he remains submissive to the end.  Chris has such a

 beautiful ass, I've never seen Chic enjoy one so much.

March 25, 2016

Geary Surprises Jay


Jay was surprised by the intensity of the spanking Geary

gave him but was a good natured sport about it.  This was a very

warm and intimate spanking,  Geary took him over his knee, took

down his pants and gave him a spanking he wasn't expecting. 

There was lots of good natured banter between them but Jay

did submit to the control of the older man.  He yelped, protested,

 struggled and complained but he stayed in place, taking whatever

Geary dished out.  Geary took advantage of Jay's submission to

fondle and grope the young man while continuing to punish him.

March 18, 2016

A Finger, A Thermometer And A Paddle


This was David's most humiliating spanking yet.  Coming

straight from his job as a mechanic, more buff, pumped and

muscular than ever, he was about to be spanked and degraded

by my friend Geary.  Spanked by hand and paddle over his

white briefs and bare muscular butt, David then had to suffer

the indignity of being placed in humiliating positions, being

finger fucked and even having a rectal temp taken to

 measure the heat in his butt.

March 11, 2016



At 22 years old Greg has a real boy-next-door look, like he's

 just now coming into manhood, wholesome and well behaved,

 but I want to shake his growing sense of masculinity with a

good old OTK spanking.  Using my hand, a leather strap and

his own belt I beat the young adult back into adolescence,

 making him forget his new found manly pride as he gasped,

yelped, whimpered, whined, struggled and kicked in pain.

March 4, 2016



Chris is a 23 year old bi-sexual construction worker who came to

 experience one of my expert handjobs and was talked into doing a

spanking.  He's very cute and very nervous.  He also has a beautiful

spanking ass.  I took him OTK and used my hand and a strap to warm

 him up.  Then I used a bath brush to slowly break him down.  Chris

 hated every minute of the bath brush spanking and was very vocal

about it.  Watch as he tries quit and I talk him into continuing.  Listen

 for his comments as he tells me what a crazy idea this was, and I make

 him agree to continue because it makes me happy.  I love making

handsome young men submit and suffer for my pleasure.

February 26, 2016

Hunky Kyle Spanked


  Kyle is 30 years old, sexy, handsome, muscular and hairy

with thick thighs and a firm, round, spankable ass.  With him

laying face down on my massage table, hands submissively

by his side, then on his back in an exposed and vulnerable

positions, I used a leather strap, wooden spoon, riding

crop and cane to beat him into submission and had him

doing a horizontal dance, kicking, squirming, moaning and

gasping in pain.

February 19, 2016

Pain and Rage


Frankie is a 19 year old straight guy, trying hard to become

a man, he wants to be a porn star, but I really humbled him,

breaking him with a spanking.  Using a strap, crop and cane,

 and placing him in some exposed and humiliating positions, I

spanked him until his face was contorted in pain and rage and

 he was broken and humiliated, obviously fighting back his

anger and tears.

February 12, 2016

Marcello Soccer Spank


Marcello is a sexy, 27 year old polish hunk.  He's 6'4" and 225 lbs

of smooth muscle, a jock who played soccer in school in Poland,

so I decided to spank him in the uniform of his athletic youth. 

He towered over me, nervous but acting brave, while I slowly

stripped him down while spanking him with a leather paddle,

strap, crop and cane, making him pose in humiliating positions

to present his ass to me for punishment.  Marcello yelped,

howled, shrieked and danced in pain.

February 5, 2016

Harder than His Dad


Kevin is 18 years old, straight and about to go into the army.

 He starts out describing how his dad spanked him bare assed

OTK into his teens, including when he discovered him sleeping

with his girl.  A very hot story.  Then I took his pants down and

spanked his cute little ass with my hand, strap and brush until it

was glowing red.  When I finished he tells us it was much harder

 than his dad's spankings.  I'm proud. 

January 29, 2016


My Friend Breaks Sean


I love watching Sean break.  He just falls apart, babbling, whimpering,

sobbing, cursing and crying, totally disgracing himself, he knows

 it and is embarrassed by his reaction, which makes it all the more

delicious to watch.  I let my friend have a go at him.  Using his heavy

 hand, and wooden and leather paddles, he reduced Sean to a sweating,

crying little bitch,  spanking him in the exposed and humiliating

 wheelbarrow position. When he's broken and humbled Sean completely,

 he comforted his sore behind, massaging it with a soothing lotion.

January 22, 2016

Tony Spanked by the Mystery Man


Tony is a 29 year old straight guy, an electrician with a big,

muscular body, thick legs and a very spankable ass, and I'm

giving him to a friend of mine, a spanker from way back.  My

friend is into a  more erotic form of spanking, and delights in

spreading Tony's muscular legs, massaging his thighs and

crack while delivering a painful spanking with his heavy hand,

 and leather and wooden paddles, bruising Tony's ass cheeks and

thighs.  He then places Tony in the humiliating wheelbarrow

position, giving us some excellent views of his muscular ass and

hairy butt hole as he disgraces him with a painful spanking.


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